Friday, June 15, 2007

Hi all,
Here's my first attempt at posting pictures, blogging, and linking...whoo, whoo!
I've posted what I've done so far, and if you have a moment please stop by my blog.
Thanks and happy beading!
Teresa S.

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Jeri said...

Hi bead journalists! I found out about this project today, and wish I'd had a chance to join, as I know you will all have such fun. I've been involved in a quilting journal project for the last 5 years, along with 400 other quilters, and it has been a teriffic way to expand boundaries, explore technique and share and conceptualize artistic growth. We had quilters using any technique imaginable, from beads,bead embroidery, thread painting,regular embroidery,drawing, painting, sewing, etc. Last year we published a book, "Creative Quilting:The Journal Quilt Project" with images from almost all of the artists involved.I know you will enjoy your journeys and I look forward to seeing what evolves. Most of all, have fun!