Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Aloha from Makaha!

I am so happy I found out about this project at about.com before the deadline passed! It is such a thrill to participate with all of you and under the guidance of one of my most admired beading goddesses, Robin. I purchased "One Bead at a Time" back in 2000 and am still completely awestruck! I have been wanting to learn more about bead embroidery and try my hand at art journaling - this is the perfect opportunity. I recently decided to go back to college and the current whim is a degree in Art History. So I thought I'd try to incorporate that into the journal as well. Once a month I will visit one of the local galleries or museums here on Oahu to find my inspiration for the month's project. The Honolulu Academy of Arts currently has an exhibit on Indian Textiles and Beadwork - that sounds like a great place to start! My next piece just might be inspired by a three dimensional artwork by David Hockney that's at the Contemporary Museum of Art. I think I could very well end up with 12 different journals rather than just 12 pieces of beadwork! Warmest wishes to all and a big thank you to Robin!


Padparadscha said...

What a coïncidence I keep thinking about doing something around Hockney's "Bigger Splash" for July :o)

a2susan said...

Nancy - I got so excited when I read your profile - you were working at Findings when I first started beading and I remember you getting married and leaving. I'm Susan, I was often accompanied by my two young boys. I still bead at Findings and was just there today. I told Gerry that you had posted and she was thrilled. How nice to reconnect. Susan

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Hélène -
The Big Splash would be fantastic in bead embroidery. The Hockney piece(s?) I'm considering are from the opera "L'Enfant et les Sortilèges". I wish I could have seen a performance - it sounds like a wonderful fantasy. It may be too big for this journal - or it might become the entire journal - please wish me "bon chance"!

Greetings to Susan - how nice to hear from you - I was hoping I'd be able to reconnect here with some of the Findings gals! This project is so exciting and a little scary - I'm new to the world of blogging, bead embroidery and art journals. I can't imagine I ever would have had the confidence to participate if I hadn't worked at Findings!
Warmest Aloha - Nancy

Padparadscha said...

Hello Nancyc, I didn't know that Kockney piece and searched for it, it is beautiful !

I sang parts of "L'enfant et les sortilèges" years ago for a music class. Did you know the words are from one of my favourite woman writer, Colette, also known for her love of flowers, beasts... and provocation ? I saw that there was a DVD version of the opera on Amazon.

Kindest greetings, Hélène