Friday, May 25, 2007

Timtex question ...

Thank You Kristi, Sammy and Robin for your replies!
Timtex is a stabilizer / backing - I suggest you 'Google' Timtex and all will be revealed! It was originally used in the brims of base ball caps, then someone started using it to make fabric bowls plus it is absolutely brilliant in the making of handbags - they stay in the most perfect shape!
For me it's not hard to bead through - it's perfect for what I use and the way I work but, the difficult to find in stores in Australia. I'm looking to create pages that have stability, that will hold magical things and stand up to years of fondling!
... to Robin ... you are it all! The first time I saw your work it took my breath away and I thought, I want to be like this woman when I grow up ...LOL!
I'm inspired and motivated by Robin, but won't neccessarily be producing a similar style of beading, a little here and there, for sure. As for the ... well that's part of the fun of this project!!
Ooops sorry ??? can't add this to the comments on my previous post ??? so have posted it ...
Beady Hugs,

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