Saturday, June 30, 2007

Eye Candy from Kenya

I've updated my blog with June's page along with pictures of a lovely contemporary bag from Kenya.


peccato che sulla foto non si veda bene ma il trapunto è venuto benissimo e ben rilevato.
purtroppo non ce l'ho fatta prima che finisse giugno, devo ancora completare. sarò più veloce a luglio?
ciao matilda

On to the Next Month

Amazingly so, my piece for June is done. I've posted it on my blog.

It's my first attempt at bead embroidery and I learned a lot. I worked with Lacy's stiff stuff and I enjoyed using that. I might use fabric next month, though.

Have a couple of ideas for July, but haven't picked one yet. I have some other beadwork to pay some attention to.

Thanks to everyone who answered a neophyte's questions about bead embroidery.

Have a great weekend everyone!

June BJP Posted on Blog

I posted my June page on my blog this morning if anyone is interested in having a look and leaving comments.

I also have a couple book recommendations, I am a confessed, but not reformed, "bookaholic". Steve was thrilled when I started selling some of my extensive quilting book collection on Little did he know that I was actually just selling off the books that were no longer of interest to me and replacing them with books on art quilting and beading, men can be so naive.

ColorWorks by Deb Menz: a wonderful color workbook that has beaded examples for all the color exercises. Interweave Press ISBN 1-931499-47-0

Designer Bead Embroidery 150 patterns and complete techniques by Kenneth D King: the patterns are mainly for clothing and accessories, but I think I will probably incorporate some in my pages over the next year. Creative Publishing international ISBN 13:978-1-58923-272-3

These two books are of course in addition to all of Robins books and the one by Larkin Van Horn that was mentioned earlier. Plus numerous books on jewelry construction, one in particular is Beaded Jewelry with Found Objects by Carole Rodgers that has wonderful pictures and extensive directions for beading with cabochons ISBN 0-87349-684-1

Have a Happy 4th of July, for those in the US and everyone else have a great week.

Beading Affairs

Hello Everyone. It is the last day of June and I have finished the project for this month. My affair with beads has taken on another turn. I have been like a big kid and started making paper beads over 400 of them in various sizes and dough beads about 120 from sizes 2mm to 12mm along with pendants. Used food coloring to dye the dough and then let them air dry. All of them aren't sealed yet but will have the month of July to finish that task, if I can stop making them! What fun. I wanted to play first and had a great time! Now how to incorporate them into finished pieces? No idea yet. Had to remind myself that I am in school and have classwork to do also. Being an online student at FMU, our summer vacation starts July 7-14, and I know what I will be doing. I have one more quarter to complete before graduating and plan to take off several months before going to the next level.

I did complete a bracelet and necklace set using wood beads and several bugle cloth beads. I also made black silk beads that was used in an unfinished silver, black, and white glass necklace, and was pleased with the results. Some of the beads are shown on a book with a grid cover that was made with the help of a friend (Dot). I thought it was a good way to display some of the beads made so far.

You can check out my bead pics at Click on About Me link and scroll down to my or other interests. See you all tomorrow.


Last chance in June

This morning I woke up at 5 am, some sunrays hitting my room (very seldom theses days, it's like fall here, not nice). I knew if I wanted to make the planned June piece it will be the last chance today. Starting it in June is enough for me. If you want to read more about the what's and why's go ahead to my blog. Have a wonderful weekend where ever you are in this beautiful world!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Waiting on Dick Blick in Hawaii ;)

Hi, all! I'm as done as I can be for now if you want to take a peek here! I sure wish shipping wasn't a problem, but I'm having fun all the same!
And, I check this site before email too! It's a fun project & wonderful inspiration!
With aloha, CC

How I Start My Day

Every day, before I even check my email sometimes, I click on to this BJP page. I am continually amazed and delighted by all of your work! I love beginning my day with fresh inspiration and ideas and the chance to see some amazing art. Thank you all!

June Page is Up

Trying again, June's page is at my blog. It uses a lot of the colors I love, and some beads and buttons I've been hoarding. Size is 5 x 5 and base is Peltex interfacing covered with a beautiful batik (which is covered in beads, but it sure was fun to work with). I am not sure what July is yet, only that it is 5 x 5 :)

June block is finished...

There were times while working on this at the beginning that I wondered if I would really get it all beaded in time, but the more I worked on it, the more it drew me in and then I became possessed to work on it every spare moment I could find....

To see it finished click here

I still need to mount it onto my poster board so that I can hang it up...

Have really enjoyed visiting everyones blog and seeing all of the creative BJP that you are doing...


June Project Done

My June journal page is done. Take a look at I am truelely enjoying looking at everyone's projects. What talent we have in this special group! Keep on Beading..........

June fabric postcard done

Hi all I just thought I would let you know that I have completed my fabric postcard for June. It's a mix of heavy embroidery and crusty beading. I found it fun to do but a little time consuming as I had hoped to have it done by mid month! You will find it here on my blog

Thursday, June 28, 2007

My June page is finished...

...but it's actually for May. LOL!! I decided to pick a theme, and it ended up being the names of the moons for each month. May is the "Flower Moon", and I really wanted to do that one first, so I decided that each month I'll work on the month that just passed.

Confused? Me too! Here's a link to see the finished page if you'd like.

Cyndi L

Bead Arts
Layers Upon Layers

Changing directions

Working on this first block has been a real struggle. It took several attempts to find the "right" beads and still I felt as though I was trying to swim up stream. Monday I took a long look at the work completed and realized my elephant "wanted" to be moving from left to right, not right to left. Flipped my image and printed out another block...what a difference! Now everything is flowing along. Made a great deal of progess last night. I will not have this finished for a week or two, but what a joy it will be to bead.

Dorris in Maryland


I just discovered this great webiste---Scrapblog, where you can create great "scrapblog" page(s)---played around some, and above is the result...

well sorry everyone!!! I meant to post this to my own blog--but the scrapblogger site posted it here (and I couldn't figure out where it went--didn't think to look here on this blog). But anyhow--- I guess some of you might enjoy this--so I will leave it here; and even tho it is not beading---you could use this site to make scrapbook pages/slide shows of your bead journal pages and print them or put them on your blog or website.

Don't you love the sound a Deadline makes as it swooshs by!?

I know I won't be finished by June 30, but life keeps happening here not much I can do about it.
One of my sisters (I have 3) is in hospital and will be going to visit her. It's a 4 hour drive from here, shame I can't drive and bead at the same time! Hee Hee!
Sis is going to be o.k. but had a fall and fractured her right arm in two places, they operated and all went well. Just slow process of recovery. We expect her to be in hospital for another week at least then we shall see.
Will bead when I can and let you know when all is done.
Dinah - Nospoj

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ancora giugno

ce la farò a completarlo entro il 30?
la scadenza è vicina, ma sono a buon punto.
potete vederlo qui. (grazie per la spiegazione su come inserire il collegamento ;-) ) anche se non capisco perchè non faccia ingrandire le foto.
grazie a freebird per i suggerimenti e alle altre per i loro commenti.
ciao matilda

June page - turtle

I wonder if the person who had a turtle on her June page could let me know who you are? I am wanting to look at your piece again, I was so inspired by the night sky. I can't find your posting! Thanks so much!!

I'm Almost Done

Hi everyone, I've so enjoyed watching everyone's beady progress. I'm almost done with my June page and if you'd like to have a look click here.


I am making progress with my June Page but in all likelihood it won't be completed by 30th June but as long as it was started this month, I figure, that was OK. To see my progress go here.

Just to say I am amazed by all the talented artists on show here, it is truly awe inspiring, my favourite expression today, it seems.

