Friday, May 18, 2007

Hello-some ideas ???


I have plenty of ideas (but I'll keep some to developp them).
My idea is to use linen fabric to build a journal which will have a postal card format... I will thus encounter problems: I have used Linen for my Universe necklace and it entangles (I'm not sure to use the right word here for "effilocher"?). So I have to find something against that. Second, the Linen I used was very smooth, so I wil look for either a "hard" linen" fabric or to tighten it. Or use another hard fabric. But I love the idea of the linen, especially the beige one which looks like a raw material... Then I'll have to find how to fasten the pages.
A lot of questions for an enthusiastic about this project. I know mainly what I will put inside and I have decided (it is the first time) to do a "journal inside the journal", that is : I will buy a sketch journal to draw my pages, to construct this journal and to add comments on each page.
Another problem for me : If I go on with the idea about what I want to embroid, I will have a total of 17 pages to do (I will not tell you ; but this point is not really a problem : just a matter of organization.... oh...did I say the WRONG word? Organization????
Until then, I hope that many of you will write in this online Journal to share our experiment, ideas, progress.
LOL ( Lots of Love). Marylo, la Rêveuse


Padparadscha said...

I think "effilocher" is "fray".

beadbabe49 said...

If the linen frays, you could fuse iron-on pellon to the back to stabalize it.

Sue said...

or zigzag the edges

arlee said...

or just let the raw edges become part of the design--sometimes the effect is perfect :}