Sunday, May 20, 2007

Freebird made a post asking what we all thought about posting pictures of works in progress as well as pictures of our inspiration. I started to reply and realized it was getting longer, and longer, and longer so switched to posting my thoughts as a separate item:

Personally I have no problem viewing works in progress. I find watching the creative process very inspiring. It gets my own creative juices flowing as it were. As for it influencing my own work, I feel that my tastes and beading style are my own at all times. Looking at a sunset can influence my creativity just as easily as looking at a painting or a pattern in a magazine or even something I've already done. To me the point of this project is to expand my horizons, grow as an artist, and really look into myself to see who I really am.

I like your (freebird) idea of posting pictures of our inspirations, whether side by side with the work in progress or on its own. This too could "influence" another artist but since ANYTHING at ANYTIME can be an influence how could this be wrong?

The count down is on everyone. Get ready to let your real self out of that box. There is no wrong way to approach this project except untruthfully. I'll be stepping through the mirror June 1st. See you on the other side!


beadbabe49 said...

I totally agree, teantae...I'm hoping to both inspire and be inspired by the other participants.

Joanna said...

As a newcomer, I'm really looking forward to learning from everyone. I'm enjoying seeing blogs/websites, etc. and would love to see portions of work in progress!

-- Joanna in Tucson

Shari M said...

Hi all

I think posting pics of WIP or Inspiration would be great. I love seeing what everyone else is thinking.

I've already started my first "page". My journal will be a very "eclectic" one, I think. I plan to explore a variety of embroidery types and techniques and incorporate beads wherever the pieces call out for them.

I'm already having a blast with this.

Happy stitching to all.

Shari M