Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I joined at the beginning but didn't introduce myself. Hope this works, as I've never posted to a blog before. I LOVE beading and always have some in progress. I decided to start by doing a completely beaded page-Postcard size. Boy, it takes a while and is heavy.
I live in La Center, Washington which is so small that we don't have a traffic light. Imagine my surprise when I saw that there is another from here. Hi, Friend to be.
I mostly bead on Wearables but couldn't resist this opportunity-love Robin's things and took a class from her when the conference was in Portland, Oregon.
I don't have a blog, so pictures will have to wait for Sept. Sandy in La Center


Robin said...

Yes, postcard size, if it's solidly beaded, is quite an undertaking and will be heavy. But it's a fabulous size for expressing lots of ideas on one piece. Good luck with it! And, congrats on your first post!

KayC, SW Washington said...

Hi Sandy. I read your comment ages ago but didn't know how to post and how to reach you. I am the other beader from LaCenter! Can you believe it, 2 of us from here in nowhereland? I have millions of questions for you, like do you belong to the Portland Bead Society? Where do you live? Isn't this project great? Do you want to meet somewhere? etc.... You can contact me directly at I would love to meet you if you would like that too.