Saturday, June 30, 2007

On to the Next Month

Amazingly so, my piece for June is done. I've posted it on my blog.

It's my first attempt at bead embroidery and I learned a lot. I worked with Lacy's stiff stuff and I enjoyed using that. I might use fabric next month, though.

Have a couple of ideas for July, but haven't picked one yet. I have some other beadwork to pay some attention to.

Thanks to everyone who answered a neophyte's questions about bead embroidery.

Have a great weekend everyone!


M.J. Mullins said...

I started craving Grand Marnier - I haven't had some in years, but all that orange put me straight in mind of it. Great work!

flyingbeader said...

Okay, it is ORANGE & I LOVE IT!!!! You did a fabulous job.

Anonymous said...

The colors make the fishies jump right off the "page"! Great job :-)