Monday, May 28, 2007

Deadline Daredevil

Well, as Nancilyn and others have mentioned, I seem to do best with deadlines. I didn't want to commit to this project until I was sure I could make the monthly dates, and so have stalled until almost the last minute! My friend Cathy W (also known as Adorable Cathy, LOL!) bugged me to make the commitment, and I'm glad she did.

My name is Linda Teddlie Minton, and I'm in Houston, Texas. I started out as a quilter back in 1993, moved into longarm quilting for customers, and have recently given up professional quilting-for-hire, in order to concentrate on my own artwork.

Beading ... both freeform weaving and bead embroidery ... is a relatively new adventure for me, and I'm grateful to Cathy for pointing me towards this fun opportunity, and to Robin for providing it.

I've participated in the Journal Quilt Project at the Houston International Quilt Festival for several years (including this final year), and so the concept of a monthly commitment is not new for me. I like having a specific goal, as well as like-minded artists with whom to share my questions, thoughts, and obsessions. I'm looking forward to meeting you all here, and getting to know you and your work.

Here are a few pictures of some things I've done in the past ...

Above is a small pin-doll built on a wire armature, named "Dancing Diva", about 3" tall.

Next is "The Gift", a smaller pin-doll, about 2" tall.

Above is a partial detail shot of "Caribbean Blue", a 7" x 7-1/2" bead embroidery I completed in 2006. If you're interested in seeing a full view, you can go to my blog.
Again, Robin, thanks for this exciting project, and I'm looking forward to playing with all of you.


Robin said...

Ooooh, great pins and fun closeup of bead embroidery. Thanks for posting these pics.

I have a few questions about the Quilt Journal Project. If you have time, would you tell us about it? Why did you do it? What were some of the personal benefits of doing it? Did you know at the start that you might exhibit your work, and how did that affect you? How strict was it about the start/end dates for each journal page? What about showing pictures of your work on your blog? What other rules did they have (good and/or not so good). Thanks!!! Robin

Winter Wanderings said...

Yea Linda! Welcome aboard!!!
I'm so glad that you've joined me with Robin's Bead Journal Challenge -- I just learned that I've quilted longer than you, but I am just a baby when it comes to beading (as you well know, having squished, err-crimped, my first bracelet). It seems only fair that we do this year-long project together as it is your exquisite beaded finery that first entranced & enticed me to play with beads!

Thank you Robin, too, for providing this amazing adventure into beading & journaling.

Cathy W (aka Adorable Cathy!? at least until one of us misses a deadline .... ;^)

Tally said...

I like this little "The gift" very, very much. It reminds me of the work of one of my favortie artist named Max Ernst.
Hello from Hamburg