Beaded ATC

This is a beaded ATC I made for an online class. It is buttons and beads on pink felt sewn through Timtex stabilizer. I apologize for the fan stitch; I wasn't used to forcing the stitch into such a confined space (2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches)! The picot edging makes the little piece too big for a traditional ATC, but I think it is cheerful nonetheless. The filler beads in the negative spaces are moss stitch, which I love to do.
Andrea, Minnesota

3 days to go

Hi everyone
I enjoy reading all the posts to this site and have had time to visit some of the blog postings. I am totally amazed at the diversity in terms of techniques, themes, sizes and shapes of the projects!
Myself, I am struggling with my piece and although I have started a BJP blog I don't feel ready yet to show it to all of you talented people. I guess it's my same old, same old. My daughter once said that I am "the Melinda quilter", which only makes sense to you if you watched American Idol. But she nailed it. How did my daughter get so smart at only 15 years old???!?
I wish I could just leave it and start something new, like maybe just skip June and go straight to July!?! But I know it is good for me to stay with this issue and hopefully make some progress...I know that this is about pushing my creative edge and challenging old limits. And that is what the whole project is about... so lucky me...I get to work hard right from the start!
If you want to read about how I am trying to work this out, you can check out my latest posting on my quilting blog here. But you won't see any photos of my BJP!
I hope that those of you who are finishing will keep posting and encouraging the rest of us who may be struggling with the end of the first month approaching!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Good evening everyone, I am almost done with my page. I had hoped to get it done before the month ends and only have a few days. I am off to Beads on the Vine, so we will see.

I also wanted to tell all of you, a good book that would be inspirational for our project but is about ATC's is: 1,000 Artist Trading Cards: Innovative and Inspired Mixed Media ATCs (1000 Series) (Paperback) by Patricia Bolton (Author) (copied from

It is really nice and needless to say has lots of beading ideas.

Here is my blog with my updated picture:

Happy beading everyone. I look forward to the updates and seeing the other completed pages when I get back to a computer Monday night. I want to thank all of you that have looked at my blog and commented. I also want to thank all of you that have been sharing your work. It has been uniformingly excellent work and I have really enjoyed seeing all of them!

Have a great few days, Nancy.

P.S. Can anyone tell me how to post my blog site by saying, this is my blog, rather than listing the page each time?


I just put a translator link on my blog. I am wondering if it would be okay to put one on the BJP blog to make it simple for those who don't speak english. Robin? Anyone interested in this idea can see it at the top, right-hand side of my blog.


My June page is finished! Peek here if you'd like:

ATC's (Artist Trading Cards)

I made a refrence on my blog about using an ATC-type card for the back of my June page and had some questions about what was an "ATC". Here are some beaded cards that a group of beaders in Texas made and traded last fall.

Here are two refrences that will give you some background and ideas about ATC's.


il lavoro per la mia pagina di giugno va avanti, ma avrei bisogno di un suggerimento.
qualcuno può andare a vederla sul mio blog

mi complimento, intanto per tutti i vostri lavori. ho poco tempo e non lascio commenti, ma vado a vedere tutto ciò che inserite.
ciao, matilda

Which stiff backing for found objects?

Greetings to the group ~ I've got a question about the best way to attach small found objects to my Journal pages...what would you folks recommend for a backing material for the cloth I'm sewing on, to give it stiffness? I've already asked an earlier question about backing in general, but now I've just had an idea about attaching some items I found at the beach. I'm working in a 4" X 5" size. Would it be best to leave extra fabric all around and then "wrap" the fabric (page) around a piece of cardboard or something -- or archival matting board? If so, how would one attach the fabric to the backing? Thanks in advance for any tips!

Christi in WA state

Caren's June BJP

I finished and posted my June BJP....check it out!

Caren Goodrich

Sharing another picture

I've added another picture to my blog. It's almost done and so is the month! Eeek. I've been enjoying everyone's blogs. Thank you all for your inspiration. I keep thinking about next month and what's going to come up. I'm really enjoying doing this project. Funny, my really artsy friend told me I was insane! She get's stressed doing beading. That only goes to show that we are all different in our creativity and no two people should be compared. It's about 97 here in CT and the humidity is so think we can us a samui sword to cut it. It's a good day to bead, listen to wonderful music and stay inside. Bead on. Heidibeads

So Far....

I am about half way through my June piece. I finally got up the nerve to post a pic of my progress on my blog. I am finding this project to be much more challenging on many levels than I expected, but I am loving every moment of the journey.


June Journal


I have just posted a picture of my June Journal. It is very much a work in progress. Apart from sewing on the odd bead or two this is my first bead project. It truly is a learning curve. I had planned on making postcard sized pieces but I have decided to do Journal Quilt sized quilts. I wanted a theme for this project and have chosen the Paisley design. I still have a LOT to learn about beading.

You can check out my WIP here.

Monday, June 25, 2007


My June page is finished and you can see it here. And, it's still June! Now, to think about July and then get started.


This is the title of my piece for the month of June. I am making barrettes for my "journal pages". You can see the first one I made might have to go down the page a little ways as I posted some other beaded things as well. I have always wanted to make myself some hair jewelry and this has motivated me to just do it.
Becky L. (CA)
I have really enjoyed seeing all of the pieces as they have progressed and as they are being finished, Wow! what wonderful inspiration. I finished my page and you can find it in my June journal. I have started my July journal as well since I have chosen my photos to use and figured out a layout I hope that my work will inspire others, you have all inspired me.
Thanks so much, Angie

PS: for those of you who do Beaded quilts Lark books has a call out for entries for a new book "Quilting with Beads". Due date July 30, 2007
A comment was left on my blog asking, besides a circle, what is a mandala? The circle itself is the essence of the mandala, because it is used as a device to bring attention inward, as in prayer or meditation. The circle is represented in nature in the sun, the moon, in the rings of a tree, the opening of a flower, and in a piece of fruit such as an orange or apple. The circle also represents the cycle of life, with no beginning or end. To me, the circle also represents continuity, that life flows in its own way, and that there is no right or wrong, just being. I use the mandala as a symbol that centers me.

In Beading for the Soul (ed. by Deborah Cannarella), Mary Tafoya has a design for a mandala, and an explanation of what they mean to her. I think that if you were to ask 10 different people, you would get 10 different explanations of what a mandala is, and that's one of the things that makes them so cool, that their meaning is personal to each individual.

One unexpected benefit that has happened since I beaded my first mandala for my June page is that I have started drawing them again. I drew them for years and then kind of stopped. It feels like being welcomed home to draw again.


BJP Progress Report: Page Accompli!

Right here!

Now to let my fingers heal up for next month - yeowch.

Beads on Backing - finally

If you care to see where I'm going with my June's "Trip - Journey" beadwork, take a peek here. It felt so good to finally be sewing beads down that I had to force myself to go to bed last night. I might even get this one finished by the end of June.

As I'm doing a theme in graphical ATC-sized cards each month to use as backing for the beadwork, I'm wondering if I should print a limited number of card packs when I'm done. Interesting thought.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Lighting problems solved - Whooo!

G'day everyone,
I had a wonderful birthday last week and the amazing thing was that my son gave me a 'daylight lamp'. It works a treat and as we still have lots of rain happening 'downunder' it is getting a big work out. Got to get back to finishing my first page, nearly there!
Dinah - Nospoj
PS Photos of My friends and I are at

My thoughts

Every bead I stitch is "right"
Because my Inner Being
Gentler than "me"
is guiding the process.

I soften and begin to trust and bead.

I finally began my June page and have written about it on my blog. I didn't like the table legs and wanted to take them out and redo them. But this guidance had come to me a couple of days earlier and I decided to leave them be and see where the piece would take me. I know that my wise Inner Being has things to say to me and I'm committing myself to receiving them. I will let each bead be, knowing that it is exactly as it should be, even if my judgment says it's weird or ugly!!


