Sunday, September 30, 2007

Spring has sprung Downunder!

G'Day Beaders,
I've been very busy this past month. After making the big decision to sidestep August I'm pleased to announce that my September page is finished and posted on the Flickr site.
It's Springtime here but feels like mid summer already. Today here is 30 Degrees Celsius, which is 86 Degrees Fahrenheit yep very hot!
I've spent the day setting up the rest of my pages ready to be beaded and also done a bit more to August but it still has a way to go. Will attempt to finish it alongside October.
Sorry to see that some of us have dropped out but nice to be able to Welcome the brave souls that have stepped up to replace them.
I'd like to be able to see all the completed pages on Flickr as I just don't have the time to jump round the net visiting all the blogs (hint! Hint!)
Talk again soon

Finished August page

Hi all... I just finished my August page. I'm particularly proud of this one. Some of you have read about how I'm using images from my late mother's sketchbook. My mom loved lions, and August was her birthday month, so I had to do a lion for August.

Officially Behind

Well, it looks like I'm officially behind two months...... how can it be?? My August page is 85% complete and my September page is 10% started. Doesn't that make me 95% done??? Oh well, I will get caught up this month I promise, I have taken on a new project for Church that will be finished next Sunday and it has occupied a lot more of my time than I anticipated.

My August page will be finished this week, and I will post pictures as soon as it happens.

Happy Fall to everyone,

How to attach stones?

Greetings fellow beaders ~ I'm hoping some of you will share a few tips with me about how to attach stones to my pages? I've been noticing on many of your blogs that you use cabachons (sp?), found stones, etc. and I can't figure out how you attach them. I have a couple of small beach stones that I want to include on my pages, but I'm not sure the best way to secure them. I am using a nice, stiff Timtex backing, so I know it will hold them. I've thought about putting seed bead "lassos" around them but I know there must be alternatives to this (which covers up the stone faces quite a bit). Any suggesstions?

Thanks so much,
Christi in WA state

have to leave

Sorry, all for posting here, but i think i have to be given the boot! I've let my project slide as i have so much going on and have had no time to really work on it. I'll continue to drool over photos and links, but i'm out of the Project. Sigh.......
And if this posts thre times, blame Blogger!!!

October BJP: Beginnings

Happily, I had a little extra time in the last few days to get back to work on the BJP. My page for October is underway and can be viewed here.

It's interesting to me how so many of us have recently been thinking about mermaids and fishes and all things aquatic. Maybe something in the water?

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Finally something to share

My July page is finally done & you can see it here

Boy nothing like bringing up the rear LOL but better late than never as 'they' say

October page started

Even though I seem to have a block about finishing my September page, it doesn't seem to have affected my ability to do other things. I started my October page and you can see it on my blog: It's been fun to work on so far.

I am in awe of all the wonderful artwork I've seen since we started the Journal. I learn something new everytime I look at a new page that someone has finished. Reading the blogs and learning the why behind each page is really interesting too.


september's finished

You can read about it here.

Friday, September 28, 2007

September is DONE! Yahoo!

I'd like to thank some helper bees for getting me thru' this month. It was a hard one to work on improvisationally! But you can see it here!
With aloha,
CC, WYSIWYG extraordinaire!


I am almost finished with the Leaves of Change. I want to add one more thing. But you can see the second leaf that I finished here.

Thank you

I am one of the "no longer unofficial" members. I took a workshop with Robin not long after the closing date for this project and I totally fell in love with bead embroidery. I always wonder where the ideas come from but once I pick up something to start working, the rest of the ideas just keep flowing.

I have already finished June, July & September. August is in the works but it requires a lot of dark beads so I can only work on it when the lighting is good. October will also be a little late as I will be traveling to Hong Kong, Amsterdam & London. But as you can see from my July piece, I'm sure I will be able to find some interesting pieces to bring to the beadwork.

Thank you to all of you for allowing me to official participate. The work that everyone does is absolutely fantastic. So inspiring & everyone seems to have a different take on it all, which makes is so interesting.

Night Beader finished Sept. BJP

I finally finished one page of the BJP. It is for September, I know I still have June, July & August to make up. I was inspired by jewelry artist: Margaux Lange, she takes pieces from Barbie dolls and makes necklaces, earrings, etc.

I wanted to try my hand at a beaded version. She is pretty in pink and is a "Barbie" knock-off purchased at the local 99¢ store. I used seed beads, miliforie beads, bugle beads and loads of sequins. Hope you all enjoy the trial even if you don't like pink or barbie dolls - still fun to make.

Beadily yours
Susan Feldkamp
Night Beader

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Attention... Unofficial Members!!!!

As you may have already gathered, there was a unanimous vote in favor of changing the status of unofficial BJP participants to OFFICIAL members!!!!

So, please welcome: Sunni W (NM), Denise H (IL) and Cindy K (IL)! Hooray! We're happy to have you on board!

