Tuesday, May 22, 2007

links to closeups of my dragon vest

Beware, this page is horridly graphics rich and may take an awful lot of time to load, especially for those on dial up. I took a bunch of pics of my vest today, and tried to show some decent close ups of the work. Check it out here....


Beki said...

Wonderful, Miss Sarah! Of course, I've had the priviledge of seeing it in person, but it's always nice to see it again, even if through a computer monitor!

~ Beki

Robin said...

Sarah, I hope you don't mind... I made your picture site a clickable link.

To All ~ If you have DSL, the page doesn't take long at all to load, and it's worth it to see Sarah's lovely dragon close up. One of the pictures in particular is in totally sharp focus and is stunning!

beadnik said...

Thanks Robin, I thought the link would be clickable with just the www reference, but I see it wasn't. Anyway, next time I'll try to html ize my link...hehe.

Robin said...

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