Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Siblings and Spacing

Hi everyone. No, I am not talking about the spacing of children! I am wondering about two different things.

First, due to the page I just finished I was asked by Robing if my siblings had seen the page. This brought up something that makes me wonder a lot. I seem to have to push my family to drop by my blog and see what I have done and am doing. My siblings and kids all like what I do and want me to make stuff for them but they don't seem to care about taking the time to see what I'm up to unless I remind them a lot and push for comments from them. Do any of you experience this? Am I expecting too much from them?

And secondly, I have trouble getting spaces between paragraphs. I can't seem to indent the paragraphs either. Others are getting those spaces I see, and I think they make longer entries easier to read. So any help there would be appreciated too.

June/July update

Well, yet again, I am behind and I have no excuse like ill health, family issues, (apart from a very untidy 20 yr son home for the summer), working, nothing but making time. I am so impressed by all the work I am seeing here. Anyway, I am making progress at least, so if you would like to look, bring yourself here

My July Page-Inspired By Horses

I finished my July page yesterday. One of my goals on the BJP is not to let it consume me, and take on designs that I can finish in about three weeks, thus keeping pace and not getting behind for each month.

This month, I used mostly Delicas, and it almost took too long to finish. But here we are still in July and I'm happily done, ready to ponder my August page.

You can find my July page on my BJP blog at http://beadbunny.blogspot.com

My BJP theme is "Inspired By Horses". I've been horse crazy since birth and am devoting the whole project to my horsey inspirations.

Caren Goodrich

P.S. My other goal is to not buy any beads or fabric for this year-long journal. I have plenty in my stash, and so far I haven't bought a single thing. I'm not opposed to buying beads and fabric, I just want to use what I have for a change instead of running out to look for a certain something!

Monday, July 30, 2007

July is Finished!!

Grab that ice-cold drink and come celebrate. The party is here!

July's finished!

I have finished my page for July and have a really good start on my journal for the month. You can check it out on my BJP blog. I have my first 2 pages hanging if you want an idea of how I am doing it feel free to check it out on my Artistic Kreations and Passions Blog. It has been an incredible journey and I can't wait to start each new month.

Remember not to "stress the small stuff" and just keep moving forward. We can all do this and together we will all grow as Artist and that is really the most important thing, not if every page is perfect and not if you finished each page on time but did you learn and grow as an Artist. Keep up the good work all of you. Love and Hugs to you all, Angie

help with writing a post

Everyone is so helpful here, I am going to ask another question: when uploading a picture, how do I type so that my writing comes out next to the picture, instead of above or below it? The few times I did type to the left or right of a picture it seems like it was more accidental than intentional. Many thanks in advance.

Behind Schedule? Changing Course?

With August almost here, I thought it might be appropriate to comment about the commitment we made to one piece per month....

More than a few of us are a bit behind, some still working on June's page. Not a problem, as I see it... My hope is that our original energy and commitment about participation will keep us motivated. I believe in baby steps... I believe that setting aside a small chunk of time to do a little stitching is the key. I believe it will be worth the effort to look back a year from now and know we DID it! All of us will experience times when it's difficult and other times when it flows.

My hat is off to those who are already starting August's page. My hat is ALSO off to those who are struggling to keep up, as I encourage us all to keep stitching!

* * * * *

I also want to comment about changing course... One member emailed me that she's not satisfied with her work so far and is considering starting over. Here is what I suggest to her and to all of us in this boat:

May I encourage you to let your work to date be testament to your starting place, to celebrate the beginning. Change the way you're working for the months ahead, if you like, and let that be testament to your journey, to celebrate the growth. I've always thought that starting over is like being punished, and punishment can stop a person in her tracks... Cherish your first BJP pieces for what they are... first steps on a journey. What do you think?

Also you may want to read my comments about envisioning work on the tips page of my website. I talk about the inner critic (and the good and bad sides of mind planning). Maybe something in my words will be helpful.

Blessings, Robin A.

The White Wizard Barrette "Page"

I have done some more to the eye and wrote about what Wizards mean to me. You can view it here. I have to hurry, July is almost over.

My journey had a tough start, but I'm on my way!

Hello BJP-er's, I just had to share my first posts about the progress of my BJP. To start was difficult because I realize I am not a very patient woman when it comes to the proper respect a beaded page requires. lol But, I believe I have found my way.

Please check out my journey so far:
girl gone thread wild: First beaded page, nearly complete
girl gone thread wild: BJP progress post

Vintage Steel Cuts

I just bought an old beaded purse made with the old French steel cuts. It's not repairable, so I'll be salvaging the beads but I'm wondering if there is anything that will take the tarnish of years off of them?
If anyone has any information, I'd appreciate it!

Triangular Beads

It seems that lots of beaders want triangular beads. Well, I googled them and check out Fire Mountain gems here

and this site also

Happy Beading....

~Lin Moon

Sunday, July 29, 2007

July card completed

Hi all I thought I would let you know that I published an image of my July beaded journal page on my blog. The direct link is here is you want to take a look.

Transferring photos onto fabric

To those of you who transfer a photograph onto fabric to bead your journal page, how do you do it? Is there special fabric or paper that you use? I love how Angela makes a photo collage and then beads it. I'm thinking that this bead journal project is really helping me learn new skills and push myself to explore new techniques.

Also, I just want to say how much I am enjoying reading everyone's comments and blogs. I feel like I am part of a village of beaders, a community of creativity, and am very happy to be living here.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Enough Already!

Can one ever have too many beads? I am sure glad that I decided to ONLY use beads from my stash for these pages! I am limiting the palette of my August page ---and, yet when I went through my stash for beads in these colors--this is what I found.

Now, my stash was a added to considerably when I had the very good fortune of buying a large seedbead collection from a friend---(she had some great old seedbeads, which you can no longer buy)---but WHEW!!! re-assessing my stash, I now see I can never use all the beads I have in my lifetime. Hmmm...good thing I have daughter who likes to make jewelry (and who goes through my stash every time she visits;-)

More July Progress

I've made a little more headway with my July page. You can see it here.

Shooting Star Beads Blog Update

I updated my blog today that I have posted
some pictures of my progress for my BJP~
July page . It is not done yet. I have been
very busy to get ready for the art fair next

July Page Completed

My extra July page is finally done - if you'd like to take a peek, it's here. As a reply to people who have asked, the fabric is available from equilter.com and was designed commemorating the 100th birthday month of Frida Kahlo.


Progress has been a little delayed, the harvest is on in my yard. You can see here on my blog. My August page came about in the middle of my work day, amazing how it happens. Have a good day.

Ingredients of July

Golden ribbon,
brownish-red beads,
opal-white beads,
embroidery floss in silver,
maybe also in grey,
a closure,
a logo,
an idea.

More to see and to read on my blog.

B-BHOP sub-group proposal

I'd like to propose a new subgroup - the B-BHOP's - Busy Beaders Honoring Our Process.

  • We have no guilt that we are busy living our lives
  • We bead when we can and when we have energy
  • We remember that we joined this just for the fun and learning
  • We contribute to the world of beading with our wonderful work, whenever it is completed
  • We do not need to apologize for anything
  • We honor our artistic self and process by accepting its pace
  • We love and support ourselves and each other
  • This is just for us. This is our place and our time to let it all hang out, to let ourselves be carried away in the moment, to let go of judgments and interpretation and planning, to go deeper than words! (from Robin A.)

Anyone care to join me? Any additions to my list of credos?

Way behind....

But....someone has to bring up the rear! =o)

I've posted a progress image on my blog.

Liz's July is finished

The Big Dipper is finished if you would like to go check it out. I worked on this through some other projects, and what is interesting, is that this "square" for July is inspiring a couple of ideas that are not in this Bead Journal project. Go figure!