My June page and first major effort at bead embroidery is blogged. Comments, critiques, suggestions encouraged.

Too big for my beadin' boots?

Page two done.
My ideas are getting more ambitious all the time - and harder to realize. However, there are 12 pages to be done...and I'm just going to do the best I can just to keep moving forward, hoping that my technique will improve and that once in a while, I'll wait until I can get the right size beads to execute the image in mind. For those who are interested: Born Under a Bead Sign (third entry down).

Saturday, June 23, 2007

you inspired me again

Last night I began my very first journey in improvisational bead embroidery. Another case of being so hugely inspired by this group. Blogged here.

Blog On!

This project certainly has spawned many new blogs and bloggers and I am one of them.

Since we began our blogs after signing up, we have no links to our blogs/websites with our names. Maybe Robin could add links to our names for us when she has time. Or, perhaps someone else could... I'm volunteering...

What do you say, Robin?


Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday Update BJP

Whew! Another week over! Where did the time go? Boy, do I remember my parents saying that...and now here I am too! an up date on my blog here if you want to see.

With aloha & wishes for a happy weekend! CC

Updates to my page

Good evening everyone, I have done a few updates to my page since the last time I posted. You can see them at I also posted other pictures unrelated to beading.

I had to get away from the beads tonight, they were getting blurry!

I have many more web sites to add to my blog. So please come back.

I hope to finish my page by Sunday, we will see.

I am happy that I have been taking pictures of my page as I go along. It is good to see the progression and I think they will help me on subsequent pages. That means my blog will have many pictures by this time next year.

Have a great night everyone and happy beading! Nancy K.

update on my June page...

I got a late start on my June journal... Couldn't make up my mind onto the size and shape I wanted to do for the entire year..Of course as most times, I went back to my first size and basic shape... . I do know I want to make each into a small quiltie to hang together on one wall... I just can't put them into a book... I hope this way it helps me to do something different and creative each month.

I did put a couple photo's of where I am at now on "Midnight Lace" ..I don't have a clue to why that name came into my mind as my June theme, but I couldn't shake it, so it must be right... I do plan to work hard on this the next week and catch up with the July one on time...

I love seeing everyone's work that they have done so far... It is so inspiring and keeps me pushing myself!

Beginnings and old friends

By way of introduction I have a story to tell. I love the synchronicity of events in ones life. A month or so ago I renewed a relationship with an old friend. Dale told me about Robin's project...I went to Santa Fe for 4 days...was inspired by the art but mainly by the exhibit at the Museum of International Folk Art called "Needles & Pins"...started reading the book "Eat, Pray, Love"...significant quotes began to present themselves...and the bead project began. All of this lead me right back to the beginning of my beading adventures with Robin five years ago.

I had just been asked to end my 34 year marriage and was in need of emotional healing. Robin had been invited to Denver to teach a class and Dale invited me to go. Through tears, therapy and Robin's one bead at a time philosophy I moved on. Five years later we connect again. So here it theme is I'm still standin'...better than I ever did..., Thanks! Mr. Elton John.

I'm happy to be a part of this creative adventure! Jo Ann Patterson, Denver, CO


I'm running late on my June page, but thought I'd better introduce myself to all of you. I'm Claire, and I'm currently living in Galway (Ireland), but will be moving back to my home town of Nottingham in the UK over the next month. I'm really looking forward to this, as I've been wanting to stretch my embroidery skills and try new stitches for a while, and I'm hoping that by signing up for this project I'll actually do these things instead of just planning them (isn't procrastination fun?). It's also fantastic to see what so many different beaders are doing, and all the differences in style.

I've decided I'll be making my pages into a book, and they're going to be 5 3/4" square. This fits within a scrapbook kit I've had hanging around for a while, so I'll be able to use the covers from that kit for my book. As a very loose theme, I'm going to try and incorporate a face into each page - this will let me use some of the buttons and cabs I've been collecting for a while now!

I'm way behind on my first page as I've not actually put needle to fabric yet, but I finally sat down last night and sketched out a rough layout for the page. As I'll be moving away from Galway soon (after 2 years living here) I've been paying more attention than usual to my surroundings and I wanted to incorporate them in some way into my page. With this in mind I've gone for a sea theme and colours as I've been mesmerised by the changes in colour to the water in Galway Bay over this month, and I'll really miss the sea when I move back to the middle of England. I've posted this initial sketch on my blog, and added a 'Bead Journal Project' category to my posts.

I wonder if Robin knew

Did Robin know when she started this project that many of us would be challenged in a way beyond dealing with the beads? I, like others, have never tried to publish a blog. It has been time consuming, fun, frustrating and interesting. I can't decide which is pushing me more, the blogging or the BJP. Of course the answer is they each are an unique challenge that I am enjoying. I also am spending lots of time looking at all the other blogs and all the other links posted there.

My June page is moving right along. It looks more unfinished than anything else, but I am sure it will be finished by the end of the month. I am always surprised how much I can do when I work on it for an hour or so. As for the blog, it is fun. I decided not to devote it totally to my beading. I thought it would be more fun and I would update it more often if it was not limilted.

Throwing in my 2 cents....

Hi everyone.... I have been spending an incredible amount of time reading everyone's posts and looking at blogs and being inspired.... I finally finally have finished figuring out my own blog, quite the exercise in perseverence....... Sometimes find myself on here instead of working during the day. I am one of the lucky (?) ones who gets to stay at home and work as a medical transcriptionist. So between that and wandering about my home and looking at my beads and being inspired by everyone's work, well.... my days are quite filled! I am mid-way through my June page but as I, as a norm, usually hate any project I do until it is done, I won't be posting any pics of it until it is done....... I just want to thank Robin for coming up with this year-long committment, which I find a challenge in itself... and for all you beaders out there who jump in and share your beady times with everyone right off the bat. It makes it a little easier for those of us who are a little bit shy..... :) my blog is but don't expect much...... I'm still practicing!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dealing with Expectations

In the latest progress report on my blog, I have pictures of June's page and how I'm dealing with my own expecations.

Finally started

Typically I am leaving this to the last minute but it took me a while to decide what theme I would go with for this month.

Now I have started I am flying along and confident that I will finish this month on time. As for coming months we will see.

Realised as I was beading last night, this first flat piece of beading I have done. Previously I have made beaded dolls and incorporated beads in to my embroidery. Next month I hope to explore using more beading techniques than this motif allows me to.

See my progress at Puddles of Dreams, look at Categories, Beaded Journal Project.

I must admit some of the work I have seen so far has been awe inspiring. For a beginner like me it can be intimidating but at the same time something to aim for.

June mandala finished

I have finished my first mandala and it is on my blog page. What an incredible experience. I couldn't stop thinking about it or wanting to work on it. But a break is good, too, and gives me a chance to finish up some other projects before I start work on July's mandala.

Sneak Peek from Minnesota

Here is a sneak peek at what my June page is looking like.
I find it amazing how different everyone's pages are.
I am already excited about next month's page!

Progress Report Part 3

This is so energizing! I'm having so much fun with this, I wanted to ask for a mental health day so I could stay home from work to finish this - but duty calls and I have to wait another 4 hours before I can get back to it. Arrgh!

Oh, the link! Here.

from beading at the beach

Other than the back, my june page is also done...I've got the fabric picked out for july but won't start on it yet as I've got about 4 other projects I need to get'll have to scroll down past a couple of them to see my june bjp

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

June Page is Done!

I finished my page for June. You can see it at my blog.

I've really had an interesting time with this one. It's different, but I'm learning a lot about my outlook from it.

How do you do the edges?

How do you deal with the edges of an embroidered piece? I'm using Lacy's Stiff Stuff and if I just fold back the edge then beads near the edge fold back too and the stiff stuff shows. Should I outline the edge in beads first?

