Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tentatively Excited

My name is Melodie and I live in Oregon. I've lived all over the U.S. and lived for a few years in Italy a very long time ago. My family lived on an Indian reservation in the Southwest USA when I was a child, an one of our neighbors taught me to bead. The rest is history. I have more beads that time, but sometimes I just like to touch them and look at the colors. Beading has almost always been a meditation for me. I am excited about the project, but also know that I am a procrastinator extraordinaire.

In addition to beading, I sew, quilt, paint, embroider, cross-stitch, etc., etc., etc. I also care for my disabled husband and for my mother. The profession that found me is information technology and I am an IT director for a gaming resort.

I do not want to fail in meeting my promised beading, so I've put away everything else to bead for the next year. I am not used to having only one project going at a time, so wish me luck!! There are so many incredible beaders with this project, I am in awe. Some time ago I was asked from whom I would take beading lessons if I could, I answered, "Robin Atkins." Now, I am part of this huge project she is pulling together. What a blessing!! Thanks so much!!

P.S. Here it is toward the end of June and I've not stitched a single bead yet. I am moving right now so my life is in chaos. I hope to get settled into my new country home soon. I have the first page all planned out and I've gathered the bits and pieces for it. The theme for the first page is sort of "When I was young". At this mid-point in my life, I've been reflecting on all the people, places, and things that have come into and out of my life. Everything that brought me to where I am now. So, we'll see what comes out in the journal. Beading Blessings to all.

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