Friday, June 22, 2007

I wonder if Robin knew

Did Robin know when she started this project that many of us would be challenged in a way beyond dealing with the beads? I, like others, have never tried to publish a blog. It has been time consuming, fun, frustrating and interesting. I can't decide which is pushing me more, the blogging or the BJP. Of course the answer is they each are an unique challenge that I am enjoying. I also am spending lots of time looking at all the other blogs and all the other links posted there.

My June page is moving right along. It looks more unfinished than anything else, but I am sure it will be finished by the end of the month. I am always surprised how much I can do when I work on it for an hour or so. As for the blog, it is fun. I decided not to devote it totally to my beading. I thought it would be more fun and I would update it more often if it was not limilted.


Rosanne said...

I for one am feeling the challenge of blogging too. But I'm learning so much (mostly with the help from my sister). She's way smarter than I am on matters of the computer. I wasn't one for reading others blogs eithr. I think this is a good thing all around. I've fallen in love with my beads again too! I put them aside for a while but like an old friend they waited patiently for me to come back around! Life is good.

s said...

Hi, I am Sunni and an un-offical member. However I check here daily sometimes twice a day just to see if others have posted and how their pages are progressing. This project also got me blogging. And Now I am addicted to it. Also with Tally T posting her back yard, that inspired me to take my beading outside to work and that caused me to spend lots of time working in my yard, starting an herb garden and just enjoying nature.
For me this challenge represents growth in my life. I too wonder if Robin had any idea how much this would mean to so many people.
My first page is coming along nicely and I have an idea for how to tie the 12 pages together. July's page is already dancing around in my imagination. Heading off to go see your blog.