Monday, June 18, 2007

More Work in Progress

I'm closing in on finishing my June page. You can view it here. I've been really enjoying working on this piece, and I'm now reluctant to be finished with it.


Timaree said...

I stopped by your blog but it is a very intensive site; I didn't have the whole page brought up after 10 minutes so I came back here. I saw some of the pictures of what you are beading and it looks very nice. I like the colors too. (I am on dial-up which I am sure, is why it takes so long). Hope your husband has a safe trip. Going for 6-7 months--does that mean he's in the navy? (besides being in Maryland!) You are so lucky today to have the internet to be able to talk to him. (My husband retired while it was still sea-slug mail. I will check back again when I have more time to see how you are doing on your project.

Timaree said...
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Caren said...

Your June page is *beautiful*!! What size is it?