I hope everyone is having as nice of a weekend as I will be. Beading, dinner with some friends, and a movie date with my husband. Life is good!!

Friday, July 27, 2007

I feel like such a flake

I still have not finished my June page let alone start my July page - I feel I am being a real flake for not keeping up with it, but there have been a few changes in my life since I decided to join this project, like starting a part time job & I know now that the pages I planned are too big for the limited time I have to work on them, so I am going to make some changes.

Hopefully by the end of August I will have the first 3 months finished - you can see what I started here if you wish


Just thought I would mention to anyone who is interested that I have posted some new pictures of my progress for July's page here. Have a happy beading weekend everyone!

Friday Night!

Okey dokey! Updated my blog, but wanted to warn you it's just a little PG, so don't look if you don't want to! :) Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
With aloha, CC

Both June and July finished!

Hi beaders!
I now have both months completed--but I have an idea how I want to mount them--so no pics until that step is completed...in fact, I am considering waiting until Sept and posting all 3 months at once here.

Meanwhile, you can visit my blog here to see some newly completed beaded embellishments on a denim jacket of mine. I sure like how this project has encouraged me to do more bead embroidery; I think it helps that it is summer. I am also a knitter & crocheter (yes, I teach bead crochet) but for some reason I never want to knit or crochet much in the summer.

Getting Close

I have just posted a photo of July's almost done page.
Click here to view.

My July page is finished...

And, just like last month, it is for the month prior to this one! So this month, my page is called "Strawberry Moon", which is one of the names for June's full moon. You can see it on Bead Arts if you'd like!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Almost the end of July

Such fabulous work that people are doing.... such inspiration to me! I love the sharing that people are doing in their blogs. It makes me more willing the share the things that motivate or stump me.
I am working hard to finish my July page before the end of July, but it may lap over into August. I am so pleased with my project, that I hardly care.... I have the momentum to go on! I really WANT to finish! This is such a great project for me! But my arthritic hands are complaining,,, hard to work for the hours I want to! AND that is in addition to the hours I work using my hands in my quilting and custom sewing business.
I have posted photos of my June and July pages on my blog, so come see! http://quiltbeadsandothersuch.blogspot.com/

The White Wizard Barrette "Page"

I have got the eye done on my White Wizard Barrette. I have also written up a little thing about the Tone 2, Polarize, Stabilize and Challenge. This is the beginning of the New Year of the The White Lunar Wizard Year 13- Moon Calendar. Happy New Year.

July 99% Complete

G'Day all,
I've got July completed as far as I can, was waiting on some beads from a friend, they arrived today and were just what I needed. So with no interuptions I'll be finished late Monday. I got a head start on August whilst waiting on the beads and have also done a couple of orders that have been waiting.

Vintage Beads

Robin just mentioned vintage beads and whether you use yours or not on her blog and it got me thinking.
I've been buying vintage from many years from all over but one of the best sources is a bead dealer in Colorado.
If you're interested in vintage, I have a post about him and how to reach him on my blog, Beading at the Beach.
I'm in no way involved with his bead business other than as a satisfied customer, so I thought I'd share, if anyone is interested in affordable vintage beads and nailheads.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Almost there

My July page is almost finished, I just need to do the beaded edges. More exciting especially to those with dial-up connections I have moved both My Main Blog and My BJP Blog onto Blogger so they should be much quicker to download and easier to comment to. I hope you enjoy. Angie

July Page Started At Last

So, I have been able to get a start on my July page. You can see it here.

The White Wizard Barrette "Page"

I am just getting started on my July page. You can view my progress here. Happy beading.

BJP Progress Report: Page Accompli! (2)

Here is the finished page with poem - and thanks, everyone, for all the birthday wishes!!

Bead Embroidered Bracelet

I am drawn to make a bead embroidered bracelet (cuff) and I'm not sure what to bead on or how to put it together. What materials should I use? Is there a web site I can get details or can someone let me know. I'd appreciate it very much. Thanks so much. Heidi

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

July Progress Report #4

Almost done - a little tweaking yet to do but I wanted to post my progress before I become lost in Hogwarts. Check it out here - I posted a few more detail photos this time - the plans for the August page are already bubbling away . . .

Another July Page

Inspired by so many of you who are working on pictorial fabric, I began another July page in honor of the 100th birthday celebration of Frida Kahlo. I'm having great fun with it - take a peek if you'd like. It's here.

Monday, July 23, 2007

August update

I've found a great beading spot. It's in a State Park on the California coast. Fresh air, ocean, cool breezes and the cry of seagulls. Just got back last night. Didn't want to come back. You can see my progress on my August page on my blog: http://sharedstuffbyarline.blogspot.com/ I can't seem to come up with a name for this one. Any ideas?

Comfort Dolls

Sue in WA told me about this project, and Sammy mentioned it in her blog - I thought maybe the rest of us would like to know about it! The mission is to make a doll, 6" or smaller, and send it to Pat Winter in Chesterton (sorry, couldn't find the exact address off the top) to be donated to domestic violence shelters to give the women something to encourage them. There is a nice pattern for a butterfly doll at kivett-studio.com/butterflygoddesspattern.html and she has given permission for it to be used for this. We will be starting a local drive in Skagit County for the shelter here, for the women and children, shortly. We may start one later, for the new Children's Grief Center at United General Hospital. A little doll may be the perfect thing to ease the beader's block while doing your pages! It also gives some of us a little push to mix media. Anyone who has more info, please comment!

July Block update

Well my July block is coming along really nice! At first it was struggle (but isn't it always when it is time to take the first stitch?) and as you bead it gets easier and easier to know what to do next...

I have a photo of where my July block is on my blog... Thanks so much Robin for starting this challenge and for everyone who have been sharing your work with us... I have gotten to meet so many awesome beaders and am learning everyday something new to add to my beading!

my blog http://sammystuff.blogspot.com/
Happy beading!

Pattern generator - where?

My theme for July was set as soon as I joined BJP. My exact idea has been missing till today.
Well I'm attending the speeches and teaching of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Hamburg for a week and planned to bead a Himalayan/buddhist theme. My overall topic are my travels and I did travel more than once to the buddhist Himalayas.
Today I knew what to do, but would appreciate your help.
I want to bead the logo of the convent, one of the 8 auspicious signs. It is printed on my entrance pass with a beautiful holographie.

Not many weeks ago I saw on an internet site kind of a pattern generator where you have to give a photo in and out comes the pattern on graphic/squares. It was a free programm or a thing you do online and than print. I didn't bookmark it. Maybe somebody has seen what I mean.

I did not read blogs, wether the BJP nor any private. And since I started going to the Dalai Lama I did not respond to mail or comment. I do read them, be assured and might get to them later on.

If you are interested in getting to know just a little bit about this great event in Hamburg you might have a look in my blog.


I'm glad July is not over

I'm still working on my July page, so I am very glad there are some days left in the month. This month's page has been difficult for me to get my idea into beads and fabric. It has been a true learning experience in so many ways. Anyone that wants to see an update can go to my blog.

I really enjoy looking at everyone's work and look forward to September when there will be more to see. I also enjoy reading the different blogs and learning how each page evolves.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

July page

Here is my blog http://nancybead-misc.blogspot.com/, I did not get it in the first posting I did.

July page done

Good evening everyone, I finished my page a short while ago. Please check my blog . I did this page a little different than last time, I did not bead the whole page and I used material. I did a pattern for an amulet bag I have wanted to try for awhile and was able to combine it with my July page.

I have a quote I would like to share with all of you that I got from a knitting book, but I think it applies to beading too (all that I have read in the book so far does actually.) Here is name of the book: Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off - The Yarn Harlot's Guide to the Land of Knitting.

And the quote: "All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware." Martin Buber

I think that applies to the process and journaling in general. I have found that to be true since I started this.

