Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Help with Embroidery Threads

I just found out that silamide shreds when it's used with stiff stuff. Oh joy! Oh rapture! And it doesn't like to be threaded onto a needle. I've even tried using Thread Heaven on it to make it thread easier with little or no luck.

I don't like threads too much, anyway and this doesn't help. I'm a Fireline girl myself.

Can you more experienced embroidererers (sorry, can't help myself sometimes) please shed some light on this for me?

Thanks! Any


Denise said...

I'm a nymo girl. I perfer it to c-lon. I've used it with timtex and it does shred on occasion. I think one good idea is to use smaller pieces of thread and to move the needle frequently.
Can't wait to see what others say about this.
Cheers, Denise

beadbabe49 said...

I'm with denise...use nymo all the time except for stringing when I use soft flex.
and a small length of thread might just do it for you, if you have to use silamide.
you might also loosen up on your tension?

s said...

Same here I am totally addicted to nymo, I do prefer to buy the larger spools rather than the bobbins. I find they are a better quality.

GraceBeading said...

Oh boy... you'll probably get as many different answers as people that comment. With that said - I use C-Lon and Silamide and have the same problems mentioned when using long strands - shorter strands would probably help.

I've recently tried SoNo thread and it's a dream, tangles easily come out, it's easy to thread and it's strong BUT it's pricey, not all that easy to find and doesn't seem to come in all the wonderful colors as the others. I haven't experienced problems beading on stiff stuff - I'm no help there.

One thing you might try as you're beading - make sure you don't pull your thread with your needle through the stiff stuff, but pull the thread with your fingers once the needle is through. That can relieve some of the tension at the eye of the needle and cut down on shredding maybe.

I hope that helps a little. Everyone's style is so different, so preferences can vary widely.

Robin said...

I bet it's the needle! A punch is used to form the eye of each needle. If a bit of grit gets on the punch, it can cause the eye to be badly formed. That in turn causes any thread to shred. So the first thing I do if my thread starts to shred is get a new needle.

That said, I'm a Nymo fan and rarely have any problems with it. Once I had a bad bobbin... the darb stuff shredded even with changing the needle several times. But I've used hundreds of bobbins of Nymo, and only once had that problem.

Of course, I don't use stiff stuff... so maybe you've got a totally different situation? Good luck!

Timaree said...

I've had a bad needle too. Took me a while to figure out what the problem was. When I'm doing backstitching and the thread breaks I just back up several steps and start by rebeading a few before going on. That way I don't have to take any beads out and they seem to stay securely because of that good old back stitch. If it is something to go through the washing machine though, I think I'd redo from where I could safely knot.

Teresa said...

I vote for Nymo. I usually always use Black and I buy the large spools. I've found that shorter threads are better.

Any Smith said...

Wow! Thanks, everyone! I'll try Nymo, a different needle, shorter lengths (I do tend to use as much as I would with bead weaving) and pulling the thread with my fingers instead of with a needle.

I have black nymo, but the orange silamide (I didn't know that was what I was buying) was so pretty...

Mary Timme said...

Silamide is a core thread with a wrap around it. I find it stretches almost twice as much after you've stretched it as nymo does. I'm a nymo person, but like the C-lon for when I want to fill up holes and it is strong. I stretch the smithereens out of my nymo (advice from Robin at a teaching gig!) and it doesn't tangle that much without the Thread Heaven! Saves time and money, I figure. I dislike silamide, but a lot of people swear by it.

The bad Liz said...

I've been a Nymo "Ho" for a long time, but just tried a new thread called "KO" at B&B two weeks ago. I really liked the thread - so much that I bought 12 different colours. I haven't tried it with bead embroidery (yet).

I think that it might be worth it to try a thinner Fireline if you have it - like a 4 or 6 pound test. It might be what you need with the stiff stuff.

Angela said...

I guess I am a lone Silamide hold out, I love it and haven't had trouble with it shredding, personally I am not a big fan of Nymo but that is a personal preference.
I have used Timtex and stiff felt a lot and haven't had many problems. Usually a change of needle or a shorter length thread of solves that. I also use hand quilting thread because I have it and it works great for me although depending on your needle it can be a bit harder to thread.
If you like fireline feel free to use it. 4 or 6 lb will work fine although when I am adding crystal sequins I use doubled 10 lb because the little stinkers have sharp edges.
Good luck and try experimenting a bit, you will find the thread that works for you and your style.

Any Smith said...

Holy Cow! Thanks to all for your comments. I'm learning so much and I hope others will look at the comments and pick up on tips and other's experiences if they're having problems.

I took Robin's advice first and tried another needle The new needle worked great! I worked with it for over an hour tonight and had no shredding problems.

One more question - what do you mean by stretching the thread, Mary?

Robin said...

Just in case Mary doesn't see your question, I'll answer it. I unwind about three feet of thread (no more than that!). Holding the bobbin in one hand and the other end of the thread in my other hand, I give it a good hard stretch for several seconds. This takes the curl out of the thread, so it doesn't knot and tangle when you're sewing. By the way, I forgot to mention before that I always do bead embroidery with a single thread. If you were sewing with a double thread, I'm sure it would shred at the eye of the needle fairly soon.

Did you throw that first needle away? I hope so ;>) Robin

Any Smith said...

Thanks, Robin - I'll try stretching the thread first.

Nope, didn't throw the needle away - works just fine with Fireline and weaving - just knot (sorry) with stiff stuff and silamide.

flyingbeader said...

Amy, I LOVE Silamide. I use it all the time. Like others have mentioned, it is multi stranded thread & as you've found it harder to thread on a needle than most. First off, as Robin suggest,when you take the Silamide off the spool do stretch it. Then make sure you thread the end that is farthest away from you. (it is the end that you did not just cut). Silamide I've found has a bias like other thread & if you have trouble threading one end, then do try the other. Same thing goes with your needle. They have two sides. If you have trouble, twist it & then try the other side. Also, when working with threads, I was taught to take your teeth & flatten the end. Then use a little moistener (your choice here!) & wet the end of your thread & the eye of the needle. Something to do with static electricity I think. You should have better success with threading that Silamide. Don't throw it away!!! Silamide it also prewaxed so it saves you a step there & is stronger than Nymo.