I'm not very happy with my piece as it's too symmetrical and I don't like the white backing showing through even though I'm probably the only one who notices it. I'm thinking of starting over and either coloring the backing somehow or using fabric. But I don't want to use an embroidery hoop so would a heavy fusible interfacing work with fabric?

Maybe I need to get a book on this. Winging it doesn't seem to be working too well!

Any advice is most welcome and appreciated.


Glad to be here!

I'm really excited to be joining this great project. It's been very fun getting familiar with it by reading past blog entries and looking at the many links to individual blogs. I can tell I'm in for a lot of learning both technically (I've never made a blog entry before today) and artistically. When I first read about the project, I thought it sounded great but was a little nervous about whether I could commit the time needed to do justice to it. But once my head was swimming with ideas for 11 of the 12 months, I knew I couldn't imagine not being involved. June's journal "page" is well underway, and I'm excited about where it's going : ).

Robin, thanks so much for coming up with this great idea! Thanks, too, for sharing the link to the pictures of my turtle on your blog. I'm guessing that a turtle will show up in at least one of my journal pages too.

Lisa B.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Decisions, Decisions.........

I have three different versions of my BJP in varying stages -- I can't decide which one I want to follow thru with for the whole 12 months. Guess I'll just work on 3 different ones when I can -- sooner or later it will most likely dwindle down to one LOL. Anyone else having this problem? Actually, it is quite a bit of fun.

Beadin' Gram

Almost Done

I am almost done and waiting for beads to arrive so I figured it's a good time for an updated picture on my blog for those who are interested. I've kept this short so I can go read some of your updates!!

Progress Report

Hi Everyone! I finally had a few minutes to do the blog thing! It was easy after all. I posted a picture for all to see, too. I'm progressing along. I want to thank everyone who's shared their blogs with everyone. What wonderful work and creativity. I love it! Keep on Beading - Heidi I think this is my blog - I'll have to try it.

Help with Embroidery Threads

I just found out that silamide shreds when it's used with stiff stuff. Oh joy! Oh rapture! And it doesn't like to be threaded onto a needle. I've even tried using Thread Heaven on it to make it thread easier with little or no luck.

I don't like threads too much, anyway and this doesn't help. I'm a Fireline girl myself.

Can you more experienced embroidererers (sorry, can't help myself sometimes) please shed some light on this for me?

Thanks! Any

Almost done with June

I'm done with my June journal page. At least the embroidery part is finished. Now getting the complete page done is going to be something else all together. I have this idea in mind, but its something I've never done before. (Quilting being the thing). But I know its gonna look great when I'm finished.

Started on my July piece, but I am beginning to regret the fact that I said I wasn't going to buy any new beads for this project, just use the ones I had in my stash. Especially since my sister Bev H. and her friend Dona A. dragged me to the Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee. Okay, I wasn't dragged, they were holding me back, saving me from myself! You would think that there couldn't possibly be any NEW beads, or colors, or products to be discovered from one year to the next. Its amazing to me.

I'm still working on getting pictures on my blog, but when I do you can see what I've been up to.
Truthfully, I'd rather be beading than sitting on the computer.... ;^)

One more new member...

Hi all! This is my first, and probably only chance, to get on a computer during my two weeks in the midwest.

I'd like to welcome Lisa B to the BJP, and introduce you to her lovely work. Lisa didn't get on our list earlier, but she is official now, and I've added her to the stats. If you read Quilting Arts magazine, you probably noticed Lisa's embroidered/beaded turtle quilt, called Going In in the last issue. I photographed this fabulous piece and wrote about it on my blog here!

News from Mom's in St. Paul, MN... Yes, I've started my June page, and have worked quite a lot on it. I'm having a ball with it. Mom says it looks different than anything I've ever done before. Hmmmm. Also I went fabric and bead shopping with Julie C. (my sister-in-law and also a BJP member) and found some great fabric for my July page.

Hope everyone at least has a start on their June page... Looking forward to some time on the computer when I return home... time to follow all the links and see what you all are doing!

Posted by Robin A.

Display wallhanging

Some of you are contemplating on what to do with your pages.
While surfing today I found a tutorial for a display wallhanging which might be interesting:

Happy sewing

Travelin' beader

June's page will be a real challenge to get beaded as I've been on the road from Arizona to New Hampshire until now. The theme for June is (what else?) "Trip and/or Journey". I've decided to do an ATC printed backing for each page to record the thought/theme for the month. If you care to see where I am, or what's not done, click here.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Progress Report #2

It can be seen here.

By the end of next week I hope to have it 3/4 finished. Trying to pace myself. Ha!


More Work in Progress

I'm closing in on finishing my June page. You can view it here. I've been really enjoying working on this piece, and I'm now reluctant to be finished with it.

Blog Updates

My husband is off and in Iraq now and I have gotten back to work on my June BJP. I spent the weekend doing what ever I wanted and being completely selfish which is what I usually do when he leaves. A few days of self-indulgence, just what the doctor ordered. I have updated my blogs
(BJP blog and Main Blog) and added a few other photos to my New Projects and Works in Progress pages for any one who wants a bit of eye candy.

Having this project as a focus really has been a Godsend, I am glad to have this community of creative minds to share with, Thanks Angie

June page Started

Hi Everyone,

I've decided to try the 4x6 (postcard size) for now. My main theme is sunflowers for my June project. My sister got me "hooked" on them (they symbolize "hope"-my middle name) and since I love flowers, a natural way to start. I'm trying to figure out how to lay it to this :o) I'll be able to post photos here in September.

Thanks to those sharing their progress on their blogs, etc. I've enjoyed the inspiration and stories! I'll just have to start thinking of starting one? we'll see?

Happy Beading,

Lillian :o)

June page finished :-)

Hello fellow beaders :-)

For those who could be interested, my finished June page can be viewed here :

It was great fun for me to play with threads and beads.



Here is a site where you can enter a web site address, just a few words, or whatever you would like translated.
Granted, this is a freebee, so the translation is rough --- but you get a better idea of what is being said.

You can also just Google the word translation and it will give you other translations sites.

Hope this helps.

Beadin' Gram / Jackie

Birthday Week

G'Day All,
Weather here is still gloomy, we have had continual rain here since my last post and it's been freezing. (Don't forget it's winter in the southern hemisphere). Have made little progress on my first page, because of the lack of light. I have not been idle, I've made up my next two months pages ready to start and put down some ideas in my notebook.

Luckily for me to uplift my spirits it's my Birthday on Thursday June 21 and to celebrate I'm going out for dinner and then to my favorite Piano Bar for some good old girls night out fun! There are about 6 of us going so will be good to catch up - none of them are beaders but all have bought jewelery from me, good friends! Yes there will be plenty of bling on display!
Age as we all know is relative/just a number - so I'm turning 21 again. (This will be 36th year of 21's)!

Thought you may like to see the beaded candlestick I made for my nephew's wedding.

Catch up again soon
Dinah - Nospoj

Sunday, June 17, 2007

La pagina di giugno

Finalmente sono riuscita ad elaborare graficamente la pagina di giugno. chi volesse vederla la trova sul mio blog delle perline:
e' solo un abbozzo, ma presto dovrei riuscire a fare qualcosa di concreto.
a presto matilda

June Project Finished!

I finished! Decided what I was going to do (FINALLY) yesterday and finished. Took photos this morning. If you'd like to see what I did, please visit my blog ...

I must admit ... I'm over the moon about this!!!!

