Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Greetings from South Australia

Hi guys!
I am so thrilled to be taking part in this. But REALLY nervous too. I have never touched a seed bead in my life, or embroidered in any form. I have wanted to for a long time, and with a little boy who only just turned two and seems to have more energy and....ahem... spirit (?) than most two year olds i know keeping me busy, i have just never gotten around to it. This challenge is a great way to introduce myself to bead embroidery in a slightly more creative and abstract way that i had intended, and i look forward to stretching myself in that way.

I intend to journal about what is driving me that month. Whatever the biggest thing in my life or the overwhelming mood or theme of the month is to me. I guess given my lack of free time (my son doesn't sleep or enjoy playing safe games when mummy isn't looking) i will probably do several sparse entries and several denser ones - i have a few in mind already. One about having a positive attitude and faith in my ability to try and succeed at this, and one about the dominating theme in my life right now - the juxtaposition between a deep love for my wonderful little boy, and the feeling of being trapped by his routines and need for me to be with him while he falls asleep (including several times during the night at the moment!).

I have been making jewellery with beads for a couple of years - i don't make a great volume of pieces, but what i make i am generally happy with and proud of (until i make the next piece, then i am convinced the last was amateurish and embarrassing...hehe). I would like to sell more than i do, but the market is somewhat flooded right now. Plus, i tend to make what appeals to me - something i want or need or love - so i don't want to part with a lot of my pieces. I want to branch out and be a jack of all trades, master of none type of jewellery artist - i want to know how to do lampworking, embroidery, metal work, wire work... and a ton of creative pursuits not at all jewellery related. My house is a tribute to great ideas that never got completed - from scrapbook albums and jewellery boxes to teddy bears and cross stitches. I have a box full of stuff for almost any craft you can imagine and a woeful story of my results for each.

I intend to make SURE i make this journal work. I don't know what i will do with my pieces when they are done, but it is really important to me to do this and i feel really positive and empowered by it. Thanks for sharing it with me!!! Let's get cracking!! Now to figure out where on EARTH to buy my beads from... hahaha.


Joy said...

Hi from a fellow South Aussie!!!

Robin said...

I really admire your determination. And I believe you will be empowered by doing it no matter what!

Padparadscha said...

Hello Amy, I think it's great that you decide to do this project ! Fortunately my two spirited girls are now in school and it is easier to take care of them, because they require a little less er energy. However my sister has two young boys under 3 just like yours, and I can just picture your days !

I would say that it is very important for a mum to have a special place, a special activity that is her own, off-limits for everybody else in the household. Otherwise, we'd just go insane wouldn't we ? ;o)

Kind regards, Hélène

Seduced by beads... said...

I had to smile while reading your post. My older son is 37 and my younger son is 13. So those long days of being everything to a little boy are not that far behind me. With my second son I learned how to squeeze a little craft time into the day. I made a "treasure box" for each of us - in his box were ever changing toys (from his toy chest) and little finger treats he could eat on his own. My box contained everything needed for a small hand craft project. This way I could get a FEW stitches in each day and he looked forward to the time spent playing with his treasure box.

Enjoy this time, all too soon he will be all grown up.