Friday, November 30, 2007

November page completed

I have created another water shrine - this time for deep water. My favorite part about this month was realizing that I was able to connect journaling themes and design elements to the influence of past pages. It's the first time I've had a sustained sense of the call & response that the pages create when they're viewed as a group. It really excited me!!! Have added an image to the Flickr group and also blogged about this page in greater detail.

My November page is done...

It's the "Hunter's Moon", which is the full moon in October. I have to say that this is the most minimally beaded piece I've done yet, but that's what the theme called for. I actually had plenty of time to do just didn't call for it!

Link to Hunter's Moon

I Just Start

I was reading the last posted and I wanted to express my gameplan. People haven't heard much from me but I'm still here.
I start my page each month. That's the goal. To start it. To have an idea that I can engage in.
If for whatever reason I don't finish it within the month, I don't wait to start the next months because I'll loose the feeling of the month. To that end, September's has been started but not finished, October's is finished and August just needs a few more beads. November is a very busy month for me and I am going to start it today - I have got the square, the idea and the beads, I just have to start, which I have time to do this afternoon and this evening after work.
I also don't feel compelled to fully bead a whole square, it can be anything, an image, or a design. October's is the top of a tree with leafs that are in full colour. There is lots of space to see the material and it just adds to the look.
I would like to suggest that we don't worry about the final product, and focus on the original intent. It will probably help you feel better.
I hope some of this helps, if all else fails, bead - 'Guilty' on the square, and then move on!!!
Cheers, Denise

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

feeling like I failed...

Am I the only one that is over whelmed with this... and now am feeling like a failure since my last block I finished was August.. I think I took on to big of a block to do each month with the other art items I need to do... Now, I don't know if I can catch up... I don't want to quit, that is just not a part of my makeup... it is just overwhelming and I feel like I am letting everyone down...
Is anyone else with me like this... and what are you doing about it... Is changing my size and shape to a smaller venue and starting all over, is that the way to go...

Flicker Photo's Etc.

Yours truly admits that she is over 40...okay over 50....okay over 55....ack...could we have a link somewhere here on the main 2007 Bead Journal Project to our Flicker....I know it is somewhere here....but yours truly needs what is called "easy access"....oh purdy please darlin'....huggies JoTee from the lovely Land of Enchantment.

Fibula Pins and Bob Dylan Dream on Robin's Blog

I just posted pictures on my blog of 14 new fibula pins that I made for a Holiday Sale this weekend. It's been a real joy to make jewelry for two weeks, but I'll be glad to get back to my November BJP page when this gig is over. I know how busy and stressful the holiday season can be, so I hope we all remember how important it is to make time for our wonderful, meditative BJP pages!

Hugs to you all... Robin A.

My October Page is done

October and November were busy months as I prepared for a jewelry show I participated in. Now that is behind me and I've finally finished my October page. Interestingly, my bead journaling took me to a deeper place which helped me look at my "inner gremlin". You can see my page and read about my journey here.

Happy beading!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Way behind

Not done much beading recently but I haven't given up. Just got a lot of work on my hands at the moment but after the New Year should get back in the flow of things.

Just looked at the Flickr page and there is lots of exciting pages going up, can't wait to everyone's all compiled in the Spring.

November ending...but here is September

Fall is almost over & winter will soon be upon us, where has the time gone & yikes December starts on Saturday.
My September page flows with the colors that I enjoy the most, this piece also has "washi paper, fabric, fabric softener sheets, beads of course & a message"......SIMPLIFY everything!!!

Don't ya'just love it when you write here & it goooooes pooof!!! ack & ugh
Anyway my October page is started, then comes November & December...can't wait to start them all!!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

November page

Hi everyone, I have finished my November page. You can see it on my blog. The page is a departure from my last one and my other ones for that matter. I finally got some knitting in. I have also posted a lot of other pictures. And while I have not gone on to Flickr yet, I did put together all of my pages and took a picture and posted that too. It was an interesting exercise, I had not done that yet. I saw a lot more similarities between the pages than I expected. I like them all together, but I do still plan to put them in a book of some sort but have not decided just what yet.