* * * * * * * *

I know for certain that Sunni, Denise and Cindy are actively doing their monthly pages. But what about others? I don't want to overlook anybody, and initially quite a number of people said they would be doing it unofficially.

Are YOU one? If you are currently "unofficial," and would like to take the place of somebody who has quit the project, please email me. There are spaces available if you've been keeping up and have finished at least three pieces.

Robin A.

Bead Embroidery as Therapy

This is a bit unusual for a BJP post, but I really must direct your attention to this blog. Tracy is not a BJP member, but I just love this first piece of hers. Plus, if you know me and my book (One Bead at a Time), you know that I believe whole heartedly in the theraputic power of improvisational bead embroidery. Tracy's work is one of the best examples I've ever seen of this. How can this not help her heal???

Robin A.

My September page is done

My newest "full moon" page is finished: it's the sturgeon moon of August. No, I'm not a month behind, I just like to do the previous month's moon each time :-)

Like the others, it is postcard sized - 4x6 inches - and this one uses some fabric that I marbled many many moons ago!

August finished out of order!

I finished my August page at long last with the addition of my dragon fly fluttering on the center of stacks of brown beads with stars on the top! I am really having fun with this! Each month I have been moving a little more into the three dimensional realm, and it's so much fun! I can just see my May page.... it will be fully three dimensional and realistic-- higher than wide! LOL!
So now I am working on my October page... I meant to do October in an autumn tone, but this geranium with a busy bee captured my imagination. I am working on ruffles on the edges. It's really fun and it's another step OFF the page to three dimensionality!

September BJP

Hello Everyone,

Just a short note to let you know that I have completed my September page, which you can see on Flickr or here. This piece talks about a special event I shall be attending this week-end. I'm very proud of myself as I've managed to put more beads on the page that on the previous ones, hurray !

I wish to say that this BJP journey is proving very fruitful for me. This project, so far, has propelled me into finally doing what I 'd wanted to do for years ; playing with beads and fabrics and pictures and anything that I like ;o)

I've also enrolled in a beading class thanks to the BJP, and generally I have made tremendous progress. Well, I was starting from a very modest position so, the good thing is, progress comes fast for beginners ;o)

More important, I've been filling my life with sparkles of joy, and I've been fuelling my self esteem and inner balance...

Well, what else can I say apart from thank you so much, Robin, and thank you to all fellow BJP members, for the support, encouragement, and good example, thank you for making my jaws gap and stimulating me !

Have a nice day, hugs,


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Side-tracked by knitting

As usual--my "startitis" took over and I have the August bead journal page started---then I started a couple of knitting projects, sewed some bags (BYOB=bring your own bag---to the grocery store), and the beadwork languishes. I always have several projects going--but for some reason I am having a hard time getting back into the beading--any suggestions? I even was feeling a tad guilty--so haven't been reading this blog much ;-) but really do look everyday at the beading all layed out in a convenient spot in my studio--then pick up the sock I'm knitting--oh dear! If you are interested, you may check out my blog to see all the other things I have been doing--instead of beading ;-) here.

The Leaves of Change BJP Barrette

Well I have gotten one of my leave done. Read how this barrette has actually become real for us this month. You can view the barrette here.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Up to date with September

Hi all - I finally got to the point to show some pieces. I'm making a pillow, where each month's piece is part of a spiral. The spiral is not exactly like I planned it, but it'll work just fine. My pieces are on my site at:

You can click on a piece and a page telling about it will come up.

I see that others are doing pages for a book. I was going to do this, as I really like the idea. But I didn't know how to bind the pages together so I'm making a pillow. It turns out I just took a book binding class and learned the Link Stitch, so I could have made a book. Oh well, maybe next time.

Take care and have a beady good day... Karen L. Cohen

A Start to September

Well, I finally figured out how to post my photos to the Flickr page. Yay! I've also started my September page, entitled "Goddess of the Harvest". Well, that's the title so far. Let's see how she evolves. You may see the start here. And now a whole evening free for beading!
Hi all,
I have completed June and July! Ohh, I am behind but have started August! I have called my journal "Portals" as this endeavor is bringing me to new places and through new doors, windows etc.
Here is a link to my blog:
I will attempt the Flikr page too.
Thanks for looking!
Teresa Sturnfield

Facing a loss

Many, many, long years ago my algebra teacher told me that really good things must be struggled for. He was referring to understanding algebra, but I have found this applies to many other things in life as well.

The theft of a work bag containing my moleskine nearly filled sketches, notes, resources, book titles and hours of contemplation on the Bead Journal project and the partially finished July and September pages has left me stunned. I miss my old moleskine journal; it truly feels as though part of myself has been taken. Thank God, the June page which is worked in nearly solid in mostly #15 beads was in another bag and so was left unharmed.

This past weekend I was finally able to contemplate bead journaling again without a feeling of loss or bitterness. I finished my elephant's body and have finally started a new moleskine. And today I worked up the courage to make this blog entry.

