Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Introducing Myself

Hi--I'm Aurora, born and raised in Juneau, Alaska---I lived in Alaska most of my life, until I "came outside" to college in 1989. I now live in Berkeley, California--but still visit Alaska often. I grew up surrounded by Native Alaskan beadwork, and learned many and various fiber arts over the years, but didn't start beading until a few years ago--when I took a bead crochet class because I wanted to learn to make the lovely bead crochet bracelets a friend was making. I now teach bead crochet, and I also dabble in many other kinds of beading. I create some mixed media pieces--sometimes on paper--sometimes small quilts---and beads and buttons always seem to creep into my art. I am currently a student in fabric and textile design here. Awhile ago I beaded this butterfly on paper---first I painted the design on some nice heavy printmaking paper, then beaded over the painting.


Beki said...

Pretty Butterfly, Aurora! Is the paper re-inforced with something?

~ Beki

Robin said...

Oooooh, beautiful! Thanks for posting the picture!

One thing that surprises me about the makeup of our group, is that currently there are no beaders from Alaska in the project. I know there are a lot of folks beading in Anchorage, Sitka and Juneau... where are they???