Saturday, June 16, 2007

How do you temper the Wild Muse?

After reading a few recent posts, it seems many of us are overflowing with ideas that could fill our creative time for decades to come. I, too, have an imagination that can blast off on a million tangents from here to Vega and beyond! I would love to hear ideas about how to temper that Wild Muse - how do you keep track of ideas, how do you split time between a multitude of projects, or how do find the quiet eye in those creative brainstorms that allows you to actually bring an idea into reality? Through your creative journey have you found any good exercises or books that have helped you develop a more stable relationship with your Muse?
Warmest wishes for some quiet beading time!


CC said...

I don't try to temper the Muse. What I do is keep an Idea Sketchbook with me at all times. Then when I get an idea, I jot it down, or doodle a sketch. Or even paste in a color bit, whatever, just so I capture the idea. I figure I've honored my muse, & then I have all these idea books for later when I get blocked! Ha! It's impossible to get blocked with all these ideas!
With aloha, CC

Timaree said...

I use a notebook to jot down ideas too. It's too bad I forget to keep it with me all the time so a lot of ideas go on by and get forgotten. That does cut down on the number waiting to be done.LOL

Quilter Kathy said...

Great question Nancy! I have the same problem right now and haven't sewn a single bead for this project yet. I just can't settle down and pick one idea...the BJP has sparked a fury of creativity.
I am writing everything down in my writing journal and making sketches in my sketchbook, but I am waiting for the dust to settle before I pick one idea. Some things came together this weekend and if I still like the ideas on Monday I will finally start.
As Sam said on friday, I have enough ideas for 2 years of BJP!

M.J. Mullins said...

I have a sketchbook that travels with me, too - but I also transcribe all those wild notes onto index cards (I usually attach a few beads, or maybe a photo from a magazine with great color combinations) and I keep them in a recipe box! Well, actually there's more than one box - but you get the idea.

KM said...

Fascinating discussion!

most times, i just dive right in and start beading the closest idea as soon as I can get to my beads. i have a few projects going on all at once in various states of completion.

I have a couple of ideas simmering around in my head that become clearer and clearer every day. Those projects, that stay in my mind are the ones that usually see realization.

Lately, I've been carefully planning & choosing my projects & doing the ones that have sentimental meaning and purpose for me.

Happy Beading!

artandtea said...

Hi Nancy, I also write down ideas and color combinations as they come to me throughout my day. With my BJP page, however, I am trying to follow Robin's advice from her book "One Bead at a Time" and let the beads be my muse. Thanks Robin! Pick a bead up and then another and then another without planning. Just go with the flow, pick up beads I like and see what my inner voice has to say. It's been a fascinating process seeing my image emerge and change with each day. I just got a new camera so I'm hoping to post my progress soon on my blog. Happy Beading! -Karen

Anonymous said...

Aloha everyone - thank you so much for your responses. I have been meaning to keep a sketchbook/ notebook, too. I assume that helps to declutter the brain so one has the space to actually create? But that Muse even has creative ideas about the sketchbook - it could be a small beaded notebook worn as a necklace, or maybe a specially designed bag that can be worn as a shoulder bag, etc. Phew - so many ideas - sometimes all I can do is lay down with a cool cloth on the forehead! I've also been thinking about restarting a meditation practice - hopefully the Muse will practice, too, and allow me some time to just create!

LJ said...

How? I gave up vacuuming. Ohhh, it was such a sacrifice, but I did it. I gave up doing the dishes on a regular basis - oh yes, and any semblance of a social life.
There's no controlling the Muse! She has no respect for any interests but her own.