One treasured item that is gone is a red prayer flag from Nepal which I kept tucked in the moleskine pocket. It was a great inspiration. Today, online I found a photo of a La Tho in Tibet taken back in 1936. This will be my new inspiration for the new July page.

September was "mankind's family tree" . I had learned to make little polymer faces to use on it. I am not sure if the new September will be worked this way or not.

Way Behind.....

Hi everyone,
I have fallen way behind due to my vacation, but am hoping to get August completed this week and catch up on September next month. You can check out a few vacation pics on my page here, Trilly. I had the most incredible time at Burning Man and even spent one day at a camp that had beading. They had tray upon tray of beads and I sat in there for a few hours with a couple friends stringing necklaces. It was so much fun to dig through someone else's beads and at the same time was very relaxing in the middle of a hectic week.
Have a great beading week.

Chasing my tail!!! and OT

Hi Everyone

It's way past time that I checked in. I'm running way behind, as usual, but am enjoying the whole process. I just wish life would quit interrupting my stitching. If I would just make up my mind and stick to one idea, I would have the whole year completed already. I have July finished - except for the actual"finishing" and numerous pages in various stages of completion.

And, I've changed my mind yet again!!! I've decided to do cuff bracelets instead of pages. One is almost completed. My problem is there are just way too many techniques I want to try - and I want to try them all RIGHT NOW!!!

On a totally different note, I have a new baby granddaughter as of the 15th - Kieralee Page.

Hugs to all

Shari Masson

Sunday, September 23, 2007


I am making two sets of pages--one set is what I call encrusted beading. The one shown here is for July. The other set is beading on silk fusion paper that I have made.
I have uploaded six photos to flickr, but they appear to be sitting on my site. How do I upload them to the BJP group flickr site?

Hello everybody


I must apologize because I'm terribly late of my pages.

BUT I have finished September's page. If you want to see it, it is on my blog:

The inspiration for my September's page is : vineyards, wine and grapes... Because I'm a lady from the Beaujolais region.

I'm currently working on my June's page...

LOL (Lots of Love) to everyone here
Marylo, la Rêveuse

First Quarter

I have added my photos to the flickr site. June, July and August are available at I struggle with the posting part for both the blog and flickr for to make a hot link rather than having to post this long address. Advice from anyone would be greatly appreciated! Happy beading, Jopat

My August page is finally finished!

First of all, I would like to tell all of you amazingly talented bead artists how very much I enjoy seeing and reading about your work. It is a pleasure I look forward to everyday! My August page is finally finished and you can see it here.

Happy Beading!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sailing the Seven Seas

The journey of the August journal page took longer than I wanted it to. I have it pictured here. I love water and boating, so exploring the seven seas was a good project for me.

The first page in my beadjournal

Go to my flickr and you find this first page in my beadjournal
Ulla in the north of sweden

Friday, September 21, 2007

Playing with September

Happy Aloha Friday all! You can see my September update here. I really appreciate all the help & encouragement with this one. I'm finally starting to play with it & not care about the rules. What a trip! I didn't realize I still followed that many rules! At least in art!

Also, some people have made comments on my blog & I have tried to answer them there. It seems I still haven't figured out how to respond by email to everyone! Oh, well! It's not that I'm ignoring you, it's just that I'm clueless on Kauai!

With aloha,


Thursday, September 20, 2007


I have been working on my barrette some more. You can view it here.

The Inner Critic Does a Dance on My Head

I'm very much a beginner at bead embroidery (I tend to bead more like embellishment than a work in itself) but I finally worked up the courage to put the first two of my pages out there. My mom had a stroke in July so most of my time is going into helping her, but the beading has become my quiet space.

Anyway, here's my June page and my July page. I'm still working on August but I actually get two days at home this weekend, so I have high hopes.

Also, someone sent me an email about something they were doing for Robin. It went to my spam box and I saw it juuuuust as I was deleting my spam for the week. If whoever reads that could send me the message again, I'd appreciate it.

You all do such beautiful work. It's an inspiration just being part of this group.



I have no problem with allowing the unofficial BJP people to join us. That's a yes. Let's see what they are doing. It sounds like they have kept up better than some.
Thanks, everyone for the nice comments on my July piece. Sandy in La Center

**?????** Important Question **?????**

Fact #1 ~ We have several dedicated women who have been doing their BJP pages faithfully, but unofficially (because they didn't know about the project until after the deadline).

Fact #2 ~ We've just been doing a survey of member participation, and have learned that several members have had to drop out of the project.

Question ~ What do you think about the idea of allowing the unofficial members to take the place of the drop outs????? Their status would change to "official" and they could post to our blog and join our Flickr group. Also, they would be able to exhibit/publish their work with us if/when such an opportunity arises.

How do you vote on this one?????

September & fall starts Sunday!

This linke will take you to the latest photo of August

Am planning on looking at some fabric today to decide on the color for September. Strange but my mind is in Fall mode & I have to pull my thoughts back & remember I am about to start the "September Beaded Journal Page".

Happy Birthday Robin

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Dear Robin
We all Love you Too.

Robin, I hope you have a great day. Thanks for all of the encouragement, inspiration, information and Friendship.
And thanks for being my friend,

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Art Nouveau August Page Done

My August page is finished. You can check it out here.

Happy Beading,

Lin Moon

July BJP

I decided that I wanted to try different things each month, so this time I rubber stamped the fabric with paint and a stamp I'd made from a piece of styrofoam. Then I beaded the outline and the interior of just the leaves. Sandy in La Center

September's Start

September's page is on its way.
It is all about Transformation.
See it here.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dogs Rule Too!

Cats aren't the only ones who rule!

While visiting my daughter, I set up a worktable between the beds in her guestroom. It made it very easy for my dog, and hers, to let me know when it was dinner time!! "It's 5 o'clock, do you know where my dinner is"!

I took some pictures of rooms my daughter painted for her family while I was there too. You can see them here.

August Piece

I have just posted my August piece on my blog. Look at the picture but ignore the rant underneath it! It was finished in August but I have only just got round to posting it.
Posted by Picasa


Have been working on the background. I would like some advice on how to do the stem of the leaf. I don't have to keep the stem on the first leaf and plan to make it longer anyway.
See it here.

I've been published

OK I know I just updated yesterday but yesterday's mail brought my first piece to make it into a book. I was so excited I had to share. If you want to see it go here. I also posted a new photo of yesterday's progress on September here.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Anyone there in AK, IL, TX, UK?????


I'm still trying to develop a Contact Tree... a local person in each area to contact BJP members in your own area.

I need one volunteer member for each of these areas:
the United Kingdom

If you are willing to help, please contact me by email at this address. I'll email you a list of the names and contact information to you. Thanks!!!!!

Robin A., your BJP Coordinator

September progress

Wow! After a concerted effort today, I managed to finish my September page and bracelet. (I went a bit minimalist on the bracelet, just to see how that would look and I like it!). Tomorrow I'll try and get the last 2 month's bracelets mounted on their brass blanks. You can see my page here.

Dragonflies, Calm places and Birthdays.

I have been updating my blogs but haven't added a link here for a bit so if you want to check them out welcome to the fun.
I am working on both September and August at the same time and although August hasn't gotten as much time it is slowly coming along. September has been demanding more attention, maybe it is all of those dragonflies.

I have also been updating my main blog if you want to see what else is going on in my life.

Artistic Kreations and Passions
AKP Bead Journal Project

The Leaves of Change

Hi, I am progressing slowly on this one. You can see it here.

How To Link to Your Blog from BJP Blog

Just a quick reminder...if you want to link to your blog from this one, you need to first write your post....then highlight (left click your mouse and drag the curser over it) a word, then go up to the little icons at the top of this post box and click on the one that looks like a link with a greenish circle behind it, and put the URL of your blog where it says: Enter your URL......then click OK.
After you publish your post, the word you highlighted will be clickable by the rest of us and will take us right to your blog!
When I do mine, I usually highlight the word "here", as in, "see my october piece here" and that takes anyone right to my blog....

Water Lily

This is August Bead Journal Page. The water lily
is done. Check on my blog:

September done

Hi everyone......
Wow, finished September before the end of the month! If you haven't visited yet, make sure you do - it's amazing to see everyone's work in one place....

my site is here to see September:

Happy beading!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Attention Members in TX, OH, MN, IL, Co, Ak and Europe!!!

I'm trying to develop a Contact Tree... a local person in each area to contact BJP members in your own area. Right now I'd like to get an idea of how many of us are still active members. I'm thinking it would be good to touch base with everyone once each quarter. Also the Contact Tree Volunteers would contact people in their area if we eventually have an exhibition.

I need one volunteer member for each of the following areas:






the United Kingdom

other countries in Europe

If you are willing to help, please contact me by email at this address. I'll email you a list of the names and contact information to you. Thanks!!!!!

Robin A., your BJP Coordinator

June (!) Update

Here's my most recent update. Still not a lot of progress, but it's turning out well.

Kassie - The Beading Butterfly

I have a question...

Hello all you hard beading ladies out there!
The weather has turned cool here in MI,
and for once I am not stewing in a menopausal sauna.
Spring and fall are the two seasons I love the most.
I've put my bead embroidery down for a little while,
so I can catch up with things that I've left undone.
But enough of my ramblings...I have a question
for the quilters out there. If you have the time
could you please go to my blog and see
if you can offer me some suggestions on a quilt I have?
Any input would be so helpful to me. Thanks in advance...

Rosanne (FabFibers)


Originally uploaded by jacqui126
Well, September is zipping along nicely but I am still doing August. However, I do know what I am doing for September now after tossing around a few ideas, so at least that is something.

As you can see I am only about ½ way done on this piece. All the symbols relate in some way to the fact I was 50 in August. They will be explained once I have finished.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Thoughts on Ripping...

