Monday, May 21, 2007

Colour and Shape inspiration

Size: Not a square, rectangle, triangle or circle.
Colours: Not typical earth tones, khaki greens or other muted colours.
Inspiration: Nature, starry skies.

I've taken a list of the months and I will be writing what I think would be a good topic to do for the month. For example:

June - during work, it's a transitional time with new doctors coming to the US and doctors graduating my program and moving on. Many of them give me gifts to thank me for putting up with them for three years, and many bring gifts from their home countries because they are happy to start this exciting time in their lives. It's also the Bead and Button show that I will be taking the train to. Lots of eye candy there. So the theme could be gifts from doctors (beads of course) or graduation theme.
July - Vacation! Can you say camping, rafting and drinking and generally having fun in the sun in Michigan. Check out all the stars in the sky. Can't see them from home. Wow, the humidity index (my hair) says that it's a hot and muggy summer.

Pictures? I think that they are in your head now.......Take care - Liz

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