Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hello on a Warm Seattle Evening

Hi, I'm Ruth S, and live just north of Seattle. Robin was one of my first beadwork teachers, and I'm excited about being part of this project. I did a lot of beadwork for ten years, but haven't done as much beadwork over the past few years. I've started a blog for my journal pages.


your name said...

your blogs is great..


Robin said...

Ditto Dianata! I LOVE the idea of an inspiration box. Gotta start one! And your colors of felt and ultrasuede are so lovely, as is the hummingbird and leaves. Yummmmmm. It makes me happy to see that you're back into beading!

Intersting that you haven't set up your blog to receive comments... I'm thinking that might be a good choice for a BJP blog (not this one, but individual artist blogs).

Timaree said...

Hey, I've got a drawer with beads and threads I picked up here and there for that "special" project. Thanks for reminding me of it. Some of those things have been put away for years! Glad you've joined the group.

Ruth said...

Thanks for the warm comments. I didn't intentionally turn off comments on my blog, being new to writing a blog, I assumed the comments function would be there! Off to see about turning comments on.