I also have a favor to ask everyone. I want to post all of our group's blogs (or website) on my blog and have quite a few, but I am missing some I know I want to post. If you take a look at my blog, please leave your blog address for me and I will post it, if I have not already.

As always, thanks for looking and blogging and having blogs going for all of us to see.

Happy beading everyone, Nancy.

July Update

Hi Gang!!
I've posted an update on my Blog. You can check it out here. Thanks to all of you for your notes about the loss of my dog. You are all very kind!

I'm loving all your pages! Everyone is just so creativel. I peek at them during lunch at work and then can't wait to get home to work on mine. :-)

Have a great day!!

How to create a list of other blogs

I have discovered so many wonderful blogs that I want to keep up with. What I want to know is: how do you create a list of the other blogs you visit a lot? I notice that people have these on the side of their blog. Thanks, Susan

Getting "un-stuck"

I know there's been a bit of discussion about inspiration and getting un-stuck when working. Because I had to put my July page down for a bit due to other art deadlines, when I picked it up again, I had lost the flow. When I began working on the page, it was hot hot hot and the theme of the page was dreaming of cool water - Now it was cold and rainy - I'd lost the flow.

While I was at my local library picking up my check for the class I taught there, I decided to see what sort of books might be available and bead embroidery and was surprised and delighted to see that the first book that popped up in the card catalog was Robin's "One Bead at a Time". I read a bit, the person with my check arrived and I went home. I kept thinking about what I had read and since the Library was closed, but my LBS (which happens to be Shipwreck Beads - yes, I know - sad isn't it?) I zipped down there and picked up a copy of my own. (well and a few beads - honest, just a few). When I got home it was pouring rain, I made a pot of tea and sat and read the book straight through. Straight through. I picked up my piece and finished it at 2 in the morning without stopping. The beads just sorta flowed out of my fingers. I somehow found the initial place I was in when I started and I must credit Robin's book.

So now I must thank Robin for not only creating this project which got me out of my 'dreaming of bead embroidery' phase and actually doing it, but also for the wonderful book that got me back on track.

Thanks Robin!


July Page Completed

Tri-focals are a wonderful thing. Blogged here.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Thom's June Page is Finished!

Thom, our one male participant, asked me to post a picture of his completed June page on my blog. So if you're peeking, you can go here to take a look! Good work, bro!

Robin A.


I've hit an absolute wall on bead embroidery, so I'm keeping the hands flexible and the mind interested by making a bunch of bottlecap pincushions.
I'm wondering what some of the rest of you do when you hit a wall in your work and every time you check for your muse, you find she's moved and left no forwarding address?


I completed my July page yesterday afternoon. Also made some construction plan revisions that will make it easier to focus on the individual pages as I'm creating them. Blogged here


If you have a few minutes and would like to see some beautiful quilts, NQA has posted pictures of the 2007 Major Award winners on the following site.


Friday, July 20, 2007


Hi, all! It's been a very educational week! You can see my update here if you're looking! Everyone's work has been so inspiring! It sometimes feels like I'm working all alone in my studio, then I check in here & see all this marvelous work on the same project & it makes me feel like I'm part of a community! That's a great feeling!
With aloha,

Adding "Labels" to Your Posts

If you go to the side bar on the left, and scroll down until you see a drop-down window, you can click on the little arrow to see all of the "Lables" or "Topics" for our posts. Just now, I thinned the list a little, removing almost all of the labels that were not used more than 5 times. I hope nobody will be ticked at me about this... it's because the list was getting so long that it was difficult to find any one topic.


When you add a new topic to your post, it automatically gets placed on the drop-down list, and others can use it as well. Please, only add new topics that you think will be useful to others. Keep the topic brief and general.


Don't add "August Bead Journal Project" as a topic. It's too long. Rather just add "August." (Note ~ I changed all of the variations on June's page to simply "June," and the same for "July.")

Don't add "How to sew on charms" as a topic. It's too long and too specific. Instead, call it "techniques," which is already an option.

Please don't add specific individual names. There are too many of us to start that.


Labeling your post will help us to find it in the future. For example, if you wanted to take a look at everyone's June page, you would select "June" from the drop down topic menu. This would display all of the posts with this label but none of the other posts on our blog.


At the bottom, right-hand corner of the post window you can see "Show all" next to a blank window. Click on "Show all" to reveal the possible labels (topics) already on the list. Click on any of the existing labels you feel apply to your post. After each click, the label will appear in the window, and you have labeled your post. Add a new label to the list by typing it into the window (see above for guidelines).

Thanks very much for your attention to this "housekeeping detail".... I appreciate it! Robin A.

Progress slow but steady

I have an update to my July Journal for those who want to check out my progress. It has been a bit slower than I anticipated but with other creative projects and the fact that I am going to be moving my website (so that it has my name and not my husband's) I have been keeping pretty busy. I am also moving my main blog to Blogger although I haven't decided on whether to move my BJP over as well.

Congrats to everyone who has shared their pages and done such wonderful work so far. I can't wait to see the work of the others. I have a feeling that September will be a month of brain overload as we get to ogle all of the wonderful eye candy, can't wait.

Is anyone planning on going to Bead Fest in Philly? Let me know if you are, would love to get together for a show and tell if anyone is interested.

Happy beading, Angie

June BJP Finished ~ at last

Finally finished my June BJP. If you want to take a peak, go to my blog. It was a hard piece to get a good photo of, this is the best I could do this morning. I have a start on July and hopefully will have July finished before September LOL. This is really a lot of fun, and so much to learn.
Jackie in Illinois
aka Beadin' Gram

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

July Update

Not sure if this qualifies as a proper update since I have yet to stitch down a single bead ... but thought I'd share.
I finished painting and embellishing my July Medieval image and am ready to attach the beaded cross I made the first week of July. Then I'll be ready to add all the pearly swags, stars and other beads! I'll post again next when the whole piece is finished!

Amulet to go with the Sharazade Barrette

I made a Amulet to go with the Scheherazade barrette that I made for June's page. Although the amulet is not my page for the month of July I thought I would share it with you. You can view it here. The amulet is based on my galactic signature according to the Mayan Calendar.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

July Page Done

I just finished my July Journal Page. I think I even like it and that's saying something. I usually don't like what I do. This page flows, sparkles and is simple and I think that's why I like it. Hope you do too! http://heidibeads.blogspot.com/ My mind is wandering about August but since it isn't August yet I'm not starting. Off to other projects.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Dipping In My Toes...

Hey y'all!!

Well! I seem to be in the minority here, in that I'm not yet going to post any pages on my blog of my BJP. I'm waiting. I wonder how long I'll last... I've already discovered the story that will hold my pages together, and my cover, which will be a back AND a front, will be done during the process or near the end.

I *will* say that one of the things I have been working towards these many years as I've been learning so much and getting to know people is how to merge my favorite interests into a single entity, so to speak. And now, through the graces, knowledge, talents and sharing of all the many wonderful folks in this international community project, I have finally figured out a few things along that path.

I am thrilled beyond belief to be a part of this group. Many of you I have known for a while, many I've known of or just recently "met". It's exciting to see so many people in so many countries commit together for a project of this magnitude!!

Each of my twelve pages is related, literally a part of a story of the piece previous and the piece future. On the one hand, I want to show y'all my work; on the other hand, I'm afraid that no-one will understand since all the pieces are inter-related.

However, June *is* complete, and July is almost there. So, I'm here, I'm glad, and I'm looking forward to posting pics soon...be courageous! Be creative! And, eventually, I'll be back!

Warmest regards to all from
Sarah E. in TX

I'm so far behind I think I'm first!

