Monday, June 18, 2007

June page Started

Hi Everyone,

I've decided to try the 4x6 (postcard size) for now. My main theme is sunflowers for my June project. My sister got me "hooked" on them (they symbolize "hope"-my middle name) and since I love flowers, a natural way to start. I'm trying to figure out how to lay it to this :o) I'll be able to post photos here in September.

Thanks to those sharing their progress on their blogs, etc. I've enjoyed the inspiration and stories! I'll just have to start thinking of starting one? we'll see?

Happy Beading,

Lillian :o)


sf said...

Hey Lillian - Send me your mailing addy if you would like me to send you a copy of my "love is a place" atc series ---

Lillian said...

Thanks Sarah I'd love that :o) Lillian

Timaree said...

Do we really have to wait for September. The blogs are easy to start up!

Lillian said...

I'm working on it Timaree :o) (trying to get the hang of taking and posting photos... Thanks, Lillian :o)