Monday, May 21, 2007

Happily consumed with thoughts of beads!

Hi, I’m Grace - I discovered the wonderful world of beading about 2 ½ years ago, I was a cross stitcher for many years and through that found my way to beads and a love affair was born.

Beading is the sanctuary to which I flee from the stress and pressure of my job and every day life. For this project, I have so many ideas running through my head. While I think I have a good idea of what I will start with – I know that can all change when I thread my needle and begin to put beads to fabric. As much as I have tried in the past to plan what I will bead, it never comes to pass and that’s okay – it seems that everything turns out just perfect anyway. I tend to change my mind with every bead and I like it that way – no pressure. The only sure thing with the project so far is the size of my ‘pages’. I believe I have a name for my journal. But that, as with everything else, may change once I start, halfway through or once I’m finished.

Like many others, I am self-taught through tutorials on the Internet; by way of some wonderful books in print and through inspiring connections made with like-minded people on the Internet. Most of my beading has been focused on dolls, however I have tried my hand at some flat bead embroidery and off loom weaving. I enjoy every minute I spend doing it.

I’m thrilled to be included as a participant in this group; I have admired the creations of many of the members here and consider myself fortunate to be among all of you; experienced and beginners alike.
Above is a little garden goddess I made for a friend last year. Green is my favorite color and seems appropriate right now with everything springing to life.

Take care,



Winter Wanderings said...

Hello Grace,

Pleased to meet you. I love your garden goddess! These little beaded dolls really tickle my fancy & I hope to figure out how to make some of my own ... perhaps I'll chart my progress in my b.j. pages!

Robin said...

What a totally lovely gift to make for a friend. I bet she is beyond pleased with it!

MoonRae said...

my sweet friend, what a pleasant surprise!!

Aurora said...

I know what you mean about beading being a refuge! I made quite a few bead crochet bracelets before I figured out that I turned to stringing the beads (before you crochet, you string the seed beads into the thread) was about putting something in order--my life (or the world) could be in complete chaos (like when I moved) and I would just sit and string up beads in order, and this relaxed me...and gave me some sense of order in my life.

Beki said...

What a sweet doll, Grace! And what a lovely gift to give.
I've made a couple of beaded dolls myself. One was a Farewell to my Uterus doll after my long awaited hysterectomy.

~ Beki

Magpie Sue said...

Love your doll! That's my favorite green. Lucky, lucky friend!

GraceBeading said...

Wow... thanks for the comments, I appreciate each and every one. It's nice to 'see' a couple of familiar faces as well. (Sharon, Beki).

I'm looking forward to taking this journey with all of you...
«-(¯`v´¯)-« Grace »-(¯`v´¯)-»