Monday, May 21, 2007


Hi--here is one of my inspirations--I want to (maybe--my projects always seem to be influx and change as they go along) create a "sample book" like this antique one of fabric samples here--but a sample book of beading samples (the actual beading samples could explore different areas each month--like color one month, stitches another month, textures--quite few possiblities). With this in mind, I bid on and got an vintage(antique?)unused scrapbook for Ebay---with cool looking covers, and a binding easy to take apart...that will be my starting point, anyway.

Obviously, I think we should all post our inpirations here--isn't that kind of discussion what this blog is for? (Robin, correct me if I'm wrong:-)

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Robin said...

Personally, I'm loving this picture! All the text posts have been wonderful, but the picture is like a whisp of nature's best floral perfume while walking through a beautiful garden. Thanks!