Thursday, May 24, 2007

Size Matters

Hi All,
Denise here. I was so excited by this project and spring is so here in Ottawa, that I made up a 4x4 square in that fresh new spring green and started beading. I managed to get half my idea done and alas, not enough space!
So I have revamped my size. I thought 4x4 would be enough space. I wanted something that I could manage. Is there any rule that says that I have to bead the whole space? Not!!! I decided to go for 6x6! I think it will give me enough space for the big ideas and if at any point, I have less time, or less ideas, I'll bead less that month or hmmm... use bigger beads? Can't you just picture a square with all pony beads?! hahahahaha!
Anyway, don't cut all your squares until you are sure that you have picked a size that you are truly comfortable with. Fortunately, I only cut 3 squares at 4x4! That's not too bad eh?
Cheers, Denise


Robin said...

Good advice, Denise... thanks.

Ellen said...

LOL Denise, thanks for that advice - I was thinking of 6x4 but maybe I should go to 6x6 too.. Hmmm more to ponder