Wednesday, June 27, 2007

3 days to go

Hi everyone
I enjoy reading all the posts to this site and have had time to visit some of the blog postings. I am totally amazed at the diversity in terms of techniques, themes, sizes and shapes of the projects!
Myself, I am struggling with my piece and although I have started a BJP blog I don't feel ready yet to show it to all of you talented people. I guess it's my same old, same old. My daughter once said that I am "the Melinda quilter", which only makes sense to you if you watched American Idol. But she nailed it. How did my daughter get so smart at only 15 years old???!?
I wish I could just leave it and start something new, like maybe just skip June and go straight to July!?! But I know it is good for me to stay with this issue and hopefully make some progress...I know that this is about pushing my creative edge and challenging old limits. And that is what the whole project is about... so lucky me...I get to work hard right from the start!
If you want to read about how I am trying to work this out, you can check out my latest posting on my quilting blog here. But you won't see any photos of my BJP!
I hope that those of you who are finishing will keep posting and encouraging the rest of us who may be struggling with the end of the first month approaching!


Caren said...


You must mean the "Melinda Quilter". If so, just remember that is a great compliment from your daughter as Melinda was the best singer on Idol this year!


Lois2037 said...

If your quilting is any kind of example of your siklls, you shouldn't worry about the beading, you'll be just fine. I have been showing my work in progress, and it was really, really scary for me to do that, but I got back so much support and encouragement that it was well worth taking that big, risky step. I'm looking forward to seeing your page.

Lillian said...

Hi Kathy,

I'm new to this beading and blogging stuff also. We're all in this together. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Lillian in WA

s said...

Kathy, it is scary to show work in progress. For me I am shaking in my shoes as I post pieces unfinished. I wonder if others are going,"oh my goodness what is this poor girl thinking". But like Lois said, all I have gotten back is wonderful support. The blogging for me was a new thing so I just jumped in with both feet and hit ground about waist deep. It's a blast and a wonderful way to share the journey with so many wonderful people.

Carol said...

I am a quilter and I too am new to beading. It's quite daunting being in such talented company but I am looking forward to seeing my progress throughout the year. The feedback I have had has been positive and very helpful and I am grateful for that. You will be just fine.

Quilter Kathy said...

Thank you for your feedback and encouragement. Good to know I'm not the only one feeling anxious!
I hope to finish my June page next week, and think I will feel so proud just to finish it, that I might even work up the nerve to post a photo!