Sunday, May 27, 2007


Other than taking a couple of EGA correspondence classes in off loom beading, I have experience in beading other than the occasional use of bead embroider for CQ embellishment. Bead embroidery is something I've wanted to take up for some time, and although I have a number of excellent bead books (including several of Robin's), I've just never gotten around to working at it.

The Bead Journal project should be great for me, as I seem to need deadlines to complete anything. I plan to do as much experimentation as I can, exploring different techniques and fabrics. I believe a small format will work well for me, and I will leave alternating 1 inch side margins so I can decoratively stitch pages back to back. Well, that's the plan; my more immediate problem is deciding what to take in the way of supplies for my anticipated 3 months away from home this summer. I will not have regular access to a computer, so I'll be missing out on the fun and interaction of this talented group.

You can see the limited amount of beading I've done here and here.

Looking forward to a great adventure,
Nancilyn aka Fiberdabbler

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