-- Joanna in Tucson
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500 years of women in art

I just received an email with a link to this video on Youtube. I apologize if I'm the last person in the Universe to see this and you've all seen it before. If you haven't, it's really amazingly done and I hope you enjoy it. Someone has compiled 500 years of women's portraits in art and blended them together with music into an interesting sort of "journal." Click here to view. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Caren's Bead Journal Project

After struggling with what to do for my journal pages I finally decided on a theme which was so obvious it's hard to believe it took me so long to think of it. With my main web site being, flowers, of course, is the theme. From there the ideas came tumbling out. Execution is turning out to be more difficult as the only bead embroidery I've done is a couple of rows around a cab or two. Here's one I was wearing today.
For my Bead Journal pages I want to explore adding dimension to the flowers. My first square uses beads that are large and thick so they rise up of the page a bit. As you can read in my blog, it's been frustrating to get the petal to stay in one place.

By way of introduction my name is Caren and I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. I make 3-dimensional beaded flowers with wire and seed beads as well as jewelry. I love all the seed bead techniques and try them all out. I'm particularly fond of African Helix as well as any other kind of helix or spiral.

I've been through all the posts and have thoroughly enjoyed what everyone has to say as well as the photos about the beginnings of their journey on this project.

How do you temper the Wild Muse?

After reading a few recent posts, it seems many of us are overflowing with ideas that could fill our creative time for decades to come. I, too, have an imagination that can blast off on a million tangents from here to Vega and beyond! I would love to hear ideas about how to temper that Wild Muse - how do you keep track of ideas, how do you split time between a multitude of projects, or how do find the quiet eye in those creative brainstorms that allows you to actually bring an idea into reality? Through your creative journey have you found any good exercises or books that have helped you develop a more stable relationship with your Muse?
Warmest wishes for some quiet beading time!

Beading Progress for the week

Aloha all!
I've added a couple pics of my progress this week on my art blog. Check it out if you want. It's at the bottom of the front page.


That's how I'm feeling this morning!

I've n fussing about what I was going to do since I first learned about this project. Lots of ideas but nothing really seemed to "click". Instead, a lot of beading these past days. Not so much by choice as that's about all I can do right now.

In preparation for cataract surgery, I have had to exist without my contact lens. The result is rather significant eye wars. I haven't been able to do the things I'd normally do. But I can hold beading up to about 4" from my eye so that's what I've done.

Then this morning ... a big "Eureka!" I may even be completely finished by the end of the weekend.

For those waiting for Yahoo group invitations ... I have to try to get email addresses from your blogs, websites, etc. My computer work is restricted by the eye issues. So either go to and ask to join or email me at shimmers411 @ for an invite.

-- Joanna in Tucson

First Steps

I have been busy with my first page of the BJP. Anyone that wants to see it can take a look at my blog. The number seven is the theme of my year long project. Seven has always been a special number. I had a long list of sevens before I looked it up on the web, now the list is huge. It is going to be fun and interesting to decided on each month's project.

This is the first time I have tried bead embroidery. It seems limitless. My first page is rather simple because I didn't want to get in over my head at the beginning. I love looking at all the different projects you all have posted. I find my self spending way too much time on the computer when other parts of life need my attention.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Obsession or Addiction

I'm only about halfway through the first block in this journey and already I have ideas for the next two years of a BJP.

Pretty scary, eh? Or obsessed. Who knew I would love seed beads so much. Certainly not I but it only took one class about 3 years ago and now it's a sickness. At least it takes up less space than, say, marble and granite sculpture

First Progress Report

You can see it here.

I've been fascinated with viewing all the other pages so far - so much diversity, so much creativity - I've never been involved in such a large or lengthy project, and at first I thought I might have trouble sticking with it, but given all this inspired work and all the motivated beaders here, I feel like I'm being lifted on a wave. This sense of shared purpose, of a joyous artistic community, of forming new bonds of friendship - it's near to overwhelming. I know I'll make it, and I'm truly looking forward to the coming year.

Thank you, everyone!
Hi all,
Here's my first attempt at posting pictures, blogging, and linking...whoo, whoo!
I've posted what I've done so far, and if you have a moment please stop by my blog.
Thanks and happy beading!
Teresa S.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Good evening everyone. I would like to introduce myself. My name is Nancy. I live in northern CA and have been beading about 7 years or so now (unless you count when I was in high school and made love bead necklaces.) Beading helps me in a lot of ways, stress relief, creativity and expressing myself, color sense, even being able to knit. I realized when I started to knit, that beading helped my hand-eye coordination and my ability to do hand work. I have always done some kind of creative work but beading has been the best. Although I really love knitting...and then there is photography (this blogging has renewed my interest in that) and always reading and my dogs and traveling...I am putting aside crocheting for awhile. I was having issues with that.

I am so pleased to be part of this group and thank Robin for starting it and lettting Bead Daily know about it. That is how I learned about it. I deliberated about it for a few days and finally decided to join on the very last day. I have already learned so much, the blogging and getting my pictures on the blog. Saving the pictures in a format to get on the blog, etc., etc. And here is my blog:

I invite all of you to take a look at it. I will post every few days or so as I work on the first page.

I will also add other items about my other interests.

Thanks, Nancy.

Trash Can

I have noticed a trash can at the bottom of the comments I make on the blog(s). I haven't seen this with anyone else's comments. Does any one know why I do. It is a delete button. Have I done too much talking and not enough beading so the beading fairy is getting back at me?

Making Progress

I've completed my Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon. You can see it here. I'm trying to decide how to display all the pages when I'm done. That will determine how I complete my page--should I bead the entire page, or leave part of it without beads so I can bind it into a book, hang it up, what?? I'm not sure yet. I'm leaning toward hanging them somehow.

Anyone else have this planned out yet?

I'm loving this project. I really enjoy seeing everyone's work. I am in awe of so many of you.

Happy beadin'


June page progress

I just uploaded photos of my June page which is now complete. If' you are interesting in seeing the finished page, feel free to check my blog.

Thanks so much for all the encouragement - this has been a fantastic journey so far... and to imagine, it's just underway. I think it's going to be a fun ride!

Take care,

Tripple Journey

Packing today, sick with a terrible cold, but still functioning... Take to the air in a small craft tomorrow morning, headed from our little island to Seattle... then taking the shuttle to SEA airport, where I catch a flight to St. Paul MN. Visiting my 90-year old Mom for a week (part 1 of the journey). Time to get well, many hours to bead while Mom naps (part 2 of the journey). And yes, I'll be beading my June journal page! Can't wait to get started!!!

From there, I'm headed east to Chicago for a 5-day teaching gig (part 3 of the journey) for the North Suburban Needle Arts Guild. I've always loved teaching guild members, as they accept and value the time it takes. Plus, I get to teach my 2-day workshops (finger weaving and bead embroidery), which I adore, because we go deeper into the process and the techniques, and I really get to know my students!

Back home on the 29th, in time to start getting ready for the Puget Sound Bead Festival (my favorite bead festival, where I'll be teaching for the 6th year in a row). Diary of a busy bead lady... that should be the theme of my pages, eh?

Happy beading to all of you while I'm away... I'm already looking forward to a catch up read when I return!

Posted by Robin A.


questo è un lavoro realizzato tanto tempo fa con perline nastri di seta e raso e cotone moulinè.con le perline ho costruito il vaso che contiene i fiori e tra i fiori ho aggiunto perline per dare luminosità.mi piacerebbe sapere cosa ne pensate.

ciao matilda

Taming the Bead Stash

Hi all,
I taken a big step with my beads and have tried Robin's suggestions of plastic bags and food storage containers. I love this method of bead storage. I have extra room for more stuff too! Just thought I' d share my organizational joy in case anyone else has cranky, cracked tubes!
Teresa S.

amazing blogs, inspiration, misc.