Happy Beading everyone, Nancy K.

November page

I completed my page for November, it's a simple page, but certainly expresses my feelings for this month in particular.

Photos are posted on my blog.

Take care,
aka GraceBeading

Whee! November Page Done

No bracelet yet, but I've had other things taking up my time. You can check out my page here, and on Flickr. I'm hoping to get a bracelet done by the end of the month, though. I'm thinking it'll go fast, as I'm planning to use a lot of vintage lucite flowers I was lucky enough to get at half price this year. Hope everyone is doing well. What I've been seeing has looked fabulous!
Cheers all,

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Cheshire Cat Barrette Finished!!

Well I have finished this sinister cat. There are three posts. The first one is the song that I was playing while I was working on the tear. The one under that is the finished barrette. The one below this one explains some of the things that I added as well as the construction.

Friday, November 23, 2007

November's Done

My November piece is done! This one really felt good...did it really take 6 months for me to relax into this??? You can see her here!
Hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving...for those who celebrate! I am so grateful for this group & all of the lessons I've learned along the way! And for hearing from so many talented people! Thank you all for your input! When you're working away in your studio alone, it sure helps to get some feedback! And thanks, Robin, for getting us together on this project! It really has been a challenge!
Warmest aloha,

Thursday, November 22, 2007

"Fire" Update - 2nd Quarter BJP

I've put an update of my second quarter BJP "Fire" on my blog. This quarter is progressing much faster than the first quarter went.

Kassie - The Beading Butterfly

The Cheshire Cat Barrette

The cat is coming along. I am really pleased with how sinister he is starting to look. You can view him here.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Hi all,
Hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving!
Teresa S.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cheshire Cat

I have finished my eye. If you would like to see how I am progressing you can see it Here
Bead On!

Swim between the Flags - November BJP

G'Day everyone,
I don't know about you all but as soon as I finish a BJP page I can't wait to get to the computer, scan it and upload it to show my 240 new friends!
I'm back to work tomorrow night as my 'beading' holiday comes to a close. It's been a relaxing and very productive fortnight. I've completed my orders, all my Christmas shopping has been completed and my November BJP. Lucky I'm going back to work I might get bored!!!
My Page this month is dedicated to a marvelous group of trained volunteers, the men and women of Surf Life Saving Australia. The Australian Government has declared that 2007 will be the Year of the Surf Lifesaver. It will also mark one hundred years since the formation of the Surf Bathing Association of NSW, the organisation which went on to become SLSA. If you'd like to know more visit this web site
Oh yes the little blond surfie on there is my son,this was taken when he was about 2years old - now 17! Photo is also on our Flickr site
Bye for now

Monday, November 19, 2007

October Completed

YAY! I completed October and have started my November piece, and it is still November :) This piece was the opposite of last months, but I really like it. You can check it out here October. I seem to kind of flip back and forth between heavily beaded and lightly beaded, but I am finding it just fits so well with where I am in my life.

I think one of the best parts of this project for me though has been a wonderful new friend I have made. We met when I walked into a shop to buy some beads for my first month and happened to mention why I was buying them and found a fellow BJP'er there. Well, one thing lead to another and she has become a true friend. I find we spend as much time just sitting and talking about anything and everything as we do beading or metalworking or anything else we are inspired by that day. I am so grateful for this group and the support that everyone offers. Thank you all for sharing this with me and thank you Robin for all your time and efforts.

Trilly/Lisa D

Pokey in the Palouse

I just finished my August page *cringe* but I already have a good start on September and some time off from work later this week to do more. I'll also add my pages to Flickr at the end of the week when I have time to figure it all out.

Here it is.

Updated photos

I have updated my blog and added photos for the last three months of my mandalas. I am enjoying reading and viewing everyone's posts and am just amazed (but not surprised) at all the wonderful work that is going on. I wonder what kind of energy we could create in the world if we all did a similar theme for one month - peace, health ...maybe after our year is done...

aka a2susan

October BJP - Completely Complete.


November is still in the planning stage, but if all goes well I should have some pics up soon.