Finally, with a lot of help from my sister Beverly, I've been able to post my June page to my blog. I'm having a lot of fun exploring the world of bead embroidery. I love using my favorite special treasure beads. I knew there was a reason I held on to them. But seriously, I have most of July done. Lots of ideas for the rest of the journal too. After finishing the first page, I was glad I chose a 3 x 5 size and not something bigger.

Making Progress

I am beginning to see the light! On my blog you see I am making progress on my June Page. In retrospect it was probably a little ambitious a size page 10"x 7.5" but that is what is it, so that is the way its going.

As a way of keeping myself going I have also started my July page which although it is the same size, should not be too arduous.

Camera Ideas Needed Please

First, thank you to everyone for sharing yourselves in so many ways with this project! I feel so blessed that I am part of this group! :o)

Colorful photos are so important for a blog (which I’m still in the process of starting with encouragement from many of you) Could you tell me which and what camera I would need to get the lovely colorful bead details I’m seeing in all your blogs? I’d appreciate any help you could give me :o)

Thanks again,


July Progress

I have started on July and actually have no idea where it is going from here, but I am sure it will come to me tonite when I pick it up again. If you want to take a look, you can find it here on my blog. July Page


month & page half complete ...

This has been a super-challenging month for me in any number of ways. This weekend I finally had time to sit down with this month's page and bring it into stronger be-ing. For the next week or so, I'll have enough time (I hope) to get it the rest of the way "there".

blogged here.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Returned from the beach with new posts

Hi everyone! Just got back from the beach. Another beady friend and I went for the weekend. Took a class and of course, bought too many beads. (Is that possible?) Mostly we just relaxed. How nice it was to get out of this heat. I finished my July page and started August. Yes, I know it's still July. Ideas are coming fast and furious. For each page I do, I think of two more I want to do.

This project has renewed my enthusiasm for beading. I even made a bracelet this weekend. I looks like hammered gold. Thank all of you for your wonderful comments and guesses.


PS: Find my pages at: http://sharedstuffbyarline.blogspot.com/

My Cup Runneth Over is done!

A little teaser photo!

Click here and check out my 99.9 % completed July piece called, "My Cup Runneth Over"

I'm soooo happy to have the rest of the month to think of fun things for my Aug page.

Another July Page Finished

If you want to see it, it's on my blog. I'm now going to take some of the enthusiasm generated by this project and see if I can inject it into another series I'm working on.
Thanks to everyone who has posted...you're all so inspiring...

June laggard

Laggard that I am, I'm finally ready to move from June's page to July's page .....
However, if I rationalize it, I didn't start June's page until the middle of the month ... so I'm developing an internal time clock for my pages that seem to run from the middle of a month to the middle of the next month. Works well as it lets me get a flavor of a month in the first two weeks.

My June page is as finished as it will get for the moment. If you care to know the details, and see what I've done, check my blog.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

July page

I just finished my page for July and have posted photos on my blog if anyone is interested in checking it out.

July was just as much fun as June - I'm looking foward to August and wherever that takes me...

Take care,

Friday, July 13, 2007

An Update for July

Here's the start of July's journal page

Starry Starry Night

What a week! And what a learning experience! I sure learned to be careful about my fabric choices. You can check my update here! Have a great weekend!


P.S. I'm sorry I haven't been able to leave comments on everyone's work, so this is my "blanket yahoo" out to all of you! Hopefully things will slow down soon & I can get back to leaving love notes!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The journey contiues...

My July page is coming along and so is the beginning of my journey. If you would like to join me come and visit me. Angie

July Update

Just put an update on my blog for July page. You can see it at : http://sharedstuffbyarline.blogspot.com/ There is a question for all of you who care to answer.

I'm really enjoying all the progress pics from everyone. I think it makes viewing the finished product just that much more interesting.


Working on the House...

I'm presently working on the GIANT creative project right now: selling my house. So, unfortunately, I have not yet started my July page. I'm sure I'll receive lots of much-needed therapy once I do start it, though. I'm planning to begin on Sunday when we have our open house. I'll be sitting quietly in a room with my cats for several hours, and that just might be perfect for a beginning. On the other hand, that might not be such a good idea. I'll figure this out on the day. Meanwhile, I have been reading all of the new posts here, and really loving everyone's work. Anyway, with all this selling, searching, buying and moving in my future, my input may be a bit infrequent. But on some level or other, I'm still beading, and working to get things back to normal as soon as possible.


finalmente comincio a concretizzare qualcosa per la pagina di luglio.
per ora solo un disegno.
le tecniche dovrebbero essere: trapunto, ricamo con le perline, ricamo in rilievo, punti classici.
i punti 4: p.scritto, p.vapore, p. asola, p. catenella. poi però si vedrà, come dicevo qualche commento fa, l'idea iniziale spesso cambia durante il lavoro.
sono comunque contenta, perchè in genere non riesco a lavorare a qualcosa se ho delle scadenze.
questo progetto è invece affascinante, almeno per ora, e mi aiuta molto vedere anche tutti i vostri post e sono sicura che è il fermento delle vostre idee a trascinare anche me.

July 2nd Edition

I've updated my page here it is: http://heidibeads.blogspot.com/

I have been enjoying everyones posts and I really don't think that they have done any altering of my work at all. Maybe made me a bit envious. There is so much talent in this group, it's amazing. I keep saying it. Thank you all for sharing your knowledge too. It was nice to see that some people had a set idea and some didn't. Start projects with or without fabric. Start with beads or not. I have to remind myself there is no wrong way to do it. That's a hard concept to grasp but I'm trying. The humidity has finally broken and it's a lovely day. I'm going out into the garden! Enjoy your day.

July's Start

I have started July's page.
Click here to take a look.

How many of you out there are really going to wait until September to look at other people's work? The temptation was just to much for me. I don't think it has changed what I would have done. I know there is another labyrinth out there, but I had decided in May what my first two month's where going to be already. I had no clue what the next months pages would look like until I started July's page. I feel more relaxed knowing what is coming up. I can't wait.

Life Happens

I'm still not finished with June's page as a case of hives has put beading very much on the back burner. However, I've plans for July's page in the works. I want to try coloring within the lines - something completely different for me. I plan on printing out an exact design and bead on top of it. I know it'll be uncomfortable, but hope it will be a success. If you want to know where I am with both June & July's pages, check my blog.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

More work on the July page

though I think my poor mermaid needs some eyes (and maybe some nipples)
what do you think?

I couldn't wait for Sept either!

I finally posted some pics on my blog. My June piece and the incompete July piece. I'm loving seeing what everyone else has done and figured I should jump into the pool, the water seems pretty warm and comfy.

I appreciate comments and love for you to visit. Oh yeah, and click each pic to see it much, much larger. xo

Vivage's BJP blog here

Imagine A Woman

I am behind in reading the posts on this blog and checking the links for progress reports, photos, etc. I enjoy it immensely and try to take a tour every day of all the new creations. When I am not able to get here for a few days - it seems I fall so far behind, but find the catch up so much fun. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours reading posts, checking blogs... Wow, what a wonderful way to spend a few hours. I am so inspired and touch by so many of the pieces, the feelings that go into them and even the struggles that have been overcome. I do not know that I can quite articulate it in a way that adequately describes the feelings evoked. It is a good thing for sure - that I recognize. And it feels so big. So many wonderful people from so many different places - all the new bloggers (me being one of them). I find it simply awesome.

This has been a wonderful journey for me so far - to watch, and even more to be able to call myself a participant. And to think we are really just at the beginning. I am so excited to see what the rest of the year will hold.

Anyway - the whole point of this post is that I had a thought yesterday while reading the posts - or really more of a feeling regarding this group, I was reminded of a poem I have carried around with me and shared with many of my girlfriends over the years. This seemed the perfect place to share it (sorry Thom, it is about women only).

You can find it here


Second June BJP piece almost done.......

I wasn't going to post any photos until September -- but darn, it is so great looking at all your photos and although my beading no where compares with all the fantastic pieces I have seen, it is mine -- and I love working on these little pieces -- so, if you want to -- and don't mind seeing a relatively new ( 9 months ) beaders work, you can go to my blog and take a peek. Thank to all of you who have shared photos of your lovely work.
Beadin' Gram

BJP July Progress #3

I keep trying to pace myself, but I'm just so excited about trying out new techniques that I can't seem to slow down. Here's my latest update.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I've updated my blog. I've completed my June page and started my July page. You can check it out here.

I'm loving everyones posts and pictures. I've had a rough couple of weeks so I haven't had a chance to post comments lately. But things are settling down some now so I'll be adding my praises!!


Jean's blog

Check my blog that I started over on
my original June page project. Click
Jean U. ( Wi ) on the left side bottom.

Ode to BJP

Sunshine, tiny gleaming beads,
Bring to life thoughts, ideas
Sharing world wide passion and pain
Unity of spirit is what we gain

Thunderstorms, needle and thread
This Bead Journal get into your head,
Evolve, learn, laugh, cry,
Will someone please ask "Robin, Why?"

Spring, Fall, Autumn too,
We've come so far, you knew,
Don't look back that's not you
Stand tall look ahead,
What a view!


Just a little something that hit me whilst beading today - Dinah

Choosing the first bead

For Robin and those who do improvisational bead embroidery, do you start with an idea or a selection of beads and then go from there listening to your inner self. How do you choose your first bead? Do you look through your stash and just pick? Does this make sense? I guess I'm wondering if you have an idea to start with and then collect the beads for that? Do you work with a palatte (sp) of colors and just go? Thanks

Monday, July 9, 2007

July Page Started

I've posted an update on my blog. It contains a picture so some of you won't want to look. I'm hoping people can tell what it is although it is in pretty early stages yet.

I still haven't read everyone's blogs. I know not everyone has one but still, I haven't found time to read all that there are. Most of the blogs have soo much to share. It is so fun. I am learning and enjoying. I don't think you could have done better than to gather this bunch together, Robin.

On to July

The bead work on June's page was finished this past weekend. A picture is posted on my blog. I am spending way too many hours exploring all the wonderful projects. I am learning so much from all of you. Thank you!

The ideas for the July page are developed enough for me to start work. This time I am not going to cover the whole 7 by 7 inch square with beads, but use fabric in the design. Another new venture!

June BJP Page

Hi Wonderful BJPers...

After quite an inner debate, I decided to go ahead and post my June page on my blog, along with a picture of the back of it and some tips/thoughts about finishing techniques. I respect and admire those who are holding back until September, so if you're one, please don't go to my blog for a while.

Speaking of September, shall we have a gala celebration on the BJP Blog at that time... All of us posting our June, July and August pieces? Wouldn't that be phenomenal eye candy??? What if we do it on the week of September 15 - 20? I'm thinking it would be a delicious treat for everybody!!!!! What do you think?

Robin A.

July Page

After a very rough start, I've started a page I'm happier with. I left the page I was quite unhappy with posted so that I can remember what not to do in the future. And Robin, I just can't seem to get away from using my beloved straight pins. My blog is here.

July Progress Report #2

I swear I'm trying to pace myself. Honest. But this stuff is so addictive. The beading. the blogging, the reading, the sharing. I've been late for more things than I care to admit, and never been happier.

Progress here.

I'm back and on track!

G'Day Everyone,
Oh, how I've missed reading these pages, but I banned myself till I had finished my June Page. I've also started July so am back on track. July will be much easier for me now with my daylight lamp and also it's not as involved as my June page.
Sorry but you'll have to wait until September to see mine. Not being shy or anything it's just that I have decided that each quarter will be a theme in itself and would like them to be viewed together.
I've picked up some great ideas from you all just reading the posts. Hopefully I will be using them in my work. The sequins are already out, ready to go on.
Oh and just in keeping with me not showing you my work, I haven't looked at yours, as I feel that wouldn't be fair but I am finding it hard as there are so great comments making it hard to resist. Think I'll need a month to look at them all.
I'll be off now to do some more beading. Talk again soon
Dinah - Nospoj

Inner Battle

I mentioned in my blog that I had gone on a bead hunt and my beads jumped out at me. They are nice green-blue in color. I also bought red-orange seed beads in 3 sizes to go with them. Now that I’ve put the larger beads on, my brain said no to the red-orange beads. But then I want to use them but then I don’t. The inner battle of life. I started putting down sequins with other green-blue beads and pale yellow, which I used for the stamens in the flowers. I like it but the red-orange battle continues. Do I just do it? and live with the consequences? My friend told me I could never make anything ugly. Hum, what to do, what to do. Maybe I didn’t put the red-orange down because another friend said "Oh, I wouldn’t put them together". Does anyone else go through this kind of thinking? Should I take the sequins off or should I just keep going? This project is definitely a learning experience in more ways than one.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Bringing up the Rear

Bringing up the rear is Beverly from No Easy Beads. I too got a late start with my June BJP. Everything moves slow in the south and I am no exception. I couldn't keep myself from looking at everyone's finished pages. Each morning with my coffee I would find myself rushing to the bead journal blog to read and visit everyone's enteries. Such wonderful pieces of Bead Art! I finished my June page this afternoon. I used special beads I got from my sister and friends. My objective with this project is to use special beads I picked up in my travels and beady treasures that were gifts. I am not sure yet where July will take me. I have another deadline to met before I can get started on it. Thanks Robin for putting the BJP together. I am honored to be a part of this project


Ah-ha! I went on the Blogger help forum and found the answer to using the title window when posting. I'm sure Blogger will get it fixed soon enough, but in the meantime, this is how you enter your title:

Hover the cursor at the top of the window, slightly crossing the top margin of the window and slightly toward the right of the left margin. Move the cursor around this area until you see the "ok to type indicator" in the window.

Robin A.

June Page Update in July!

Hi all you beaders! I am still working away on my June page--partly due to my traveling so much during June. However, I am Ok with still working on June--in July! as I realized that some of my journal pages will (hopefully) have less beading than this one--and so will not take as long to finish. I decided it is ok for me to have some overlapping projects some months--as long as I finished twelve in a year. You can peek at my progress here---it is about nine tenths completed now--aiming to have it done next week;-)

My brain is fried from beading with 15's. I just posted on the wrong blog. My new page start can be seen on my blog: http://sharedstuffbyarline.blogspot.com/ . You can see the explanation for the page there. Must get back to those tiny beads.

Progress Update.

Here is a link to my blog update. I really had fun with the June page and July is progressing nicely. You'll all be surprized with June as I didn't do what I first started out doing! I've got to finish working on my project for Beading For a Cure. Here is a work in progress picture:

This project is a kit that as a member of All About Beads, I purchased. Then I create something with the kit and mail it to the great volunteers who take awesome pictures and then auction them off. The money goes to Layne's Legacy - to fight colorectal cancer.
This is the first year I joined and I'm nervous! I'll be focusing on this for the next little while!
Cheers, Denise

Adhesive for Timtex?

Since I'm attaching found objects to my journal pages, I'm using Timtex for a stiff backing. I'm wondering what all of you think about using a spray adhesive (like 505 Temporary Fabric Adhesive) to attach the fabric to the backing? I sort of like the idea of NOT having to sew the fabric to the backing....:>} and I also don't want to add an additional bonding layer (like an iron-on). Any advice greatly appreciated!

Christi in WA state

Free Sample of Interleaving Paper!

Would anybody like a free sample of acid-free interleaving paper? It's the paper I use to stabilize my bead embroidery. It even allows me to sew beads on very fine fabrics such as light-weight silks. I draw the shape of my piece on the paper, then baste along the drawn line attaching it to my fabric. The basted line is my guide on the fabric side for sewing the beads. This paper is very easy to sew through, yet keeps the tension even and the work unpuckered. And it's archival. In fact, that's it's normal purpose - to layer between textiles in museum storage systems.

If you'd like to try a sheet of it, please send me a self-addressed, stamped envelope, with the word interleaving printed on it. My address is: Robin Atkins, 837 Miller Road, Friday Harbor WA 98250. You can try it and see how you like it compared to stiff-stuff, hoop or other stabilizing method.

Posted by Robin A.

Hoop la

I was just wondering how many of you use an embroidery hoop vs not use a hoop.

I used to never use a hoop but then began for some reason and now I prefer to embroider with a hoop. For me it's easier to get tension right across the whole piece and I don't catch the long thread on the edges of the fabric quite as much. So there is a little bit less wresting with the whole thing.

When I bead dolls I don't use a hoop because I make a doll form first and the batting seems to help or maybe it's the somewhat rigid form that helps me keep tension even.

So the questions are: Do you use a hoop? How does it help you or how does not using a hoop help you? What are your tips to more even tension?

Inside Out or Outside In?

I've been fascinated by the different ways we all go about putting together our "pages" and how the process can be so different....so a quick question....when you're beading a solid section, do you bead from the inside out or do you outline it first and then fill in the beads?

July Page Started

I have started my page for July. Haven't touched it in a few days. I'm actually reading a book. I don't get to do that very often during the school year. Nothing gets done while I read. Anyway, you can see it at http://heidibeads.blogspot.com/ Keep on beading.

Overdoing beading

When I was exercising this morning, using a resistance band, I heard what I think was a muscle snap in my forearm and it really hurt. I think I've been overdoing the bead embroidery in my excitement to do my journal pages, and the pain is a reminder to take a break. So before this happens to anyone else, please remember to take breaks and gently exercise your arms and fingers so you don't injure them.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Seems like right now I am spending more time SPENDING to get ready than actually spending time DOING.
But that's ok too.

I must admit that checking out some of the work (I do restrain myself from looking at it all !!) has helped me.
You see, I am one of those folks that feels the need to cover the entire surface. Seeing what other people are working gives me the courage to leave some space unbeaded.
July's page is well on it's way. I kept getting a picture in my head that just wouldn't go away. Even though this is totally different from June, it's fun working on it.

It's been a pleasure reading all the blogs and seeing the beautiful beadwork. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who has doubts about their work. I love the comments on my work as well as on the other pages. I've always been reluctant to try to have my work published, but doing this project is giving me the courage to step up to the plate and give it a try. It will never happen if I don't try.


I Knew It Would Be Dangerous...

... to go looking at what other people have done for their Bead Journal Pages! I've lost track of the hours I've spent ogling the great beadwork out there in blogland. But what great eye candy!

I have begun my page for July. It will be very interesting to see how it develops as I have no clue where it's coming from or where it's headed. This may be one of those pieces that I understand only after I've completed it. I haven't had much experience with that phenomenon so far. There's learning (a new technique or whatever), and then there's learning (about oneself)!

Robin, I admire your ability and willingness to visit individual participants and leave comments on their work. I appreciate your time and commitment.

Sue in western WA

CC's gone Cliche!

OK...here's my update for those who are looking! Everyone's work looks so incredible! I love all the diversity in style! Fun!
With aloha,

Beading July

My July's page is coming along, if you want to check out my progress so far it is here. (July BJP Journal). I have gotten a little further along that my posts show. I played with putting my photos on different surfaces this month and once again am learning a lot.

I have pretty much finished my journal booklet for June and you can check it out here if you want. (June BJP Journal)

I would like to thank everyone for all of the support and wonderful comments. It is good to get feedback on what I am doing.

I would really like to thank everyone who is sharing their progress on their blogs, I love watching a piece come together and seeing how beading helps all of us deal with things, learn about ourselves and share ourselves with the world. For those who are feeling uncertain about sharing their work, don't be I have yet to see a comment that was less than positive and it will make you feel stronger about your work when you get glowing comments. Don't think your work has to be perfect to share, none of us are perfect and we all have times when we are unsure about our pieces.

Keep up the great work everyone, Thanks for sharing this wonderful journey with me, Angie

Turns Out I Wasn't Really Finished

Here's the final final June page. I figured out how to straighten my diagonal lines and... You can see it here.

Friday, July 6, 2007

June page finished

I finished my page. I know if I had not gone away I would have finished during June. I have not started my July page but know what I will be doing. Here is my blog, please take a look.

P.S. Beads on the Vine was great. I will post pictures of finished projects.

Stitching Question

I have a question for you more experienced bead embroiderers. I'm using a double strand of Silamide, knotted together at the end. The problem I'm having is sometimes the two strands of thread do not pull through to the surface of my work at the same rate, leaving a loop of one strand on the back which, of course, I don't notice until I've reached what I think is the end of my thread and I turn the work over to knot off. I'm sure it's got something to do with the way I hold or manipulate the needle/thread, but does anyone know of a way to avoid this?

Sue in western WA

Finishing Edges

When I began my June page for the BJP, I decided that one way to challenge myself was to make my standard format an irregular shape. I did that, not really thinking through what it meant in terms of finishing the edges. So, even though I'm really happy with my page for June, I'm trying to find some better ways to finish irregular edges on future pages. (My blog should be up and running with photos of pages later this summer.) Any advice? For June's page, I did a combination of back stitch and then couching the bead thread and running additional rounds of thread through it to get the beads to look the way I wanted them to look. How do other beaders handle finishing the edges of bead embroideries? My background for stitching is cotton quilt fabric fused to a very heavy-duty interfacing (like Stiff Stuff). Thanks for any advice anyone can provide.

On to July's page; I've got it all packed for a trip to northern Michigan, where I hope to get in some good quality beading time along with a little fun in the sun.


I finished my June page yesterday.
Had a bit of camera trouble but overcame that.
You can see it here.
Today I start July's!

A proposito di traduzioni

Avrete notato che continuo a postare in italiano, anche se ci sono molti traduttori in linea.
io uso in genere babel fish, e mi trovo molto bene.
ho notato però che quando qualcuno di voi (e per questa gentilezza, comunque, ringrazio molto) usa il traduttore per parlare con me, sento come se mancasse qualcosa, lo spirito della persona, il sentimento.
chiedo a tutti di parlare con me nella propria lingua perchè amo "sentire" in qualche modo il cuore delle persone attraverso le parole, anche se non sono in grado di capire tutto benissimo.
io cercherò di scrivere frasi brevi in modo da essere il più chiara possibile.

vi ringrazio ancora per la gentilezza che mi fate traducendo le vostre frasi per me e la pazienza che mostrate nel voler leggere i miei post,
ciao, matilda.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

June done and July started

This is my first post here, although I've read all the posts to date. What an experience it has been to work on this project so far. I've really enjoyed seeing all the different pages for June.

My page started as a result of anger and frustration. I decided to pour all my feelings into it. I used colors that I don't usually use and as I worked, my negative feelings dissipated to a great degree. I felt like "Rage" was the right title for it.

I've started on July and it will be totally different in style and feeling. Maybe that's because I feel differently now. Good therapy!

You can see my work on my blog at: http://sharedstuffbyarline.blogspot.com/

Detail Shots Now Up

Robin asked for a closer shot of the center of my June journal quilt. DH was happy to oblige, and now there are three on my blog under the post, "Helpmates Revisited." (The original post about this page is under the heading, "Body & Spirit: Helpmates.")

Sue in western WA

Thoughts and June pic

I am not from a quilting background, so I don't really know a lot about Journal Quilting. I went back to my old issue of Quilting Arts (Fall 2006) and read Maria Elkins' article about her experiences with Journal Quilting, hoping to get some insight. Of course, she addressed things I was currently struggling with in the Bead Journal Project. One of the most important points was: Don't be afraid to fail. Of course "fail" has a different meaning for each of us and one person's "fail" is another's great creation.... And so many great things have come from failures or mistakes, so why do we agonize over this? She also said every piece you make doesn't have to be a masterpiece. It is pretty unrealistic to believe, especially when you are trying new things, that you will always be inspired and always be at your best at any given time, i.e. all year long for the Bead Journal Project, for instance. She also said that she wishes someone had told her to just play and have fun. Isn't that when you are the most creative, when you are relaxed and open-minded?

It is with these thoughts in mind that I begin the July project. Oh, and you can see my June project here.

~Lin Moon

2 questions

I've looked on blogger info, but haven't found this. How do you set up your photo so that it will open in a new screen as a larger picture? Nothing happens when I click on my photos on my blog.

Second, how do you get that lovely printed background behind your blog? Is it part of a template or something you add yourself?

Thanks for the help!

BJP July Progress Report #1

Everyone's blogs are so interesting, and the finished and nearly finished June pages are an inspiration. I find the pages that talk about the artists' ways of working, of process, the most interesting of all. I had a few days off for the Independence Day holiday and got right to work on my July page. My first progress report for July is here.

June page done with photo

Click here to see my June page. It's a bit of a surprise. This whole process is really fun!

June....Wrapped it up

and put it in a special box just last night. It feels good to have completed the first month, even if a few days late. If you would like to take a look, you can find it here. As this was my first attempt, I see lots of things I can work on improving, but I am just so thrilled to have actually completed it. I already have good images in my mind of what July is to bring and have my material and a large assortment of beads picked out. I am looking forward to getting home from work tonite and starting on it.

I also wanted to add a thank you to everyone for sharing their experiences along the way. One of the best parts of my day is to sign on the computer at work in the morning and browse the latest posts and take a look at everyone's progress.

Hugs, Trilly

Finished June

I've not posted before, mainly I just lurk in the background. I'd prefer to bead over writing. But anyways, I have finished my June page and you can see it here
http://madchiwawadesigns.blogspot.com/ I' think this a wonderful idea and I just love looking at everyone's pages. So many different ideas. It's so much fun.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


After several failed attemps Robin finally got me posting access. I am just a beginner at bead embroidery and just had the BEST time working on my June page - I found myself getting up at 5 in the morning just to have a bit of beading time before I went to the office. I'm still sorting through beads and fabric thinking about July, but June is on my blog
Even though I haven't had posting access, I've been reading along with you all and enjoying your company.

Thanks for having me.

On to July!

Well, July is truly upon us, and I am still finishing my June journal piece. I am learning a lot as I work, and I am having fun! My project is probably too large, but I have always worked larger than most, so it's in keeping for a "journal". I was pausing for a bit to wait for more beads...... I live in a remote place and there is no good source of beads here. July is getting started in my head, but I am going on an excursion to buy beads this week, so will wait to start it!
I am truly enjoying reading your blogs and seeing the projects as they present themselves. I am in awe! So much talent! Thanks for sharing this journey with us all, Robin! What a treat!

Hola y'all from Albaturkey

Or Alba-quirky? ;-) Thank you, Robin, for giving me access to post. I might not have time to keep up with all 200+ of us but hopefully will be able to come up for air once a month or so as we finish our bead journalling. I did manage to get June done, and it's posted on my blog:


There are pictures, so if you don't want to see, don't click the link!

Mary Tafoya

The question of Journaling

I always fall in love with the beauty of a new journal and have many with only three to four pages written on. The idea is strong in the beginning and sometime along the way I feel exposed. In looking back the journals started they are at painful times in my life. I did start a blog with the BJP but have not opened it for general viewing. That's telling isn't it?
We are almost completed with construction on a home in the Baja and this journal will show and tell the progress for the next year. I have left my fabric larger than the beaded portion and plan on using them as a page in a hand bound journal I learned in Robin's painted papers class. I will add pictures throughout the year and notes ( a promise to myself). I will try Robins idea's maybe I will change my ways. June is complete and July started. Only problem my daughter in-law thinks it should be out where it can be viewed and not in a closed book. I'll have to think that through.

Writing Personal Poems from Your Journal Pages

In response to a request from Vicki, I'm going to write a little about how I "journal."

I often write poems several times during the process of beading each piece. The purpose is to get in touch with what my heart is saying through the work of my hands. Writing these poems by-passes my intellect, the analytical and controlling part of me, and gets to the core of who I really am at heart. I don't try to write "proper poetry" (whatever that is)... rather, I call them personal poems.

Here's one way to write personal poems: Sit with your piece for a few moments, absorbing the details of it. Write a list of ALL the words and phrases that pop into your mind as you look at it and at your beads and other materials. Circle the phrase that seems the MOST COMPELLING to you. Write "I am ____________." Fill in the blank with the word (or phrase) you circled. That's the first line of a poem about yourself. Write it using some or all of the other words and phrases in your list.

Here's one other suggestion to try: After sitting with your piece for a while, write this sentence: "One thing I don't want to tell you about is ______________." Again, this is the first line of a poem, inspired by your art, about you.

Is this interesting to anybody? Does anyone want to share a personal poem they've written about their piece?

A Request for Robin

Robin, I noticed that you have told about your way of journaling in response to some recent posts on individual blogs. I wondered if you would make a BJP post about this for those who might not read through all the responses to the blogs? And it would be interesting to read others' journaling techniques as well, if you would mind to make a BJP post as well. Thanks Robin and all!

Invitation to Publish

I just received a request from Rebekah Wills, contributing editor of Jewelry Crafts Magazine, to do an article about the BJP. I hope you're all ok with me saying "yes" to her.

She would like to include one or more pictures of our work so far. If you have a good quality, high resolution picture of your completed June page and would like to see it published, please email me to let me know. You will need to put it on a CD in tiff format, and mail it to Rebekah in the next few days as the deadline for ready-to-print is July 31.

If anyone has an objection to this article, please let me know immediately!

Posted by Robin.

Happy 4th of July!

Hi All,
This is my first post as I sometimes do things backward! I finished the June page of my bead journal and posted it on my blog. This is another first to start a blog. I love what you folks have been doing with your journals. Totally amazing work. There are as many styles as there are beaders. The link to my blog is here.


A little doll between pages

I started on this doll after I finished up the June page and before I started on my July page. I named him Blue Moon. I don't often name my dolls, but this one has special meaning for it's recipient - hence the name.

He is about 4 inches from left point to right point. The muslin form was made by Monica Magness, the polymer clay face by Jen Martin.

Now I'm off to begin adding beads to my July page...

written journal...

I notice a lot of people are making pockets for the back of their beaded journal pieces, or starting a journal for the project. How many people are doing this? How many people are avid journalers to start with? I used to fill up notebooks with journaling, I even taught journaling classes. But for this project I decided to let the beads be the journal, and whatever thoughts I have I just let them swirl around in my mind, or in a spiral of beads.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Pagina di giugno finita

finalmente finita.
certo si notano tanti difetti ed errori, rispetto alle altre è poca cosa, ma chi volesse vederla la trova qui.
ciao, matilda


Hi everyone! Happy July! I've been looking through magazines, books and web sites and I have noticed sequins used with beads in bead embroidery. Are these the regular sequins that you can buy at a fabric store or are they different? I think I know how I would sew them on but, I'm not sure when I would use them. Any ideas? Thanks

Checkin' In

Hey All,

I finished my June journal page on the 29th of June and have it and its' story posted on my blog here. Now I'm trying to figure out what to do for July...

Sue in western WA

Working on June and July!

I still haven't finished June's project but it is well underway. I decided not to do actual pages but to do a stuffed beaded doll for each month. I am not quite sure how I am going to display them but am thinking some kind of a wire tree to hang each month from. If that fails, they will each hang from a wire ornament stand.

I have already picked out the pattern I am going to use for July and have started sorting through my beads for just the right ones. I need to decide which color fabric I am going to use and dig it out. The funny part is that the dolls are completely covered in beads and you can't see the fabric but I still have to find the fabric that is "just right". Silly I guess

My time will become much more my own after the middle of August so I will be able to devote more time to the project then and will be more caught up.

I have actually made 2 entries in my journal which is a milestone for me because I have never kept a journal, not so much as a diary when I was younger. I have no idea why since I always enjoyed writing but my guess would be that I always have/had my nose in a good novel and didn't take the time to actually write instead of read - LOL!

Not quite done!!

Hi! I've been enjoying people's work so much this last month. You're all such an inspiration.

Alas, I haven't finished my June project yet. I've had my geriatric mother and a 15 year old son who's out of school to deal with this month, along with other extended family events, so nothing got done at the pace I wanted it to. But...summer's my busy time and the rest of the year I should be more reliable.

Having always kept a written journal, I'm using the project as a way to express some things visually that I have been writing about in my journal. I have two other pages mapped out as well. Anyway, I'm farther along than my last blog entry would indicate, so I'll take another picture and post that later.

Thanks for being such an inspiration!

June Project

Jackson Harbor, Washington Island, Wi.

This is my first post here. My name is Jean Upton
from Wisconsin. I finished my June project last
Wednesday but I did not have time to post my
picture in my blog : //jeansbeads.blogspot.com
I was gone for 4 days vacation last weekend.

Monday, July 2, 2007

My Garden of Beads

wow I just thought maybe I already posted, working in hot temps can do that to you, anyway I did mostly finish what I started & you can see it here http://beads4jody.blogspot.com/ Right now I have no idea what July will bring, but I have been thinking of lines...whatever that means. Hopefully I can get started in another day or so. Enjoying the beaded journal from TorC, NM

To everyone

I would just like to say how much I am enjoying all the work on the blogs. I keep thinking I must add a comment here but then something distracts me and the moment is gone. So this is for everyone, the work I have seen so far has been amazing and aspiring.

I am still plodding on with my June piece but have already started thinking and drawing about July. Come the end of August I will have a lot more time on my hands.

Loving all the advice from all the expert hands, keep it coming its brilliant.

June Done! And July Underway :)

I finally finished my June page! Only a little late ..... but due to a happy caffeine accident, I ended up being able to start on my July page on the same day too!

I'm working a little backwards on the July one, beading a separate component to be attached to the card stock later, but I'm really learning a lot! I love making beaded crosses and knew they would show up sooner or later in my BJP pages :)

I had a number of "learning experiences" with methods to unite the Lacy's Stiff Stuff and ultrasuede and could use some ideas. Love your thoughts!

For those in the US - Have a happy Fourth!

June page

Just finished up this morning and wanted to share. Visit my blog here.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Italiano, Deutsch, Francais, Espanol!

I hope I spelled all those languages correctly. I couldn't pull up the tranlator emblem like I wanted so am just putting the link here. If you need to translate a page or blog you can do it through this site. They have links to add to your blog to make it easier.

Spero che abbia ortografato correttamente tutte quelle lingue. Non potrei tirare su l'emblema di tranlator come ho desiderato in modo da che mette appena il collegamento qui. Se dovete tradurre una pagina o un blog potete farli attraverso questo luogo. Hanno collegamenti da aggiungere al vostro blog per renderlo più facile.

Ich hoffe, daß ich alle jene Sprachen richtig buchstabierte. Ich könnte nicht das tranlator Emblem hochziehen, wie ich also morgens wünschte, welches gerade hier die Verbindung setzt. Wenn Sie eine Seite oder ein blog übersetzen müssen, können Sie es durch diesen Aufstellungsort tun. Sie haben die Verbindungen, zum Ihrem blog hinzuzufügen, um es einfacher zu bilden

J'espère que j'ai orthographié toutes ces langues correctement. Je ne pourrais pas tirer vers le haut l'emblème de tranlator comme je voulais ainsi AM mettant juste le lien ici. Si vous devez traduire une page ou un blog vous pouvez le faire par cet emplacement. Ils ont des liens à ajouter à votre blog pour le faciliter.

Espero que deletreara todas esas idiomas correctamente. No podría levantar el emblema del tranlator como deseé así que apenas que ponía el acoplamiento aquí. Si usted necesita traducir una página o un blog usted puede hacerlo a través de este sitio. Tienen acoplamientos a agregar a su blog para hacerlo más fácil.

I hope this helps everyone.

Introduction, and my June offering

I haven't posted here before, but having finished my June piece and being well underway with the July one, I thought I had better say something!

I live in Melbourne, Australia, and dabble in all sorts of textile art. I discovered bead embroidery about 18 months ago and it has rapidly become one of my favorite 'things'. I am studying for a Diploma of Textile Arts and I;m halfway through the second year (which is, incidentally, halfway through the course).

After eighteen months of having design principles drummed into my head, I wanted to use a totally intuitive approach to this project. After some thought I decided that each month I would buy a piece of felt (I discovered last year that felt is fantastic to bead onto), choosing the colour that leapt out at me at the time, which would depend on how my mood at that point. I would then choose a colour palette that I liked with that colour, tip it all into a tray, and start beading. No design planning, just let the beads speak to me. (OK, so those design lessons haven't gone completely to waste - I now instinctively choose colours based on my studies of colour theory! Though the intuitive choosing of the felt is genuinely intuitive - in fact for July I picked a colour I never use, it just jumped out at me and matched my mood at the time).

Another sign that the design lessons have sunk in - I decided that the various pieces would need an integrating element, so each one will have a small tag with a word emgraved on it, again suiting my mood for the month. I bought a whole pile of them at the beginning and so I have plenty to choose from.

June's piece is on display on my blog. Now on with July's - I picked the felt colour a couple of days early, and sat down last night and really beaded away furiously for three hours and have done the majority of it!

This is Most Magical!

Hello everyone!

hand-dyed fabric by Robin Atkins, bead artist
I'm back home after a week in St. Paul, MN and a week in Chicago, IL ~ hot, humid, stormy weather (yuk) in both places, but good people and happy times.

Visiting my wonderful, 90-year old Mom for the first week, I had time to complete my June BJP page. Mom says it doesn't look like anything I've ever done before. Good! So hopefully it's a stretch.... Haven't decided if I'll post pictures on my blog or not... Maybe I'll wait until September.

The second week in Chicago, I taught for the North Suburban Needlearts Guild ~ bead embroidery, spirit dolls, and woven treasure necklace ~ GREAT students, all who worked very intensely creating excellent work!

A Chicago highlight for me ~ 0ne evening, after dinner, a couple of students in Ann Johnston's 5-day fabric dyeing/painting class invited me to join them and try my hand at painting dyes on some fabric. I jumped at the chance, and dyed (and went to heaven!) until 10:30 that night!!!! I want to do more of this ~ definitely want to take the workshop from Ann ~ definitely will use some of this fabric for BJP pages!!! You can see one of them at the top of this post ~ see more on my blog.

Had a good trip, but am so glad to be home. Spent 3 hours this morning reading BJP blog and following links to your June pages. GOOD WORK!!!!! OMG... they are sooooooo fabulous-magical! I am IMPRESSED, big time!

If you haven't finished your June page yet, don't be blue... just make it a priority and get to work! If you have to, downsize to make finishing more realistic. The first month is so important ~ once you pass that mark, you'll sail through the other 11 months with much more ease.

Blessings to you all... Robin