Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Reading & Writing Comments

June 1 is just around the corner, yay! It will be great to get off the computer (emails and registering all of you wonderful beaders), and start my project. I'll report later on the total number and characteristics of the participants.

In the meantime, I'd just like to encourage you to write comments on the posts and to check back from time to time to read the comments on any posts you write.

To make a comment, click on comments at the bottom of the post. A new window will open where you can see any comments already there and write your own. If you haven't already signed in on the Blogger dashboard (top right corner of the blog), you'll be asked to do that before you can publish your comment.

At the bottom of each post, you'll see the word comments preceded by a number. If it is 0, then there are no comments for that post. Any other number will indicate how many comments have been made on that post. To read, click on the word comments, and they will be displayed in a small window. Often the comments contain very interesting information and tips.


Any web-savy member out there who might take on the challenge of setting up comment notification for us? I went on the group help list and found out there is a way to do it so that the post author gets notified by email of any comments made on their particular post. So, there IS a way, but it's "Greek" to me. Please email me privately if you want to/can take this on. Thanks.

Posted by Robin A


Padparadscha said...

Well, I am not a geek, but I was thinking the other day, that a discussion forum form might be more handy ; because when comment is added to a post it automatically goes up the page and you see what posts you have already answered. However I don't know if a forum is difficult to set up ?

Robin said...

I have no idea how to set up a discussion forum, and haven't really ever participated in one. If anybody wants to do that for us, they're welcome.