Thursday, May 31, 2007

My Mind has been Spinning

Last night, I watched a 3 hour special on PBS on "Craft in America". It really got my creative juices flowing, even though it didn't end until 11:00pm, way too late for me to be up, since I start work at 6:00am. I couldn't go to sleep was started planning my project in my mind. After the "mind" part was finished, I had to put it to paper. My pattern is finished, my squares are numbered, a title has been found, and I'm ready to start. The only depressing part is that I am sitting here at work with piles of papers and projects around me and not a bead in sight. Oh, well. Tonight when I get home, I'll plow through my stash and choose beads for page #1. I am planning on working on ultrasuede; each square will be a different color. That way, if I decide to leave some background showing, it will be a lovely, soft material. Also, I like the "feel" of doing bead embroidery through ultrasuede. I'll most likely back it with the same thing. It's a good thing that my stash holds a nice selection of it already, so I don't have to go out and buy a bunch. I can save my money for MORE BEADS! Bead on, group! Pam

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Katie B said...

I watched almost all of the series too !
Well, 2 and a half parts of it.
It certainly was inspiring!
You can DO it!

Katie B