As I start in on the half-way mark for this project I can't help but reflect on how much we've all managed to achieve at this point, the wealth of talent we have the privelege to be among, and the joy of sharing our passion with each other. How quickly these days have passed, and how much I'm looking forward to the days ahead.

Hooray for us all!


Sunday, November 18, 2007

November Done

I just posted my November page on my blog. You can see it at:

This was not always easy to work on, but I felt compelled to do it even so. I have discovered that while nothing ever makes the pain of losing your children go away, there are things that will help you. Working on this page helped me avoid what has become a yearly bout of depression.

I'm ready to start a new page now. Something a little lighter in spirit this time.


2nd Quarter BJP - Teaser

I've uploaded a teaser of Quarter 2 to my blog. :)

Kassie - The Beading Butterfly

Air (first quarter BJP) Done!!

I have finally finished my June-Aug quarter. Check it out on my blog. I'll put it up on Flickr, too. :)

Kassie - The Beading Butterfly

Saturday, November 17, 2007

November Preview

Well it looks like we may finally be at peak color here in southern Maryland. My page for November is ready for beads although most of them have been shipped to Kentucky the first leg of my upcoming 6 week journey to share the holidays with both sides of our family. The really good news for me is that Wayne should be home shortly after I get back, less than 2 months left, yeah!

Although a bit busy with preparations for being gone so long over the holidays I finally made some updates to my blogs and my website.

AKP Bead Journal Project Blog
Artistic Kreations and Passions Blog
Artistic Kreations and Passions Website

November page

I've just put my November page on my blog


This month's piece is very spare, but I wanted to use the leaves a friend gave me. Sandy in La Center

Friday, November 16, 2007

Suspense, Nails & November Progress

You can see my progress well as read about another lesson learned below my BJP post! Ack! I really need to write a book on what not to do! ;)
Happy Aloha Friday all!

Chshire Cat

Well I have done a little more and added a lot more to my story. You can view it here.
My story is a little long...but I guess since these are journal pages the story is just as much a part of doing the page as the beading.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

November page is able to be seen on my blog along with the poem I wrote to go with it. I've only finished the beading and not the putting it on the journal page. I also tell you why I chose this piece for November on that blog.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

October pictures finally posted!

Hope I get this posted before our power goes out again... bit windy here in the chilly Northwest...

improvisational bead embroidery, robin atkins, bead journal project for october
Above is a little teaser from my October BJP, which is all about respect for my body... a radical change in attitude goes along with this piece, and it all started with Angela Plager's July BJP. There are links to her pages, the story behind my piece and pictures on my blog.

Everybody's work is so awesome! Checking this and member blogs and our Flickr page is such a pleasure.... Robin A.

November Spiral piece done

Hi all - finished up my November piece of my spiral design. Check it out here.

I also did 3 squares for the 2008 beaded quilt for Bead It Forward ; Check it out here. This is for monies for Breast Cancer so if you are not yet involved, you might consider it - all squares are only 1 1/2" so they don't take that much time. This year's theme is the rose.

Have a Beady Good Day! Karen

November for sure

Hi beaders.....
In keeping with what a journal truly is, I changed my mind about which of my (many) pages I want to use for November. You can see it here.... (wow, i have wayyyyy too much time on my hands)...
pam T. (madness)

November page is finished

Hello fellow beaders :-)

You can view my November page (and a lot of other artwork) on my blog HERE

Happy beading to all


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

September - revisited

Good Morn......ner...afternoon!! It's a sunny day in the Motor City - the first in quite a while. The weekend was cold and grey, and I did get a ton of beading finished. The first thing that I finished was my September page. Remember, when I posted that the "dog ate my homework"? Well, I did some stuff and it makes me remember the first weekend with the new dog. And to not put beaded bones where any of my terrierists can find them!! "September refinished" is complete and I like it. It's not stunning, professional or wonderful. But it makes me smile.

I also worked on my next square - which still needs a little work, so I haven't posted it.

I did another starfish - a friend wants me to write directions, which is a huge challenge for me. I'm now working on a little starfish, with only 2 inch arms, rather than the 4 inch arms. Are they arms or legs on a starfish, since the starfish uses them to move.....

Cheshire Cat

Well I have finished the mouth. You can view it here.

