Tuesday, June 26, 2007


il lavoro per la mia pagina di giugno va avanti, ma avrei bisogno di un suggerimento.
qualcuno può andare a vederla sul mio blog http://puntieperline.blogspot.com?

mi complimento, intanto per tutti i vostri lavori. ho poco tempo e non lascio commenti, ma vado a vedere tutto ciò che inserite.
ciao, matilda


Timaree said...

the job for my page of june goes ahead, but I would have need of a suggestion. someone puo to go to see it on mine blog http://puntieperline.blogspot.com? I compliment myself, while for all your jobs. I have time little and I do not leave comments, but I go to see all cio that inserted hello, matilda
(This is what I got back from the translator http://world.altavista.com/tr

Tally said...

Last paragraph: In the mean time my compliment for all your work. I have not much time ....., but I will look into all (blogs), that gets announced here.

(no dime for my English grammer, but at least I know a bit from most of the languages here in BJP, ;-) )

Timaree said...

Thanks Tally. The translators don't work as well as people do. I think you do very well. I have noticed a lot of Europeans know more than one language in a usable quality. As Americans travel more, I think we want to learn more languages. My son has learned spanish and some italian- just not enough italian yet. My daughter knows spanish somewhat. And to think, two generations back, spanish and english were both used by my family. What have we lost?

mAtilda said...

thanks for your answers.
I speack an scolastic enghlish, and it's very ugly.
I have learned a lot on Internet. and continuous to learn from all you.
I know a little also French and Spanish.
the German not, but would learn it.

spero abbiate capito qualcosa :-)

Lillian said...

Thank you Matilda for sharing! Thank you Tally and "freebird" for helping us understand! Lillian