Do you rip out and re-do sections of your bead embroidery? Here are some of my thoughts on this question... Robin A.

Artful Whatever

I'm responding to Marcia's post about creating an "Artful Blog" and the magazine article which disappointed her. Here's my opinion about it...

What is an artful blog? Isn't it one that is appealing, fun to view and authentic? Making a blog like that takes practice and time. It's like your BJP pages... the more you do, the more you learn and the more your own unique voice develops.

Some years ago the buzz word of the day was embellishments. Today it's artful. Bah-humbug! I suggest we take it for what it is, a media buzz word, and go about our business of doing art and blogging about it, learning and getting better at it over time.

Non dimenticatevi di me!

grossi problemi di connessione, qualche piccolo problema di salute e impegni di lavoro e di famiglia mi tengono lontana dal web...
ma continuo a lavorare per il progetto e di tanto in tanto riesco a sbirciare i vostri meravigliosi lavori, COMPLIMENTI A TUTTI, spero di riuscire a rientrare presto nei miei ritmi, un abbraccio, matilda.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Technical Difficulties

You can read all about it here! What a week! Hope the next one is better!

With aloha,


June Page

Here is my June page. I had a rather detailed description of it to send but when I went to publish it I received an error notice and lost everything. Until I get time to find the lost post or re-write it I'll just send along my June page which is as yet unmounted. It's approximately 6"x6". It is worked on Silk Dupioni with cotton and silk thread and ribbon embroidery for the rock garden area background. The foreground rolling grassy area is worked in beaded back stitch with size 11 Japanese seed beads. The original looks way more lush than in this image.

September Completed

I learned a lot about what not to do in September. The finished page is here.

September Page Underway

I'm really relieved to feel back on track after August's tardiness. I have started my September page this week and feel confident it will be completed by the end of the month. If you'd like to see what I'm going this month, here's the link.

To Bind or Not to Bind

Dear Robin, I have been thinking about putting my BJP 2007 pages into a cloth book presentation. Before I start doing this I'd like to know if there is any restriction at this point in time on the presentation of our project.

Do you want us to keep the pages separate until the project is ended?

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Thursday, September 13, 2007

September Rose

YIKES! It's not even half way through the month, and I'm finished with September. I can hardly believe it myself! I got so excited about this one, that it just kept getting little bits done and then it was time to sew it together. I decided to do something more three dimensional, and printed out the design several times, and created separate pieces to bead and sew on the main backing. One day while I was digging through my bead box, things started spilling out as I was getting more and more frustrated because I couldn't find what I was looking for. When I did find it, I looked down, and a carved bone moon face had fallen into the center of my rose in progress. It just sat there and told me it needed to be part of this rose. So my rose now has a personality for sure! I am really happy with the whole feeling of the piece. See it here.

Eek! Lots of excitement going on here . . .

There were two reasons for my late start in beginning my BJP pages in June: 1) I had a July 1st deadline to submit my novel to the Hillerman Mystery Competition and 2) I was submitting an entry to the All Dolled Up: Beaded Art Doll Competition which was due August 31st.

Late yesterday I learned that my beaded art doll is one of the six semi-finalists in the All Dolled Up competition! It has been all I could do to sit on my hands and tape my mouth shut until I was given the green light to let anyone know about this doll. Although online voting won't begin until November 7th, if you would like to see my entry she is here at .

September finished early

Yeah!! I finished this month early! It's a keeper! I am having fun with these little monthly projects (at least now that I am finished with those tiny little beads). Check it out!

Artful Blogging- How?

Instead of getting to work on my next BJP page I have fallen into a Blogger Black Hole. There's so much to learn. Well, I've just learned how to post a picture of myself to my blog posts. Here it is.
Next I will use this knowledge to post my beaded work. That is, if my memory holds up!
A colleague of mine told me that there's a new publication out "Artful Blogging" by Somerset. I thought this would be useful for my BJP Blogging activities so I went on a mission.
I finally saw a copy in a Philadelphia JoAnn's. I was out there teaching. The publication is nowhere to be found in South Florida where i live.
I thumbed through it and in my opinion it looks like a scrap booking magazine for scrap bookers. I saw little if anything about how to go about creating a blog and the techniques to do so. Has anyone else reviewed this publication? What do you think of it?

June page July and August did not work out

My June page is completed in terms of the beading but I have not backed it or mounted it on it's final page format. As soon as I do, I'll get that page to Flicker.
My July and August pages just never got started up well. I was interrupted by travel, teaching and some miseravle viral infections during which I could barely do more than lie in bed with my head in a fish bowl world.
Between the last virus and the most recent one ( I must stop airplane travel for awhile!) I managed to start September which is very exciting for me. I am working on bead embroidering over one of my own art works which I scanned and then printed onto photo transfer fabric. Lots of teeny beads to work with in order to stay in the proper proportion to the central design element Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am working upon my own work. This is a really new experience and rather gratifying.
I will get my act and beady mind focused to work on July and August as soon as I can.
I might need someone to pester me so that I do get to it. Any volunteers?
I love this project and am proud to be a participant. Beadful hugs, Marcia in steamy South Florida.

