Sunday, May 20, 2007

So happy to be here.....

Hello Everyone!

Wow, Robin, what a fabulous turnout you have gotten for this idea. It's evident that a Bead Journal is appealing to lots of folks.

I am very excited to get started on this. While I am too busy for words, and already have tons of commitments on my plate, this is something I will be doing solely for me. For my personal well-being actually!

I've done a little online research to learn a bit more about journaling, as it's not something I've ever done before. I'll share a few of those links with everyone in case there is some inspiration or information others can gather from them as well.

On I found this link with some great information about Journaling. I especially like the first few sentences under the "Definition" of Journaling.
Stress reduction is a good thing! =o)

I will probably base most of my Bead Journal on my dreams, as they have always been a strong influence in my day to day life. I found this link with some interesting information regarding Dreams and Journaling:

And this site has lots of great links that took me on a several hour long ride around the Internet!

I hope some of these links will be helpful to others as well!

Happy Bead Journaling All!
~ Beki


Padparadscha said...

Wow, thanks for all those links, Beki, they're amazing !

Robin said...

Good researching! Thanks! I love the idea of basing your BJP pages on your dreams.