I am so amazed at everyone's starts. I am also truely happy to be involved in the project. I have been checking out everyone's blogs over the past few days and I am to say the least intimidated and certainly inspired. I'm inspired to keep trying and keep beading. Looking at everyone's blogs, I think, I may even try doing a blog of my own. Now that school is over and I have a few minutes free I might surprise myself. Thank you all for your inspiration, it keeps me going. Does anyone have the feeling that I do - I feel like I have to hurry up and finish my page? I think I've settled down a bit but before I was a bit frantic. I keep telling myself that I'm supposed to enjoy this project and not stress. Anyone else feel like that? Off to watch That's Clever.

Yahoo Group

Would whoever started the Yahoo Group please let me know how to join?


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

How do you feel about admiration/inspiration/imitation ?

This is a question I would like to ask.

After looking at all these wonderful bead blogs, I feel I am "filled" with other people's work. It's a good thing, eye candy and soul candy. Then when I start beading, I find that under my fingers often come colours, themes or patterns that I have liked in other people's beading.

This is not a problem for me, but I hope it isn't either for fellow beaders.

What do you think about that ?



Project Update

Hi everyone. I just wanted to let those who like to see a project's progression know that I have an updated photo on my blog. I am having so much fun. It has taken this long to post an update because I have been too busy trying to read as many participant's blogs as I can fit in each evening! There are some very interesting people working on this BJP. Thank you so much Robin, for starting this group.

My new blog! Yikes!

Hello BJP'ers!

June has finally arrived in the Rockies, following snow and 70 mph winds last week, it's a welcome if fickle presence.

I've been beading for around 15 years, doing a combination of necklaces and embroidery, and other strange stuff, like using Cheerios as beads. I'm planning to use non-edible beads for this project, though! The image below is one I did using size 15 and smaller seed beads.

The contagion has finally gotten to me and I've started a blog at Somewhere along the line I'll learn how to add links like y'all are doing.

It's been fun to meet you through your blogs and posts and I'm looking forward to an exciting year of beading!
I'm a bit slow getting started -- but hey, that's me !
Work always seems to get in the way of my beading time!
Oh and the ever present book to read on the train on the way home (when I don't fall victim to a nap!).
At any rate, I'm Katie B -- and I'm here.
Just getting started on my items.

Glad to be here and be a part!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


An update on my page is posted on my blog if you'd like to take a peek!!

Beginning Bead Embroidery

Hello everyone! I am almost new to bead embroidery, but am excited to take part in the Bead Journal Project. I'm really enjoying visiting everyone's blogs and am just awed by all your creativity and talent! I'll be posting my adventures in the BJP on my blog: Jeweled Elegance. I've just started my June journal entry and have posted a few pics. If you like medieval or renaissance art, or would just like to give a newbie feedback, I'd love for you to stop by!

This is just wonderful fun and I think it's a great way to grow and share as artists!

page in progress

I've been ill for a few days but I managed to put in a few hours on my June page this afternoon. You can see the results here. I'm planning to create a wallhanging from the completed pages; the back of each page will have a pocket for a written journal entry. I hope to have June's pocket completed by next week. I'll prepare the written entries at the end of each month so that I include a few months about the creative journal process as well as that month's particular meaning for me.

One down and eleven to go

Hi Fellow Fanatics...

I've so enjoyed seeing the work of my fellow participants that I've decided to post my journal pages on my blog, Born Under a Bead Sign, as I complete them. Sooo, if anyone cares to peek....

Linda (in Halifax, Nova Scotia)

I'm a little farther along than this

I showed some of my friends the fabric I've chosen and even posted some pictures on Sam Beads. I'm doing my best to post weekly as I go along but we all know how life gets in the way sometimes. I love this project and my last husband is even showing some interest in the progress which in itself is a little amazing. My brain is already thinking of what shape July's page is going to take even as I bead away in June....

Hello from La Center, WA

Who would have thought that the posting part would be the hardest thing about this project? It has taken me this long to figure it out! That must give you some idea how computer savy I am.
Anyway, I am thrilled to be a part of this group. This project came to me during a very stressful time in my life and is exactly what I need. This is prodding me to grow and learn and create and all on my own terms. I have decided to use the gifts of nature that I associate with each month as a springboard for each page. I am almost done with my June flower garden and looking forward to July. What a joy. Thank you Robin, thank you, thank you, thank you!
Kay C., WA


I snapped another photo yesterday of my work on progress.

It's been so fun for me to follow the links in this blog and see all the other works in progress. I appreciate that several of you take the time to post the links to your WIP. I understand some may not like to post photos of their works in progress and I appreciate that too. I've been roaming around the internet checking on many of the blogs associated with the group here... such inspiring creations out there.

I am having a blast and hope everyone is having as much fun!

Take care,

Monday, June 11, 2007

Tally from Hamburg

I'm Tally from Hamburg/Germany, living outside the city.
This morning I wrote about my entrance to this wonderful project on my blog. Because I'm not sure if I use the piece I'm just working at I can't show it to you here. I would be very happy if you have a look.

Reading blogs for me is about looking at pictures. Since I'm new to beading except a little here and a little there I can't post anything else so I decided to publish a picture about the place where I am beading - if the Hamburg weather allows it. This year is beautiful and I'm enjoying every minute.

I'm glad being in this project. Connecting worldwide is one of my lifepurposes.

The Bad Liz starts

My June Bead Journal project is where I am starting - check it out or don't check it out depending on your preferences. In medical terms, this would be called my "baseline" or this is my comfort zone.

I have started

Hi all,
I have posted my progress on my blog and written about the Bead Journal Project so others will know more about it. Here is what I said about my progress so far. You can see a pic on my blog.
So here I am into the Bead Journal Project. I have decided to feature at least one of my handmade ceramic beads on each page and have begun with a square raku bead that I really like. So far it is going well. I chose a moleskin burgundy fabric that I have fused to a light weight pelon and that seems to be working. My page size is 4 1/4 x 6 inches. So far I am really enjoying the process and I am working on two peyote stitch necklaces with my ceramic beads, simultaneously. I have already met a fellow beader who is also interested in putting handmade beads in her journal, Andrea Blum. Thank you Andrea for choosing some of my handmade ceramic beads.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday Night Update

This week's update is up on my blog.

My Page... Part 3

I've made a little more headway on my first page. You can see it at my blog if you like. I'm having a great time working on this with all of you.

Saturday, June 9, 2007


Hi BJPers,
I've added a picture of my progress to my blog. This was taken a few days ago so I'm farther along than the picture. I should get the ribbon part done tonight. Then ???


Friday, June 8, 2007

Winter Finally Arrived

G'day Everyone,
Have been enjoying our 'Indian Summer' up until Thursday when winter arrived with avengeance.
We have had severe storms and the rain hasn't let up for more than an hour. Hopefully the country areas that need the rain are getting it and the drought has finally broken. So what has this to do with beading you may well ask? For me it means everything comes to a stop as I can't see properly to do it under lighting I need the daylight, but overcast and rain mean no beading for me. I am enjoying it so much and have been powering throught my first project page. Oh well I did manage to write some ideas on paper but my mood is as gloomy as the weather. Will feel a bit better soon as I have my 3 day weekend this week starting on Monday. Hopefully the weather will improve too.
Dinahj - Nospoj

CC's BJP Friday Update

Aloha all!

Just a note to let you know that I updated my post with some BJP info, as well as other stuff! Hope you all are having a happy weekend.

Check it out here: CC's Art Blog

Blessings to all!


My First Excited Hello

Hi Everyone,

My name is Lillian from Washington, USA :o) I am new to this "blogging thing", so be patient please :o) I am so glad I found this BJP! I've loved beads all my life but did not have the time to pursue my passion. Recently I experienced a life-altering event with an injury I sustained and am starting over in so many ways...This project comes at a perfect time. Thank you Robin for putting this whole thing together!! I look forward to getting to know you all and sharing this journey!

