Monday, May 21, 2007

Hi from New Mexico

I'm Sarah, I've been beading since the 60's, some years seriously, some years just off and on. I'm excited to stretch my creative muscles with this project, and am planning to use moderate sized pages (maybe 4 or 5 inches square) and am hoping to work more with beads incorporated into a sort of mixed media format rather than just beads, which has been mostly what I've done in the past. Last year I did several large projects, pipe and flute bags for some local alternative shaman/healers, and kept a written journal of the journey. The idea of doing a bead journal never occured to me, but it sounds great. Right now I'm not working on much other than Bead ATC's for the All About Beads forum swap. I have done some very large embroidered pieces, and my favorite is my beaded vest...shown above. The moon phase panel was done in '97, and the dragon was worked from around 2001 to 2002.
I'm hoping to have time to spend reading and sharing on this blog. What a great idea!


Robin said...

Thanks so much for posting the picture of your lovely vest. If you have time, I'd love to see a detail shot of both the moon phase and dragon.

beadnik said...

Hey Robin, I'll try and get some fresh pics of it today. I haven't really gotten detail shots that I like yet... Today would be as good a day as any to try again.

Timaree said...

Hi Sarah. I am glad people are sharing what they've done. I like your vest.

What is the All About Beads forum that you mentioned you are making ATC's for? I saw ATC's mentioned on a site I was visiting and couldn't figure out what they were. Then I picked up a book I had just received from my recent order at Amazon called Artist Trading Card Workshop. CLICK,CLICK!!

flyingbeader said...

FreeBird----You'd love All About Beads. It if on Delphi Forum & is owned by Beki Haley from WhimBeads (my favorite place to spend my mula for beads). It is a nice group of bead artist who share ideas, stories & life with each other. We do swaps & a charity called Beading For A Cure which raises money for Colo-Rectal Cancer Research.

BTW...LOVE that vest