Thursday, May 24, 2007

Another Aussie!!

Hi, I'm Joy, another Aussie ~ it's good to see so many of us.
I have been beading for about 3 years, mainly bead embroidered dolls with a bit of jewellery in between. I am currently playing around with bead knitting and micro macrame and am going to attempt tatting - I don't know if that can incorporate beads, but I'll give it a good try!!.
I am hoping that by participating in this project I will be able to grow in creativity, shedding the self imposed restrictions that I constantly fight against (I have an inner 'neat freak' that loves symmetry and harmony and freaks out whenever i think "freeform" - *rolling eyes in exasperation*). This has already been somewhat of a liberating experience as I have been inspired to start a blog - something I never thought I would do. Now to master some of the other technical stuff like getting photos from the camera to the computer.
I have pretty much worked out my first page ~ an idea jumped into my head and refuses to be ignored, after that, well, we will see!!!
Best wishes from 'down under'
Joy >i<


GraceBeading said...

Hi Joy,

Nice to see you here... I have found your beading inspiring from the very first doll.

Take care,

Any Smith said...

Those self-imposed restrictions can be a bear, can't they? I have worked really hard at working on freeform for a few years now.

Good luck breaking those restrictions - can be difficult to do...

KrispiS said...

Hi Joy,
I have done beading with Tatting in the past... let's see, about 25 years ago.. for my daughter who was then about 5! Hmmmm been a long time, but seems like just yesterday! I made a dress for my daughter with beads in the tatted edging of the collar.
To tat with beads you first need to string all the beads on the thread, and as you want to incorporate a bead, pull it up and let it be on the thread that you are using to tat. It adds a little pizzaz to the picots.

Joy said...

*thanks* Krispis ~ that is interesting to know. I guess Delicas would work best - looks like I may finally have a use for all the lovely Delicas I have bought ;-)

Caroll L. said...

Hi Joy
If you want to try mixing tatting and beading, there is a very good book about this :
Tatted Lace of beads - the techniques of beanile lace - by Nina Libin.
ISBN 0-916896-93-5.
Hope this'll help you
Happy beading

Ellen said...

HiJoy ~ waving across the Pacific, good to see you here too