Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Just A Tip

I make my fabric/beaded journal pages using "Eazy Felt" as a stiffener under the fabric. Eazy Felt is a stiffened felt found at Michael's (in the same aisle where the regular felt is). It is very similar to Lacy's Stiff Stuff but WAY cheaper. A 12" x 18" sheet is about $1.79 as I recall, and it comes in several colors.

I am making my journal 6" x 8", so I can get four journal pages from one sheet of Eazy Felt.

I am excited about the Bead Journal project! Thanks, Robin, for pulling this idea together!

Caren Goodrich


The bad Liz said...

Eazy Felt? I might have to check that out.......Thanks for the heads up!

Robin said...

This blog is a great place for offering tips... I encourage it and thank you for yours!