Thursday, May 24, 2007

If you're looking for inspiration then ...

YooHoo BJP'ers,
The interesting talk on inspiration has prompted me to to share with you the greatest inspiration and motivation that any BJP'er could wish for!

You'll find all you'll need to know - and more, amongst the pages of our leader Robin Atkins', books!!

In Beaded Embellishment by Robin Atkins & Amy Clarke I learnt about backing my work with tissue paper, recommendations on the size of needles to use, how to test your beads (imperative if like me you are beading for posterity) and much, much more!!!

I've ordered One Bead at a Time and can't emphasise enough, for anyone new to this or looking for a refresher to devour the books by our/my GURU Robin Atkins and you'll never go wrong.

I have no affiliation with Robin, just doing my own thing down here in Australia, hoping that what I mearn might help others on this marvellous journey!

Another tip from me; I'm using Timtex for my pages. Large and small fabric / stabilizer operators in Sydney have looked at me blankly when I ask "Do you stock Timtex"?. Fortunately I found... where the lovely Sarah sent me one metre by Express Post and now work here has begun ...Yay!!

Beady Hugs,


Sweetpea said...

Heh Red, what in the dickens is "Timtex"??? I was going to use a backing paper/tissue, but I'm curious about this product...what's its advantage? Also, do you think it's an appropriate material for SMALL squares, like 4"x4"?

Thanks a lot,
Christi (Washington state, USA)

Veleta (Sammy) said...

I am wondering, isn't Timtex hard to bead thru? sammy

Robin said...

Wow... you make me have a big head. Thanks for the compliments about my books. I don't feel like a guru, or even a leader (more like an instigator) for this Project... It just sort of grew out of a whim and now has a life of it's own. As soon as "registration" closes on May 30th, I'll just be another participant like everybody else. But still, thanks for the kudos.

Re: Timtex, Lacy Stiff Stuff, and other stablizers... I'll be interested to hear how you like working with them. Since starting to do bead embroidery 20+ years ago, I've been using acid-free interleaving paper, or any acid-free typewriter-weight paper as a stablizer behind the fabric, stitching through both paper and fabric. I love the stuff... it works so well, I've never been motivated to try anything else.