Monday, November 12, 2007

October page

Hi everyone, it has been a long time since I posted on the main journal. I have been reading and posting on the individual ones and my own. I continue to see drool worthy work!

I finally finished my October page today. I had finished September, at least for now. It may need more work, I hardly did anything on it.

You can see both pages and lots of other pictures on my blog. Link below. It may be slow if you have dial up as I posted a lot of pictures recently from some trips I have been on and my fall color changes. I don't get a lot of changes where I live in northern CA, but enough to remind me.

And Robin, I was in your neck of the woods, in Port Townsend, WA last weekend indirectly for the big knitting retreat at Fort Worden. It was a lot of fun.

Happy beading (and knitting) all. Nancy K.

"The Cheshire Cat" Barrette BJP

I have the idea for my Novembers BJP Barrette. I am going to do this a little bit different, and I hope it turns out. We will see.
You can view my beginnings here.

Late but still kickin...

Finally figured out both the camera and its evil software! July and August are posted, September is on its way, October is finished and 'bout to be a picture too!


Sunday, November 11, 2007

September complete

Originally uploaded by jacqui126
Compared to last month, this is pretty simple.

The shield in the middle is my old school badge, St Michael and Michaelmas is celebrate on 29th September.

That date also happens to be the birthday of my sister closest to me in age. She is 13 months younger than me and as a child I hated in only the way a sister can.

You will notice that the background is actually a bandage. This was another thing we had in common, eczema. The treatment when we were young was be covered in this oily ointment and then the afflicted areas were covered in bandages. I was fortunate as its only affected me on my knees and elbows but my poor sister could quite often been covered from head to toe as if she was a mummy. The red and yellow stones/beads represent the blood and then the yellowing crust of eczema.

One of the reasons I hated my sister so much when I was younger was that she also had really bad asthma. She spend much of her younger life in hospital, fighting for breathe or her eczema was infected. Her shoulders were constantly hunched over like a little old lady, wheezing away. So the buttons in the background represent her with her shoulders squeezed really tight.

Surrounding the badge, is the Harvet Moon. I loved this time of year in the UK when I was younger, the turning of the seasons. We would have a harvest festival celebration at the church and all the kids would bring some gift of food which was stacked at the altar.

The border is embroidered with my very poor stitching in "wheatear" to symbolise the harvest festival with its corn dollies and the crop from the fields. The colours are green and white of our school tie.

On the outer edge I grouped 6 red beads, knotted the thread and then put on more beads, always 6 to symbolize my family - 4 sisters and my parents. I used 3 threads, only one was beaded and then I plaited them together. I have learnt over the years that although I hated my sister when we were younger, despite all our differences, blood ties us together forever. We may have our disagreements, our falling outs (frequently) we will always be family.

November done

Finally, I've made up my mind...I'm done with November, and you can see it here
pam T - madness

Saturday, November 10, 2007

November Page Completed

My November page is completed and blogged here. It gave me a good chuckle while I was working on it.


Friday, November 9, 2007

A Little Late, but started!

Had to skip a week of blogging...lots going on...not to mention all the elves busy in Santa's workshop getting in the way! So I got a chance to post to my blog just about my November BJP!
You can see what I've decided so far here!
Happy Aloha Friday & Happy Veterans' Day to all you vets...including my DH!
With warmest aloha!

October 'Under the Sea'

I have finished my October page & you can see it & read about my inspiration for it here

I am out of order with my pages but they will all come together in the end which is what counts I hope ;9

I've added the page to Flickr as well

Ellen aka Kiwi Ellen/Dollie Bead

Thursday, November 8, 2007


I have been setting up my own blog and gradually putting my bjp pages onto it. I mistakenly put my August page on the BJP blog instead of on my own. I have no idea how to take it off, so when you visit my site you will again see the August page.
You can visit my blog at

August encrusted page

For August I decided to continue the hot theme and beaded this piece in red-oranges. I tried a slightly different swirl, but in transparent beads they do not stand out as much. The center eye is a stack of beads that stand up from the page.
I also found that I was comfortable not completely filling the page to the edges.