To New Beginnings,

Lillian :o)

My First Excited Hello

Hi Everyone,

My name is Lillian from Washington, USA :o) I am new to this blogging thing, so be patient please

Bead and Button Show

The past few days have been a daze for me. Bead and Button is in town. It is a whirlwind of learning, meeting like-minded people and beads everywhere! I met people from Mexico, Canada, Japan and Australia so far. (You should see the strings of opal beads at the Australian booth.... drrooooooooooooool.)

What amazes me is that there is this vortex of creation and creativity and learning in the middle of a town that barely knows we're there. Just life as normal.

I got to meet Beki from Out on a Whim Beads. She was so busy at her booth today, but she took time to talk to me while she rang people up. She was so kind to me. This is a picture of Out on a Whim's booth.

I won't post much here. If you want to read/see more, visit my blog.

Just a quick post to say I've started.... I've used painted / glued / gel medium on a piece of organic cotton (that I bought in the supermarket.. it's sold as dishcloths!) the fabric has been cut... 6" x 6" I'm planning on an 8" book... as that's the size of the journal I'm using to document this project... I'm stitching/beading an ATC at the moment... just to try out a few things... if you would like to see the fabric I've posted a picture on my blog...

best wishes


Starting the flow :}

I've posted and detailed the process of my cover for this project------June's page though will be the first :} I needed to focus my thoughts and plans for this, so decided creating the cover first wouldn't be cheating!
My effort can be seen at

EDIT: I started an UNoffical Flickr group also-----

I am so happy to be here :)

Hi everyone, my name is Lisa and I finally managed to get on here YAY! I am fairly new to this type of beading but am already enjoying myself as I get started on my project. I am really looking forward to taking my journalling to a whole other level and really let my creativity burst free. I work as an engineer and tend to be bound tight with deadlines, regulations, rules, everything in its place and so rigid. In some ways, I am very nervous about this project as it will really be moving outside my comfort zone, but I am looking forward to the challenges it will present.

I also started a blog for the first time, just to keep track of my progress on the project and see what it brings up for me. It is so odd writing on the computer instead of my journal, but a lot easier on my hands :) Only two posts so far and no pictures until after this weekend, but you can find the start here.

For this month, I felt really drawn to work with blues as I have been working a lot on my throat chakra and when I was struggling this week to find an inspiration, I found that an issue that has been challenging me a lot lately was really represented in a particular bead and that got me started. I am so looking forward to seeing where this leads me and finding healing for this area of my life through a medium I have not used before.

Lastly, I wanted to say Hi to was wonderful meeting you in person and being able to talk about the project. I look forward to future conversations as we take this journey.


My (non)Progress

I've gotten as far as the general idea of what I'd like to do. Now to rework my schedule so I can get at it!!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

A Little More Progress...

I was able to do a little more, then reached a temporary stopping place. You can check it out at my blog. Will I stop at the vertical line, or keep going? And I'm not sure if I'll keep the blue line along the left side... Among other things. It's a good time to put it away for a while and come back later when I will have a clearer idea of what direction to take.

Hello from New England!

Pleased to be here and I'm looking forward to getting to know as many of you as possible during our year-long journey together! I'm Cyndi, and I write a couple of arts blogs for some large blogging networks and articles for a couple of magazines. What that really means is that I'm quite used to having to create and write on demand. So of course my first thought was to be super organized about this whole thing and to plan out all twelve pages right away...yuck! What was I thinking?

I got as far as picking a size and a theme for the pages, and then said hey...I don't have to know exactly what each one is going to look like! I've got the theme, that's all I need. What a novel idea! Now when I'm sitting in front of the air conditioner in the middle of July, trying to come up with holiday projects for my editor, I will also be able to be working on a wonderful project that doesn't demand that I think six months in advance :-)

Cyndi L

Bead Arts
Layers Upon Layers


finalmente riesco ad entrare... spero.
saluto quindi tutti e ringrazio Robin per questa meravigliosa iniziativa.
e' la prima volta che partecipo ad una cosa come questa e sono veramente felice di farlo. cercherò di scrivere in inglese prossimamente anche se penso che sia più semplice scrivere in italiano e lasciar fare ai traduttori.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Pages started!

Well, today I cut & pieced together my pages--they're all ready for beading! You can see them if you'd like on my blog at

Small World

Greetings from Denise D - I was just at our local library (Old Orchard Beach, ME) and the librarian was busy chatting with a patron. Lo and behold the patron is an "art quilter" and had participated in the Journal Quilt Project which Robin Atkins mentioned seeing. Apparently from Robin's comments, it was this exhibit that gave her the idea of starting our BJP. Kathy Angel Lee, the quilter I met, had two of her quilts selected for inclusion in their publication. As it turns out, Kathy lives about a block away!

Blogging question... edit vs. new post

Question for the blogger savvy...

I have added a progress photo of my first BJP page to my own blog. When I'm ready to update with additional notes and another progress photo - would you edit the original post and add the new stuff or would you create a new post? What do you do? I don't know or even pretend to understand the differences.

Same would hold true on this blog for updates to original posts... edit original post or create a new one? If this isn't the proper place to pose this question, I'd be grateful to anyone that could point me in the right direction.


Blogging Away

I have been thinking and thinking about my project. It seems that this first one sets the size of the whole project out... why do we have to do the hardest thing first!? :-) I am writing about that in my blog please visit me there. I will be adding photos to the blog there as I work. I enjoy seeing what others are doing along the way, and will share as I work.
Thanks again, Robin for your hard work. Responding to every one of us was a full time job for you! I hope you are hearing all the accolades that people are paying you! We wouldn't be here as a group of 240 of us if not for you! And thanks for the kind words of encouragement about not worrying about the "beading police"! LOL!
Is anyone else out there considering working on their own photos on fabric printed through an inkjet printer? Have you done that before? Were you pleased with the result? That's what I am considering, and need to just get started......

Progress report

I snapped a photo early yesterday of my work in progress. Click the link if you'd like to see it.

It felt odd - I don't usually take, let alone post photos of work in progress, but I think it will be nice to be able watch the transformation in photos. I've been touring many of the participants blogs when I have a spare moment - I can get lost in them for hours, what a treat. Inspiration everywhere I look! I'm having a ball...


Work in progress

Hi, I am Judi D. from Fruita, Co. I will be posting progress pictures of my journal pages on my blog. I started beading with my Grandma as a child, I was the daisy chain queen. I came across the Bead Art Forum about 6 years ago and now have more beads than I will use in a life time and their own room in my studio. I have dabbled in many art mediums, but the shiny little things always want to be played with. I tend to do sculptured type work, so this will be a stretch for me.

Thank you Robin, for following your dream and creating a reality for all of us to explore. I feel honored to be among such great bead artist, some of whom I follow weekly on their blogs.

I am an avid gardener and photographer and will be posting pictures of flowers and such along with works I have done in the past.

Have a great day

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

So exciting!

I have been looking at craft/art blogs online for about a year--and have not seen so many great beader's blogs until you started this project and blog, Robin--thanks! I am enjoying looking at several new blogs a day now with stunning is such a pleasure, and inspiring also. I am finding them all through this if you have a blog or website, be sure and leave us all a link!

Newbie beader JoTee

I feel like the green grass of summer with this lets see if I can do this part right My idea is to post photo's as I progress & at this point my start is pretty slow, but I did purchase some new beads today & last my fingers are crossed that all goes well with the first month of June.

