Friday, June 22, 2007

update on my June page...

I got a late start on my June journal... Couldn't make up my mind onto the size and shape I wanted to do for the entire year..Of course as most times, I went back to my first size and basic shape... . I do know I want to make each into a small quiltie to hang together on one wall... I just can't put them into a book... I hope this way it helps me to do something different and creative each month.

I did put a couple photo's of where I am at now on "Midnight Lace" ..I don't have a clue to why that name came into my mind as my June theme, but I couldn't shake it, so it must be right... I do plan to work hard on this the next week and catch up with the July one on time...

I love seeing everyone's work that they have done so far... It is so inspiring and keeps me pushing myself!

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