Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Beaded ATC

This is a beaded ATC I made for an online class. It is buttons and beads on pink felt sewn through Timtex stabilizer. I apologize for the fan stitch; I wasn't used to forcing the stitch into such a confined space (2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches)! The picot edging makes the little piece too big for a traditional ATC, but I think it is cheerful nonetheless. The filler beads in the negative spaces are moss stitch, which I love to do.
Andrea, Minnesota


Lillian said...

Hi Andrea,

I enjoy making ATC's also and love the colors and texture in yours :o) I'm new to beading in this way, so could you let me know what the "moss stitch" is?

Thanks for sharing,

Lillian in WA

prairieknitter01 said...

It's easy, and fills in a background with lots of texture! You come up through with your needle, put three beads on the string, and go down right next to where you came up. That way, you have one bead sitting on the fabric hole facing up, another bead right next to it also sitting on the fabric with the hole facing up and the middle bead is sitting on top of both of them. The next stitch, you can start over again with three beads or you can go up in a new spot, put two beads on, and go down through the third bead from your first stitch. It's like doing the picot stitch on a flat surface. I learned it from "Beading on Fabric: An Encyclopedia of Bead Stitch Techniques" by Larkin Van Horn. I don't know what I would do without that book!


s said...

Oh Andrea thank you for that post. I didn't know what that stitch was either and I will have to go looking for that book. I am also new to beading embroidery, but have beaded for many years.
I love your ATC, I just started doing them but haven't done any with beads yet.
I think your color combination is wonderful, very restful.

prairieknitter01 said...

Sunni: You will really enjoy that book! I get a lot of use from it, and it is very inspiring. The pages showing how to build up an edging is just about worn out in my copy!


s said...

Thats awesome, I will be sure to find

Carol said...

I do love that book. Love your ATC simply stunning.

LJ said...

Andrea, I really like this piece. The colors are just wonderful. In future could you (and others)post "small" size for blogger but one we can click on to enlarge a bit? (Not suggesting gigantic, but a bit bigger). I would SO love to see this more clearly!

prairieknitter01 said...

carol and lj: thank you for your comments! I will try to post an enlargable picture in the future. I try to conserve bandwidth, but got carried away with less than 100 kb on this one! Andrea

Timaree said...

Neat card. That stitch is new to me too. My Amazon list is getting very, very long with the books everyone suggests but I can't think of a better way to build a library than seeing the work of people who suggest a book! thanks.