Thursday, May 17, 2007

Aussie Bead Journaler

Keeping a journal is nothing new to me, but the idea of using beads to journal pages is entirely new. I've been an avid journal keeper for about 18 years, with sparodic attempts before that. Beading has only been added to the ever widening circle of crafts I enjoy in the last five years, maybe less. I can't recall when I went from a dabbler to a manic collector. Somewhere along the line it happened, though, as my beading desk shows. It is currently piled up with supplies.

I was so excited about this project I blogged about it: Bead Journal Project.

I'm really looking forward to seeing some wonderful creations and some amazing journals from this project. Greetings to all from Western Australia.

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Robin said...

One really nice thing about the BJP is that we have:

~ beaders who have never journaled
~ journal keepers who have never beaded
~ quilters who are just starting to bead
~ and everything in between

How FABULOUS can you get?!!! We can all learn from each other as we bead our journals each month. I love it!