Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bead Journal Forum

After reading Robin's post about encouraging us to post comments to the blog, and the subsequent comments about how that isn't the easy train of conversation to follow, I started a forum for all of us.

I already have a forum on Delphi, so I am very familiar with how they work. I contemplated starting a Yahoo Group, but this way our sharing isn't as private, we would have the opportunity to invite other friends to come see what's going on with this project without the worry of having to make them an official "member".

I'll try to find some time to add images and make the colors more appealing, but I am also trying to get ready to exhibit at the Bead & Button Show. Shawn, the hubby, needs to leave in our truck no later than Saturday morning, and I fly out with the rest of the employees on Tuesday. Sooooo...if I don't get it all gussied up before I leave, I promise to do so as soon as I return.

I'll also send invites to everyone listed on left, so everyone knows what's going on.

To post to a Delphi forum, you just need to sign up (no need to worry, they keep your personal information totally confidential) and then post away. Nothing tricky about it.

Here is a link to the forum itself:
and here is a link to the Delphi membership page in case you'd like to pay for something more than the basic plan. (not needed to post)

~ Beki


Robin said...

Beki ~ Thanks! It's really great that you started this for those members who like to communicate through a forum!

Because of time limits, I'll probably stick with our blog as the official group communication system. And, there's good news! I think the issue of comment notification will soon be resolved!

Denise said...

I love the forums! They make for great communication! Thanks for getting this going Beki, Of course, I'll be checking the blog and other peoples blogs and if I don't have time to bead, well, someone might wanna kick me off the computer!!
Cheers, Denise

beadnik said...

Cool, Beki! Looks like with this many participants, the more avenues of communication that are available, the better. Cheers! Sarah

Beki said...

Hi Robin,
I am hoping having the forum and the blog don't separate our social moments or opportunities to share!

I am just so familiar with forums and find the lines of communication are much easier to follow as a new window doesn't need to open to see what folks are talking about regarding any given subject.

You're also able to add images and links easily in your replies to a post on forums. And the topics remain a static link in the menu bar, so there is no need for tags.

However, my main goal would be to keep us all together as a group for this project, or at least those of us who wish to stay in contact via the Internet.

That said, if you are more comfortable with the Blog environment, then we should stick here. =o)

~ Beki