I'm introducing myself

My name is Julie Cook-this is my first post to the BJP blog. I have not taken pictures of my 3 works but there are pictures on my new blog of some of my bead embroidery pieces.

I have really been inspired by seeing other peoples pictures on the blogs Ive checked out. I'm happy for you to check out mine and appreciate any comments you may have. I look forward to being involved in this project.

Acid Free Interleaving Papers

I was teaching last weekend and had in between time to really go through your bead embroidery book line by line with regard to some techniques and preservation methods.
Thank you Robin for advising us to use Acid Free Interleaving Paper to back our bead embroidery work with when we need to add enough body to hold our bead embroidery properly on the surface of our work. So many of us don't think about the future and what happens to our work over time. We put in so much love, attention and time to our work that it would be a shame not to take one extra step that takes only minutes to assure a longer life to our creations.
I know that using acid free fabrics, tissues and papers like those in scrapbooking are wise to use. I never thought of Interleaving papers. These are used in the restoration and preservation of textiles, paintings, books, bindings and all sorts of other precious items.

first 3 months

Here is an update for my first 3 BJP pages -
I look forward to starting every day with seeing new posts to the BJP and oohing and ahhing over everyone's new pics and blogs.
What a truly wonderful and talented world...... Thanks again to Robin!

Jody New Mexico...Latest update

Yesterday I managed to work more on my August page, this latest photo does not show yesterday's progress but gives one an idea as to what I am working with.

I plan to cut out the fabric for September & begin working on it this week.

Oh & I also ordered more beads, then more beads & a few more beads now I have even more beads to play with...yeah.....:-)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"Leave of Change" Hair Barrette BJP

I have started my next hair barrette BJP. You can view it here.

Finally, some progress (well, a little) for June, July, and August

I finally got past my don't-have-the-slightest-clue-what-in-the-world-I'm-doing-with-this-project keeping me from doing any work on my BJP. As a side note, I'm an accountant and corporate tax returns are due on Monday, so I've been living and breathing work for the past few weeks. But I finally had time to sit down and do some sketching and am really happy with where I'm going. I even had a couple of evenings free to do some actual beading. LOL :)

Happy beading!

Kassie, The Beading Butterfly

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sept BJP going strong..

I missed out on Augusts bjp but do have a great start on Septembers one... and I do plan to catch up on the Aug one when I can.... I am finding that when I don't have a block to work on in the evening I feel kind of let down.... very addictive indeed....

Am enjoying so much seeing all of the amazing bead art that is being done!
Sept BJP on here:

September Progress

I am just about finished with my September page. There was a failed attempt with the blackberry canes and I learned that it's better to couch the cording onto the page than to try to bead the cording and then attach it - of course I didn't learn that until I had strung a hank of beads onto a thread and wrap wrap wrapped the cording and stitched it all down - I like to think of it as a lesson in patience. Here is the almost completed September page.

Are we playing or what????

So ... who's in charge round here ...Mmmmm???

Monday, September 10, 2007

August sidestepped

G'Day All,
Had to make the big decision today to put aside my August page as it was just not working, so am going on to September and will get back to August when I come up with a better idea for it. I think my colour choice for the material made it just too hard- for me anyhow.
Am really enjoying the flicker site and the inspiration is somewhat overwhelming. I keep saying, Wow, OMG! and If only, but it makes me strive to do better
Thanks all, learning curve is on the up and up!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

September progress

Well, I'm feeling really good about the progress and vision of my September piece. I'd been planning to do a polymer clay piece at some point, since I'm a poly clay neophyte, and this month I've actually gotten something that I feel good enough about using. Here's the start of my womandala.
Happy September, everyone!

September Update

September is not just slipping away, it's running! I have a heavy load at work right now, but I'm still beading as much as I can. I just have the orchard and the median strip of the highway to finish. This has truly been a labor of love. I'm very proud of my little corner of the world. This page has been more labor intensive than I anticipated, but well worth it.

On the fun front, my girlfriend and I managed to sneek in another trip to the coast over Labor Day weekend. We took a class and beaded the rest of the weekend. We're getting ready for our Bead Society Bead Show on the 23rd of this month. Lots of work but we have such a good time every year. We expect it to grow by at least a third by next September.

If you want to see how I think my pages may come together for the first quarter of the year, go here. I've had fun so far and any suggestions are welcome.


I just found out that the Beadwork Bead Expo will be in my town, Portland, Oregon, next March! I am so happy!!!! I have wanted to go to one of these forever, but they were always either too far away or the timing was just too wacky. Next Spring... not too long to wait.

Also, I wanted to thank everyone for all your kind comments on my blog regarding my surreal personal life as well as my work. I can't tell you how much your support and good wishes have meant to me. Sometimes I just go read them over again when I'm feeling sad or whatever. You guys ROCK!

