Monday, May 21, 2007

Hello from Massachusetts

I'm Alicia and I love all kinds of handwork including beading. I have a wonderful stash which could use a good workout so this project seems rather perfect. Haven't quite decided if I want to create a book or if I'd rather connect the separate pieces as a single wall hanging. I really do love journaling of various types and in the past year I've especially enjoyed working on fabric art journals. Maybe, for that reason alone, it would be more of a creative stretch for me to join the pieces as a single unit for wall display. I'm leaning towards working with 7 inch squares as that will give me a chance to include other kinds of surface design in addition to beading. To me it makes a lot of sense to get a personal rhythm going for a few months before we start sharing our pages as a group but I'm sure I will post about my efforts on my personal blog well before that time. My theme will be an ongoing "capture" of events that are especially meaningful to me as the year unfolds. For instance, the last day of June is my birthday and it's the big 5-0 so it seems like a bit of no-brainer to start with that for my first journal entry. It's great fun to be part of a blog with so many contributors. The energy's already quite catalytic and we haven't even officially begun!

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