Another Month Completed

I was so happy last night, I completed my September page. You can see it on my blog, click here. As I was finishing it up last night, I was thinking about the last couple weeks and how much I wanted to move on to my October and November pages, as I have their materials all picked out. Yet I made myself stick with finishing this one before moving on.

Are many of you doing the same thing? Making sure that you complete the current month before moving on? For me, I decided that part of the challenge of this project would be requiring myself to finish each month in order, as I often start, and never complete projects.

Happy Beading Everyone,
Trilly/Lisa D.

September Done

I have finshed with my September page. I find I am still a month behind-where does the time go? You can see it here . Now, I will try to put it on flickr- I've been having trouble uploading my pictures but I'll give it a shot.


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

November bjp finished

Another november finished here....gee, hard to believe we're half way through...of course, for me that's a glass still half! You can also see it at the bjp flickr site if you don't want to read about what all the embellishments mean.

Tiny Vintage Seed Beads

Ok, I know they aren't for everyone, but if you LOVE itty-bitty vintage seed beads (the ones from the early 1900's or before, such as I showed here on my blog), you'll want to check out these auctions on eBay. At least look and drool!

I would have been smarter to keep these auctions to myself, so there wouldn't be any competition.... guess I have to sign out as: Robin A, the dunce.

Bead Quilt

Anyone interested in supporting a cause and owning a fabulous bead quilt? See my post about it here. Even if you're not in buying mode, it's eye candy. Robin A.

Making web pages better for indexing with the search engines

Some of you post your webpages and when I look at them, I also usually look at the internals of the page (View->Source) to see how the page is set up for the search engines. Frequently, I find that although a Title might be there, the other internal info needed for the search engines is missing.

This post is some tech info for those of you having web pages, whether you develop them or have someone do it for you. I'm writing this becuase many people (even some people that you pay to do this for you) don't know how to set up the site's home page for proper indexing by the search engines and I have developed a theory. Of course, this is "just my opinion" so take it for what it's worth. But if you google "cloisonne" or "enamel jewelry" I come up in the top 3 so something here is working. To give some credibility to my theory, I'm a beader, enamelist, metalsmith and author, but I have a masters in Computer Science and made my living programming new data networks for AT&T Bell Labs. I work on my own website and do volunteer work for others like the Enamelist Society.

My notes on how to get better indexing with the search engines are at:

Feel free to email me if you have questions on this. I hope it helps someone. Karen

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

New Page Begun

Go here: to see the latest. It's what... August? October? I have given up assigning months at this point, but it's clearly the next in line.

The Tortise Strikes

This is September.
This is August.

Hi Everyone,

I just posted my August and September BJP. I'm catching up like a tortoise. I'll post the pictures here but if you want to read about them you can go to

Hugs to all I'm really enjoying the creativity that happpens. I do have to tell you that both of these pages were not supposed to look like these. I had something entirely different in mind but once again, Spirit moved in and took over!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

November start

I've posted the start of my November page on my blog. You can find it at:

It's a difficult page for me to work on, but I feel like this will help me resolve some feelings I can't seem to put aside.



Just a couple of points about Flickr:

  1. Add a tag "BJP" on all your uploads (Tags are like keywords or labels that you add to a photo to make it easier to find later.). If someone clicks on that tag, all your bead journal photos will be grouped together. If you have already uploaded your photos, there is a tag column at the side where you can add tags.
  2. When you upload your pics try to use the largest pixel size you can. I generally use 1600, I have noticed that some pictures are very small and just don't do your work justice.
  3. Flickr is not a photo storage site. If you want to keep the original size of your photograph, back it up on a CDR or an external hard drive.
  4. I am working on a Wordpress blog where I am putting each person's work grouped together on a page. This was in response to Robin's question on the Flickr group discussion page:

'The pictures seem to be ordered according to when they were added to the site. Does anybody know if it is possible to set the order alphabetically rather than by date added?If they were alphabetical by artist, then we could continue to notice how each of us is developing a unique voice.'

