Friday, May 25, 2007

Timtex Question

Someone was asking about Timtex --- for some of my projects I have used Pellon Peltex 70 -- it is MUCH less expensive than either Timtex or Lacy's Stiff Stuff. It is also usually much easier to find. Our JoAnn Fabrics has the Pellon Peltex 70 but not the Timtex or Lacy's Stiff Stuff. Hope this helps.

Beadin' Gram


flyingbeader said...

I've been using Pellon for about a year now. The only thing I've noticed is that it will fray on the ends if you handle it too much. I agree that Lacy's Stiff Stuff is too expensive, but I read somewhere that you can dye it & it holds up where the Pellon will fall apart. Me, I only use the Pellon as the middle of my sandwiching technique. I love to use boiled wool felt or ultra suede as a base for my embroidery, then the Pellon is underneath to give it strength. Also, I've used quilt batting to give the book page a softer feel. But really, I think you can use just about anything your heart desires & what you feel comfortable using.

Jackie (Tillie's Daughter) said...

I haven't had any problems with the Pellon Peltex 70 freying -- but haven't used it on larger than 4 x 4 inch pieces. There is also a Pellon Peltex one -- actually 2 -- one is fusible on one side -- the other is fusible on two sides. Yes, Lacy's SS is easily dyed.
Haven't tried dying pellon.