September, unadorned

For the last couple of weeks I've been staring at the fabric for my Sept journal page. Each day it's still just a piece of fabric. Unadorned.

Yep, look at that, it's brown, it's square.
Next day: Yep, look at that, it's brown, it's square.
Day after that: Yep, look at that, it's brown, it's square.
Rinse and repeat.

There is the action of just putting a bead on. Yep, did that. Ripped it out. Did it again. Ripped it out again. So far, 4 tries and I'm getting really good at ripping it out. Even beaded an inch or so, nope ain't hitting that sweet spot.

I'm not really worried, something will slide in there and be the inspiration but for now I'm just contemplating my navel....errrr, that piece of fabric. Sometimes it's just nice to let it ride til something bubbles up unforced, unasked for and under the radar.

I think I'll go sit outside in the coolness of the morning. Enjoy the birds singing and the lawnmowers up and down the block.
Hi everyone.
I have not been blogging much but am still beading away.There have been some major things happen in my life to delay my progress but I am not giving up.Hopefully I will be able to get July and August pages uploaded to my blog.I am glad the pages are easy enough to take with me on the semi.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

August Bead Journal Project

Okay I finally got pictures done of my August Bead Journal project. It is my tribute to The Ohio State Fair. I had fun doing this one as orange is always a color that I enjoy working with. Plus I got to go vintage button shopping which is almost as exciting as going bead shopping! Close, but a second. Anyway, on to September. I already have an idea. I live in Columbus Ohio which is home town of the famous Ohio State Buckeyes and guess what September means to anyone from Ohio....BUCKEYE FOOTBALL!

Friday, September 7, 2007

September Rose

I have gotten a start on my September page, and am really pleased with the progress so far. I am doing separate petals for the rose and beading them individually prior to attaching them to the background. It will be a new venture for me..... I think I am going to enjoy the process and hope I like the product! LOL! Take a look at my blog


OK...well, I didn't get far this week, but I learned a valuable lesson. You can see it here! Maybe we could have a list of all the things we learned at the end of this project! I bet there'd be enough for a book!
With aloha,


I finished my August page yesterday. You can see/read about it here. I'll make time to catch up on everyone's work over the next week or so ...

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Workshop with Kenneth King

Hi everyone,
I'm so excited! Do any of you have the book "Designer Bead Embroidery" by Kenneth King? It's a great book. And... I've just signed up for a 6-hour bead embroidery workshop with Kenneth King at the Creativ Festival in Toronto in October. Can't wait!

August's Page is Done

The Winds of Change is now done.
And boy did they blow hard!
See the finished page here.

June and July now on Flicker

G'day Everyone,

Have just uploaded my June and July pages to the groups Flicker site. Wonderful work everyone, have been looking at those on the site. As I haven't looked at any before it's been a real revelation for me and as soon a I get August finished will post it too. Got a bit behind with family illness but all systems are now on go.
Looking forward to seeing everyones pages
Take care

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

August Done and On to September

I've updated my blog with my August page and the start of September's page.

July Page Done!

Finally, my July page is done, and you can see it here. I finished it up over the last two nights, late into the night, and found it to be very calming after the last month or so of hectic and emotional activity.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A very late July offering

I have been taking a break from blogging, but NOT from beading! My July piece (which was finished in the first week of July, just not posted about) is now on show at my blog.

I haven't been reading blogs either, so I have a LOT of catching up to do!!

I have done my August one but will wait a little while before posting that. Hope everyone else is having fun :)

August Progress

I am running a bit behind for August but am actually quite comfortable with that. I think that it is an important page for me and don't want to rush it. If you want to check out where I am with it please visit my AKP Bead Journal Project blog .

I have had good news and bad news lately and I had a blast at Bead Fest. If you want to read about it visit me at my Artistic Kreations and Passions blog.

I need more time in the day, I love looking at all of the wonderful "pages" that everyone is doing. So many wonderful creative minds, it is so inspiring.

Keep up the good work, Angie

August is done!

Wow! This one was difficult for me, but it's done and you can view it here.
Now that I've finished the August work, I have a pretty good idea what I'm going to do with September. We'll see if I can pull it off.
I'm so thrilled to see so much fantastic beadwork and am happy to be part of such a talented group.
Thanks to everyone for their kind comments on my June piece. It was fun to make. I'm glad to be part of this talented group. Sandy in La Center
Thanks to everyone on their kind comment about my June piece. It was fun to do. I'm glad to be in this talented group. Sandy in La Center
July's "Celebrate Summer" is done!

August's page is about 1/3 done and at the moment I have no idea what I'll be doing for September. Usually I have ideas stacked up, but right now I'm drawing a complete blank as to what I want to do next. I'm also wrestling with ideas for displaying all 12 pieces in one long line. I can't finish the backs of my completed pages until I figure out how to support the weight of all 12 beaded pages - All those beads are going to be heavy.

You can read all about just my Bead Journal Pages on my blog - HERE.
What fun this is. Seeing all the variations and work by other participants is what starts my day off with pure enjoyment.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Art Nouveau August beginnings

Yes, I know it's September, but I am just beginning August. If you'd like to see my start, go to my blog: Purple Fan.

Happy Beading,
Lin Moon

Flowers and Faces, The Three Graces - August page

It has been a long time since I officially posted. I have not posted much at all on any of your pages. I am sorry for that. I have however, kept up with reading all of the pages and my goodness, what a month August was and September is starting out to be. Such wonderful work and inspiration. Part of the reason I stopped posting was I was running out of adjectives. Everyone's work is wonderful, wonderful, wonderfull! It is truly an honor to be part of this group.

I write some more on my blog (have not posted there in nearly a month!) about the inspiration I found last month. Please stop by and take a look. I am glad I remembered how to link my blog rather than type it out.

I will add my pages to the Flickr link, probably with September. I have not started September yet and probably won't for awhile as I want to work on some other beading projects. Plus I need to get started on my red scarf which may be due this month. I will try to blog more however.

Thanks everyone for the great eye candy and happy beading! Nancy K.

BJP 2007June Page

Hi Everyone... Yes I'm still alive and kicking! Honestly if I was any slower I would be going the other way!
I thought I better get busy and post a picture of the June page.
I had trouble at the start, couldn't seem to home in on anything that appealed to me. One day I was humming this song and the lightening bolt struck......Songs!
So this one as you probably have guessed is "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" birds fly....etc.....,
I have the next 2 pages started and am trying very hard to get them on board..
Stay tuned :0)
Maggie R

June Project

Now that we can show our work, I have posted a picture of my June piece-I hope anyway. I'm doing Leaves and Flowers in Postcard size. I've always wanted to do a completely beaded piece and learned so much. It takes a long time, and I think I forced too many beads into the space. Sandy in La Center

Sunday, September 2, 2007

August is Done, Bring on September!

Finished my August page. You can see it on my blog.

Have the beginning to the September page in my head and may get a start on it tomorrow.

Happy Labor Day!
My blog is :

In the Knick of Time!

Well, almost! I didn't finish my August page in August but I did get started in August! The beginnings are here. I may do as Robin suggested: start my September page now too and work both Aug. and Sept. at the same time to catch up.

September is here!

Here it is already September.... kids are going back to school, the weather is changing here. I am getting into more of a mood to spend more time quilting and beading. I am really happy with my July block. It's a bit overdone, but I still like it. Blending the beads was the most difficult thing. I am not a random person, and doing a random blending of beads was hard.
The August page is more than half way done, and my September page is started..... albeit only in my head..... I am going to do some three dimensional petals for the September flower. It feels like I am slowly coming off the page. I like the effect of the center of my flower for August.
Check out my blog: to see the photos.

I'm still here!

Oh where did August go?! I made the mistake or maybe it wasn't a mistake to learn to knit this month. I enjoy the heck out of it. It is so meditative and relaxing. Just like sewing on beads. I'll get the beads going now that the initial serge of knitting is over. Now how can I do both? Oh and this month I signed up for crochet! What am I crazy? I just love to work with my hands. I also decided that this is the year (school year) that I will start to give back. I am working on a knitted premi blanket for our Children's hospital. I've completed several rectangles for warm up america. I want to continue this as I feel it's important. If I get to it, I'll post pictures of my rectangles and most of my premi blanket. I just love the way some of the yarns feel! My August BJP is about heat, hot weather. It has yellows, oranges and reds. Just a little tease for you. Nothing on my blog as of right now. Just thought I'd check in and let you know that I hadn't pierced myself with a needle or anything else. I have loved reading all the blogs. You are a bunch of creative people!!!! Thanks for sharing with us all. Hugs to everyone. Bead on - Heidi

Saturday, September 1, 2007

double or single?

What is your preferred method of attaching beads. I am a relative newbie to beading on fabric and know nothing about beading for jewellery. Anything I have learnt, has been on the Internet and Margaret Ball's book "Embeadery". The one thing I could never get a clear answer on, was whether to double the thread or keep it single. I usually keep it single and go through again if I feel it needs to be more secure, that way, like the edging on my July page, I can go through it a few times without the needle getting stuck (especially for no15's).

The reason I ask this is because I bought this book, yesterday, by Larkin Jean Van Horn (I am a sucker for pretty pictures) and it is the first book that explicitly states use a double thread.

Progress Report

I have finally finished my July journal page (yes, July). August is well under way. You can see both of them here. I have also added my journal quilts to date to the BJP page on flickr.

My intention is to finish August's page before I begin the one for September, but you know how that goes! At least I have an idea this time of what I'm going to do...

Sue in western WA

july and august

I have finally gotten myself over here to add my comments -- my July and August bead journal pages are on my blog ( I just put the August chapter up, too.

:) Linda