Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My new blog! Yikes!

Hello BJP'ers!

June has finally arrived in the Rockies, following snow and 70 mph winds last week, it's a welcome if fickle presence.

I've been beading for around 15 years, doing a combination of necklaces and embroidery, and other strange stuff, like using Cheerios as beads. I'm planning to use non-edible beads for this project, though! The image below is one I did using size 15 and smaller seed beads.

The contagion has finally gotten to me and I've started a blog at Somewhere along the line I'll learn how to add links like y'all are doing.

It's been fun to meet you through your blogs and posts and I'm looking forward to an exciting year of beading!


Timaree said...

Hi Vicki. I learned how to do a link right here on this blog. Click on the topic window at: A2.posting how-to. Robin wrote up a nice tutorial for us. Good luck. I'll check out your blog. It is fun, isn't it?!

Padparadscha said...

Beading with Cheerios must have been fun !

Mary Timme said...

I forgot to offer a link, I'll do that and you used bolts at one time didn't you? You are amazing, Vick, just amazing.