Sunday, May 27, 2007

Beading Affairs

Beading Affairs Greetings everyone. I am Constance from Akron Ohio and I am excited going on this beading journey with all of you. I signed up early during the week and have the time now to sit and blog. Does Blogging have its own terminology? Blogging is new to me as well however if it's like journaling I should do fine.

My first affair with beading started several years ago when I needed some extra money and my sister suggested that I make and sell beaded jewelry. I bought the book "Creative Bead Jewelry" by Carol Taylor, bought some cowie shells, bone, and black onyx beads and made a banded cloth bracelet. Many of those bracelets sold for a good price. My oldest son (18 years old at the time) showed me how to tie and knot the loose ends. By that time, he took an interest in beading using wire and the beading loom. All of that looked difficult to me; I wanted to stick with string beading. However, he showed me how to use the beading loom to add variety to my beading. After making some really beautiful pieces, my son lost interest in beading, but I didn't.

My second affair with beading was when I was a home health aide several years ago. I was sent to an elderly client (89 years old at the time) named Dot who lived in a one-room apartment. When she opened her front door, my mouth flew open! She had surrounded herself with all types of crafts. She had all kinds of beads and a beading loom, fabrics, muslin dolls with hand painted faces, mirrors and pictures decorated with beads, and many other sewing projects in progress. I knew then that the agency had put me in the perfect place.

Dot showed me some weaving and looming techniques using acrylic, glass, and seed beads.We spent many hours talking and sorting tons of seed beads by color and size. Dot was the kind of client that wasn't fussy. My visit with her was two days a week for 4 hours each. She would sometimes tell me to leave the cleaning alone and help with her beading projects. She inspired me so much that I made two wooden beading looms. Talk about inspiration! I no longer have Dot as my client nor work as a home health aide but will always remember her.

I like to use cowie shells, glass beads, seed beads, bone, and rocks in my beadwork. Five years ago I made a few wall hangings using quilting and beading that look contemporary. However I may need a refresher course. Lastly, I am grateful to all who have lead me to the BJP.


Robin said...

I love the notion of beading affairs... it so conveys the romantic nature of beadlust! Do you think Dot and cowrie shells might show up in your journal pages?

Constance said...

Hello Robin, good meeting you.

Yes, you are exactly right! I had no idea, at first, what my journal pages would be about until I started blogging and the memories of Dot started flooding through my mimd.

I will use some of the beading techniques she taught me, as well as a few of my own.

ct said...

Hi Constance,
I am Carolyn - I live in the Cleveland area - maybe we can meet sometime and discuss our project. I have done bead embroidery, made jewelery and dolls - this is the first project I have ever been involved with, online.
If you care to contact me, My email is: