Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Greetings BJP'ers from Downunder!

A long term sewer, beader and collector of all things gorgeous I live contendly in beautiful Sydney, Australia. The thrill of joining "The BJP" has a zillion, colourmad, beady ideas swimming round in my head that will eventually emerge. One definite choice is to create A5 size pages that will be held, for posterity, in either, a lavishly beaded binder or a tome.

I believe some of you have been having trouble uploading photo's so I held up my hand to write a 'How To'. Be warned I am no computer geek but have dabbled in blog land and have found it easy to add photo's ... once I got used to it that is!!

There is a schpeel on the Blogger page which is simple! Do yourself a favour and take the Blogger tutorial ... for now here's a step by step how to from a personal point of view!

1. Take your photo
2. Upload the photo to your computer.
3. 'save it' to somewhere that is easy for you to find - maybe on your desktop.
4. Sign in to Blogger.
5. Click on 'New Post'.
6. Be careful ... once you get to this page you cannot leave unless you are navigating through the Blogger icons -otherwise you will lose your text or pics.
7. Type in your title.
8. Now you can either upload the photo or write your text.
9. I've found it easier to add the photo first.
10. Click on the photo icon to the left of the beige heading in front of you.
11. You will see the Upload photo's page.
12. Click on 'add an image from your computer'.
13. Choose a layout is usually set at 'choose this layout every time'.
14. click on image size 'small'.
15. click on image size 'centre'.
16.To add the image ... it must be in jpg, gif, bmp and png images BUT ... JPG is the easiest ( I can't help you here you'll have to check how your pics upload to your computer).
17. Click on BROWSE.
18. You will then be asked to identify where your photo is stored.
this is where you will have to click on options in the drop down menu - see 'Desktop' it is easier to find than most other places and can be sent to your C drive or Photo Folder after you have uploaded.
19. Click on the orange highlighted box 'UPLOAD IMAGE'.
20. Wait till you see the message 'YOUR IMAGE HAS BEEN UPLOADED'.
21. Click on DONE
22. Return to the page where you started and click on 'PUBLISH POST'.

Blogger says 'The fastest way to understand blogging is to try it out'.

Trust me, that is very true... if I can do it you can too!

Don't be scared of Blogger just follow the steps or the links ... if anyone would like to add to this or change anything please do so!

Hope this Helps,
Beady Hugs,
Cherie aka Red.


Mary Timme said...

I'm so glad you did this. I've been doing this the hard way, never thinking of putting them on my desktop for easy retrival. Thanks for that hint.

You must have red hair. Both my grandpa's were red heads and we have one red headed grandchild. I always wished I had red hair. Ah, well it all goes grey, sooner or later. Good tips. It should help the new people.

Sweetpea said...

Heh Red, THANKS for those great, easy to read instructions -- much appreciated! I have been totally intimidated about posting photos, but your description makes it sound dead easy. Can't wait to give it a try. Again, thanks for taking your time to write it all down!


Aurora said...

Just in case folks don't know this--photos you post to the net should be 72 dpi--if you need help resizing to this size--I can tell you how to do this in Photoshop, or iphoto--just email me off list. If you got to my blog, you will find my e-mail under the profile.