Friday, May 25, 2007

Blogging Question

I once started a blog and it fizzled out for the reasons below. Writing one is something that I've thought about for a long time now.

Everyone else's looks so cool and I'm not so sure I have the time to devote to making it look the way I'd like it to. That's the first dilemma.

The second is that I've journaled in private for so long - so how do I begin to write publicly? The thought of the entire world having access to what was once private is mind boggling to me. What do I write about?

The third is that it seems to take a lot of time to maintain.

How many of us have begun new blogs in the past month?

What advice can you seasoned bloggers give me? Is there a good reference site? Is Blogger an easy site to use?

Many Thanks!



bwheather said...

I've been blogging for nearly seven years now. My advice is to simply do what you do. Write about your life and what you love. Places like are good,, also, because you can find like-minded people to connect with and this can motivate you to update more often.

The above mentioned blogs are good, too, because all the stuff is there, you just add what you want to say, etc. You can spend a lot of time on blogs, but if that's not you, why bother? Spend the time you feel it deserves.

Hope this helps. ;-)

Robin said...

You've opened such a can of worms with your questions... Here's my take on a couple of them:

1. Yes, blogging takes a lot of time... at least it does for me. Time to write, time to take and process photos, time to read and respond to comments, and most of all, time to read other blogs.

2. Yes, it's rewarding. I feel that I have a community, that I'm connected in a meaningful way to a world-wide group of fairly compatible people. Some have become dear friends. Plus it's stimulating and fun.

3. I've chosen to write in depth about art and my artistic process, but not much about my personal/private life. I've done a couple of intimate posts, but it's rare. I tend not to return to blogs that are all about a person's grandkids and pets and vacations and house remodeling and husbands... Those blogs are ok, but not so interesting to me as the ones related to art. I still keep a private written/visual journal as well as blogging; but they're two different things. My private journal is about connecting with myself; my blog is about connecting with others.

4. At first I thought I was going to blog every day, or at LEAST 4 times a week. Hasn't happened. Sometimes when I don't post for weeks at a time, I think people stop visiting... but then after I do a couple of posts, they seem to return. I'm a blogger who like to know people are reading what I write... a lot of the process is for ME, but I still want people to read it. One of my favorite bloggers took a couple of months off, but I faithfully kept clicking the link, and now she's back.

5. Blogger (blogspot) has worked great for me. I like it better than some of the others, becaus there are no ads of any kind. Typepad is that way too, and seems to be a good one.

Hope this helps... Robin

Mary Timme said...

I think I was sort of "pushed and dragged" into blogging by Robin, and I share some private stuff, but not in a way that is threatening for me at all. I don't work well with threats and stress. I also maintain two other blogs that I don't do too much on, but I use them for certain things. Some people like 'old stuff' and strolls down memory lane and I do one blog for that. The other one I write what I deem 'serious stuff' on and my usual blog I keep for regular art stuff and building creativity stuff.

I do feel a connection with many people over the world because of blogging. I may never meet them in person, but we share our interests and some stuff tends to get out in that I'm always reading inbetween the lines. I was worried about people being unkind or rude to others who might comment on my blog or to me, but that hasn't happened. And I find it inspiring and a great pick me up also, for days when I might want to feel sorry for myself.

It does take a lot of time. I'm so fortunate to have it. I've only used blogspot but have been pretty happy with it. Once in awhile it is snippy with me, but not often and works pretty well. I too, think if you don't want to blog, don't. There's no rule you have to. I do it for the pure fun and reltionship with other artists.

Any Smith said...

Thank you, everyone, for your comments.

I often wonder why people would want to read what I write, but then I read other's blogs often. Maybe it's time to become a "publisher" instead of a lurker.

I will think about it over the weekend. I'm mentally preparing to take the plunge - but that means dragging out the scanner or camera, hooking it up, etc.


flyingbeader said...

I just started doing a blog too. I've had websites for 16 years now, and I always need help from my husband to update them & change them around. Just this morning I worked on my blog & it was FUN! I'm like Robin that I don't necessarily like to read about people's private lives, but just recently have enjoyed learning new fiber arts from artist out there willing to share. I too don't know how faithful I'll be, but it seems to much easier than begging my DH to update a page here or there.


Aurora said...

I second much of what Robin said--I am attracted to bloggers who have great photos of their art or craftwork--not blogs about the grandkids or some trip they took.
I always wrote alot of letters to friends when I lived in the bush in Alaska, and also have always kept a "doodling" art journal--so writing on bloggspot seemed to come pretty easy--sometimes I just wander around my house looking for a good image to photograph for inspiration---so I have also gotten way more into my camera! It does take time--but the reward is all the other interesting people you meet thru your blog (hi Mary!;-)
I try to post 2 or 3 times aweek---and leave a note saying I'm taking a break if I'm gone for over 4 days...

Timaree said...

Hi. I am new at this blogging too. I really like the idea of connecting with other artists since I don't know any where I live. I do hope my grandchildren will visit my blog so I made a tag for them and anyone else can skip that part. Being new, I certainly don't have a lot on my blog space and now I see just how much others do have I wonder, where in the world do they find some of this and also the time!!?? But I am game, hope you are too!

Padparadscha said...

Well, I'm an adept of improvisational blogging, around a loose theme. This is because I use it partly as a means to keep in touch with family living in other countries. And also because my bead production is scarce lol.

I have been part of many online forums, where I have sometimes talked with others of very intimate and sensitive matters. And in time this has helped me to express my feelings in "real life".

But for me a blog is more to do with the "persona", the personality you choose to show the world - the neighbours lol. Anyways if you think you've gone too far, you can always delete your text on a blog.And I think on blogger you have the option to give access to chosen people only.

Enjoy !

Joanna said...

Remember than you can use a service such as to keep you updated on blogs you like (such as this one). You get an email when something new has been posted.

I had a website for many years then let it go fallow. It's reactivated now but as I learn/relearn my website software it acts as links to my various activities.

Take a look!

-- Joanna in Tucson

Anonymous said...

Blogging is new to me too. I love to read other peoples, but never thought I would be good at it either, but darn it I AM good at doing all kinds of things. So I'm just gonna jump in with eyes closed and get it done. Just going to write from the heart!! Any, these girls are so encouraging, we'll do fine!

Cyn ~ The Wingedneedle said...

I'm a newbie to blogging, actually just started one tonight on blogger. Easier than I thought it would be, no idea how often I'll post to it but it's a great place to share progress on various projects I have going on and just the sillier side of my life.

Any Smith said...
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Any Smith said...

I'm learning a lot - like that when you delete a comment that there is residual.

I wanted to thank everyone for their kind encouragement - I started a blog and have gotten good feedback.

Hope you'll take a look and let me know what you think.