I have informed Robin of this page and she seemed keen on the idea. I am now asking the group if that is OK. Thus far I have only used the Flickr pages, by copying and pasting. Its that basic but it is good to see all of one person's work grouped together on one page. If you don't post to Flickr but would like to have a page on this Wordpress group, please send me your attachments via email. I have broadband so large files will be ok.

time and weather change...

Hi everyone! Not only did we have to change the clocks early this morning, but I'm looking out my window to definite white stuff falling from the sky. O joy! Nothing major yet, but there is a definite white tinge to the green grass and trees.... We cannot possibly be the first throughout the country here in northern Wisconsin???
Everyone's BJP work is absolutely gorgeous... I think everyone is getting better and better and more creative as we go along.
Happy time change/weather change to everyone... good days for beading...
pam T (madness)

Saturday, November 3, 2007

A little more progess on the first quarter...

Here's my latest update. :)

Kassie - The Beading Butterfly

October Page Progress

I've been busy organizing and getting ready for the annual arts and crafts show I participate in every year. So, the progress on my October page has been slowly coming along. You can see what I've done so far here.
The wind and rain are whipping against my windows today so it's a perfect day for staying inside and beading! I'm continuing to enjoy and be in awe of everyone's beautiful work.

October page posted

I finished my page for October yesterday. This is the first time I can remember working with raku pieces and enjoyed it immensely. I am on a quest to find more.

Click on the link in my signature below and you will be taken to my blog for a full page photo.

Take care,
aka GraceBeading

Friday, November 2, 2007

September's Page Finally Posted

bead embroidery by Robin Atkins, Bead Journal Project, September, Detail
Finally! I've been taking an on-line class in web design (CSS & XHTML)... comprehensive, but way too geeky/technical for me to learn easily... all text-book, not much hands on... study and memorize. Yesterday I took and passed the final exam, so today I finally got time to post my September BJP here. Above is a little section of it showing my latest bead embroidery invention: ruffles!

October is also finished, but I still have to take a picture of it. Dare I promise to get the camera out this weekend??? Ok, yes, there's Flickr to be done as well. Crack the whip, start November... move along little doggie....

Been LOVIN' everybody's work!!!! Robin A.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The time has come . . .

Received word last night that all six semi-finalists for the All Dolled Up: Beaded Art Doll Competition are up on the Land of Odds website and ready for voting. My Galilea has some fascinating competition. Please remember you can vote only once -- all votes will be checked at the end of the voting period for duplicate isps which will be disqualified.

If you know anyone else who would be interested in voting in this competition, by all means please forward the link to them.

Go to and check out all the shapes and beads and wild imagination . . .

Kathy V in NM

Photos for display

Hi all - I'm just starting my November piece, but this post is about something else... I teach at an arts camp in Maine ( during the summer. I teach both enameling and beading. To decorate the studios, I collect photos from various artists. Sooooo this email is to ask if any of you would be interested in sending me photos for our walls! I'd prefer professionally printed photos like a postcard or regular photo, but I'll take .jpg files (I"ll bring them on my printer). If you can email me a .jpg, please send it to If you can mail me something, my address is 145 Dwarfskill Court; Milford, PA 18337. As camp is not until next June, there is plenty of time, but I thought I'd put this one out into the net. So, please send me photos! thank, karen

October page completed

I finished my 'things that go bump in the night' page last night while watching silly old horror movies and waiting for trick or treaters that never arrived. This page was lots of fun because I got to use odd beads I'd had around for a very long time but had no other use for as well as some new lampwork beads made by my friend Pam. Now it's on to November and I think I even have a notion of what I want to do.

The October page is here for your viewing amusement - it really is a fun and light hearted page, despite all the skulls.

October's page is finished!

October's page features a beautiful set of fossils I purchased in Old
Town San Diego this summer. It also has Heshi beads, 2 different
types of wood beads (all 3 my dad left me) bronzy square pearls, size
11 & 15 seed beads as well as 2mm bronzy/coppery sequins. I didn't
realize how small 2mm sequins were until they came in the mail. Size
15 seed beads almost cover the sequins. I finished the piece at 12:09
am November 1st just a teeny bit late!

It was fun to do but I think the 2mm sequins will be better glued onto a collage page.

Beadily yours
Susan Feldkamp
Night Beader