Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tripple Journey

Packing today, sick with a terrible cold, but still functioning... Take to the air in a small craft tomorrow morning, headed from our little island to Seattle... then taking the shuttle to SEA airport, where I catch a flight to St. Paul MN. Visiting my 90-year old Mom for a week (part 1 of the journey). Time to get well, many hours to bead while Mom naps (part 2 of the journey). And yes, I'll be beading my June journal page! Can't wait to get started!!!

From there, I'm headed east to Chicago for a 5-day teaching gig (part 3 of the journey) for the North Suburban Needle Arts Guild. I've always loved teaching guild members, as they accept and value the time it takes. Plus, I get to teach my 2-day workshops (finger weaving and bead embroidery), which I adore, because we go deeper into the process and the techniques, and I really get to know my students!

Back home on the 29th, in time to start getting ready for the Puget Sound Bead Festival (my favorite bead festival, where I'll be teaching for the 6th year in a row). Diary of a busy bead lady... that should be the theme of my pages, eh?

Happy beading to all of you while I'm away... I'm already looking forward to a catch up read when I return!

Posted by Robin A.


Snowrose said...

Hi Robin, I hope you feel better real soon! Get some good old chicken soup going. It always helps a bad cold and it's also good for the soul. (No pun intended)... How do we find out about joining a guild like the one you're going to? Is it one where they do needle work of every kind imaginable so as long as it involves needle work? Have an absolutely enjoyable time with mom and rest as much as you can before heading out to teach and then return home for the festival. Have a wonderful & SAFE trip. Be happy!

Padparadscha said...

Yes, Robin, hope you have a safe journey and lots of nice surprises !

CC said...

Oh, Robin, do take care of yourself! Have safe travels & wonderful, inspiring times! Just don't get too pooped out!
With aloha,

Teresa said...

Hi Robin,
The weather is supposed to be nice here in the Chicago area until Monday or Tuesday. The Cicadas are singing in some areas. Hope you feel better! I'm sorry to miss your classes here.
Teresa S.

Lois2037 said...

I hope you get well soon. We had that cold here in Portland earlier this month and it was awful! With lots of rest, which I sort of neglected, it will hopefully clear up fast. How wonderful to get to spend time with your mother!

Artifax said...

Safe journey!

s said...

Have a safe trip Robin and take care of yourself.

mAtilda said...

ciao Robin, mi unisco agli auguri per te e per il tuo viaggio.
copriti con una calda coperta di lana e di affetto,
ciao, a presto, matilda

Lillian said...

Robin, GET WELL SOON! Have a fun and safe trip :o) Hugs to your mom,

LJ said...

Feel better - and bon voyage!