Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Using "Labels" When You Write a Post

What Are Labels?
This is our filing system. It's a feature that can be very helpful for locating specific posts, especially down the road a bit. Already, in just two weeks, we have nearly 70 posts to this blog. How many will we have in a year?? Could be thousands!

How Do Labels Work?
When viewing our blog, labels appear in the side bar as a drop-down menu called Topics. If you want to review the discussions about a certain topic, let's say "bead embroidery," then you go to the Topics area of the side bar, click on the drop down arrow, and click on "bead embroidery." As a result, only the posts which have the "bead embroidery" label will show up. If you're not familiar with this blog feature, you might want to try it now.

How Can I Assign a Label when I write a Post?
At the bottom of the posting window, there is a thing called Labels for this post, a blank window, and the words "show all." Click on show all to see label choices. Click on one that applies to your post. It will now show up in the blank window. If more than one label applies to your post, repeat this process.

Can I Add a New Label?
Yes, but please, please give careful consideration to the wording of the label. Only add a new label if you think others will find it useful. We don't want a whole bunch of file folders with only one post in them. Labels should be general topics that we will all use. Because we have well over 100 author/participants, I suggest we not use individual names of participants as labels.

What are A. Labels?
A. labels, are for posts that should be read by all participants. These are the ones that are like Announcements; they are topics which might be referenced over and over again. So far we have A1. Protocol (which refers to rules or guidelines for posting and/or participating) and A2. Posting how-to. Please do not add any A. labels, without first contacting Robin, the project administrator.

Removing Labels
I have to admit that this morning, I went through the posts and removed some labels because I wanted to make labeling more consistent and more general. I'd like to keep the total number of labels under 25, if possible.

Thank you!
Thanks for remembering to label your posts, and for your attention to keeping our filing system useful for all of us.

posted by Robin


Aurora said...

thanks Robin! ;-)

Winter Wanderings said...

I'm learning so much more than just beading with this group -- these basic "blog" lessons are the best!

Thanks Robin!!!
just label me:
"ever ready to learn new tricks" ;^)

The bad Liz said...

Guess I shouldn't write "colour", eh? It's not going to classify correctly if I do that.....Take care - Liz