Hello, all! Time to step up to the plate and introduce myself! I'm Jodie, I live in Nebraska with my husband and three children. I've been beading since I was vey young--my grandmother loved all things crafty, including beading. I still have one of her crochet ropes--it hangs on my bedroom mirror so I can see it every day. I don't know exactely where this project will take me, but am anxious to get started! You can see some of my work on my blog at


I'm going to say this--(so Robin doesn't have to)--she asked us to not post photos of works in progress (or finished pages) here until September 2007, so this a reminder. It is ok to post them on your own blog, tho.
Please correct me if I'm wrong, Robin
Happy beading all...
Here goes, it is a lot easier to do links now that I downloaded Firefox. I have a Mac and Safari only showed the spell check and photo not the link, bold, italics etc. The photo is my piece that is currently at Bead Dreams. It is called "Dragons Fly Into my Heart"

I have started a section of my website just for the Bead Journal Project (Angie BJP) . I am including a section for photos each month and a journal/blog for each month. It is definitely a work in progress and I am learning as I go, luckily Macs are very user friendly. My main website is (Artistic Kreations and Passions ) and if you want a direct to my main blog it is (Angie's Blog). I won't be putting all of my BJP into my main blog although I will include some references to it.

Hope you enjoy and good luck with all of your projects, Angie

In Progress...

I've gotten maybe halfway (or more!) through my first page. Please view it at where I have moved it so as not to be breaking the rules so early on. (Oops!) I am enjoying this tremendously so far. It is saving my precarious sanity as we pack and prep our house for sale.

Work In Progress

As planned, I didn't start thinking about my beaded journal project in great detail until last Friday. I'd toyed with ideas on imagery as well as size and had a few great ideas, or so I thought. Then, while driving to my Combattitude class after work, the proverbial light bulb went off and I and a huge grin spread across my face. I had it!

Last night was the beginning of the building process and I'm excited about where it may go. I'm letting the beads and the moment guide the direction. Nothing to look at yet but as soon as I have something tangible, I'll post a link.

I hope everyone is having fun with this. No stress. No pressure. This isn't a race or a competition. I'm looking forward to seeing where everyone else goes as well as I do in all this... delightful madness.

Another Work in Progress

CC's Art Blog OK, Robin, I think I did it. It came back with a Blogger error before, so I'm trying again. I am posting to my blog, but only once a week as I have other projects I'm working on. So here's what I've posted so far!
With aloha,

Work In Progress

Denise's blog This is a link to my blog that has my work in progress for the month of June. I'm loving these dagger beads! I want continue on with this but I also want to step up my own personal challenge to do more complicated things. I have done this type of bead embroidery before so it's not challenging for me so next month - well we'll see. I still have ideas for this block too, so I'll post when I'm done!
Cheers, Denise

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Posted by Robin A.

June 5, and I Haven't Started Yet + Request

The title says it all. The good news is that soon I'll have a week in MN, visiting my 90-year old Mom, with lots of time to bead. All I have to do is gather some favorite beads and stuff, put it all in a project box, and open it when I get there. The next step will be to pick up a bead I love, and sew it on somewhere. (That's my mantra for getting started.)

Here is my request... If you are posting work in progress or finished BJP pages on your website or blog, will you PLEASE write a short post about it here and provide a link to the appropriate page? Thanks so much!

Posted by Robin A.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Bead Questions

OK, this is not for my journal - I was just playing and it brought up some questions.
1) The first "row" I did on this small embroidery was the one along the top - to define the arch shape. After attaching the beads using the backstitch, I went back through the whole "row". The next row is just inside that one. Should one also go back through all the beads in the second row - this would seem to pull them away from the first row. I haven't done bead embroidery for awhile and so can't remember how I did it before. I ended up anchoring the second row to the first, but I don't really think that is the solution. On any "row" of beads, if there is a curve to it, do you avoid going back through all of them?

2) If using the backstitch, will you get a better defined shape if you do a 2 forward, one back instead of stitching on more beads at once, like a 3 forward, 2 back? I know in embroidery, if the line is relatively straight, you make your stitches all the same size, but then when you get to a sharp curve you "slow down" and make the stitches smaller - is there a similar idea in bead embroidery?

3) This is sort of a big question. I've done lots of different projects in the beading magazines - some peyote, some square stitch, etc. But I am master of none and I don't have a good overview of what stitch is best used for what application. Some stitches seem better for a square shape, some are better for a vessel, etc. I'd like to combine some 3-D beading with my bead embroidery - so, for instance for a flower petal - what is the best stitch to use?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Happy Beading......
~Lin Moon

Hello from Portland, OR

I'm so happy to be a part of this project! Usually I tend to see something like this and say, "That would be fun. But no time/no money/no motivation..." and whatnot. So I miss out on actually doing anything. However, beading is my art and passion, and has been ever since I discovered this little book, One Bead At A Time, at General Beads when I lived in San Francisco. That was in... 1999? 2000? Doesn't matter. The book completely changed my life and art, and, though I had sort of liked beading and beads, I've been completely bead-crazy since then. I bought the book in early summer, found out Robin was teaching at the Embellishment conference in Portland, and drove up there. I'd always liked visiting Portland, but this time I was completely won over by the city, and eventually my husband and I moved here.

At this time, my life is going topsy-turvy. We are selling our house in favor of a smaller, more art-friendly place (yet to be found), so our days are spent packing and doing various home improvement-type things. I'm also having some interesting family stuff going on with my elderly mother... At first I thought that, as much as I wanted to do this, it was crazy to be taking on such a big commitment. But then my husband, who has more common sense than I, pointed out that doing this would be a wonderful oasis of calm and sanity in the midst of all the upheaval and change. And he's right--it works! I'm in the midst of my first page, which I pick up and work on from time to time. I'm having to be very careful not to pack up all the beads, though!

I'm looking forward so much to seeing everyone's pages and ideas! I haven't worked out a theme or any plan, really, though I'm sure those will evolve as the year goes by. I'm thinking of a page size of 3 1/2" x 4", but that isn't final, I guess, until that first page is done. I'm not even sure if I will bind my pages in a book form or lay them out like a quilt, or...? I'm sure the pages will "tell" me what to do. And the best part... I, and all of us, will have 12 pieces of artwork at the end of this!


Hello Fellow Commiters!

Reading your posts is inspiring me to go home and bead! I've decided that my journal is going to be called "Found." I have a box full of interesting found objects I've picked up over the years. Each journal page will have at least one of these objects on it. Of course, "found" is going to involve much more than just objects. Pretty broad, huh? Oh well, we'll see how this unfolds in the bead universe.

Cheers to you all,

Greetings from MN

Hi, I'm Terri. I am excited to be a part of all this enthusiasm! I am brand new to blogging, and I originally thought the blogging part was the "journal". I went ahead and finished a beaded whale ( a wire armature piece) thinking finishing an old 'UFO' for a new project was a good energy to start with. Then I realized that this was a journal making project. Hmmm,oh, no, what to do, Ive already entered this thing.
After some scrambling and second thoughts, I came across an old Pirate poem I wrote years ago that I have always wanted to somthing with. It's been a blast ever since! Obsession anyone?
I just wanted to thank all of you in advance, for the inspiring work on the blog, for the opportunity to participate, and for the great community thats been created by everyone.
In my case two wrongs have turned into a better right than if I had planned it! Woo Hoo! Release the Muses! Have fun! Make mistakes! Laugh hard! Love your work! T

Help with finding a bead

Hi all,
I've been looking for a Toho seed bead size 11 that is a very pale blue, opaque with a cloudy look to it and not shiney. I can't figure out how to identify this bead. I also had some in a seafoam green color. Ring any bead bells?

June 4th already...

I've not started stitching/beading yet but I've made a start... lots of notes and sketches in my beading journal, a piece of fabric which I've started painting... so I feel I'm making progress...

looking forward to my invite to join the yahoo group ... great idea...

must stop now as I've work to do.... I work from home so it's so easy to get

best wishes