Tuesday, May 29, 2007

a warm southern california hello

i thought i'd post a quick intro. :-) i've been beading almost 5 yrs. stringing, off-loom and embroidery. i love it. i've been dealing with chronic tennis elbow for the last 3.5 years and had a tendon release surgery mid april to correct it. was in a cast for a month (itchy and i didn't like that much) and am now in physical therapy. i still don't have much use in my right hand/wrist/arm and wouldn't you know it, i'm right handed. i promise eventually my typing will get better and i'll be able to actually use caps again.

so why the explanation? because i thought joining in would give me a great opportunity to stretch my left, non-dominate hand ability & eventually get my right hand involved again. i'm dying to bead (actually to do anything creative and hands on) and even if it might not look like my normal beading it will be something i can see grow and change as the next year rolls through.

i also love the idea of a growing, inspirational group of people who support each other as a community. i love robin's work and love that i get to work with so many who love to create beautiful, tactile things.

thanks for reading and let the beading begin!

so you can see what my right hand is capable of by clicking here


Robin said...

I think you're the first person who has mentioned "physical therapy" as one of her reasons for doing this... but, I know someone who swears by bead embroidery as therapy for her arthritic hands. I don't think anybody will mind your typing... it's quite readable.

Lin Moon said...

I am also in Southern California. Please email me at LinMoon@earthlink.net - perchance we can meet sometime?