Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hello from a2susan

Hello, everyone. I notice there are several Susan's signed up for the BJP, so I will refer to myself as a2susan. The a2 stands for Ann Arbor, or a squared. Ann Arbor is a beautiful college town in southeastern Michigan. For several years I worked as a medical social worker at the university hospital. Now I do copy editing for a trade (engineering) magazine. It is the most boring job in the world, but I can do it at home, set my own hours, and, most importantly, help pay college tuition for my two sons. Or buy beads, it's sometimes hard to say exactly what the paycheck covers more of. I have always found bead embroidery challenging, and that's one of the reasons this project intrigues me. Even though June is just around the corner, I have yet to come up with a particular focus. I assume the beads will show me the way.


The bad Liz said...

Hi Susan - I'm just down I-94 from you - just passed Metro Airport. A2 is a beautiful place.

Welcome from Dearborn Heights!!

Timaree said...

I just love to show my husband comments such as your "Or buy beads,..." He thinks I have too many! Welcome.